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Thermage London | Thermage FLX UK

Thermage FLX is a radiofrequency treatment that addresses skin imperfections. Ai Beauty has carried out the highest number of procedures in the UK. We are committed to bringing this brand-new cutting-edge skin tightening technology to our customers and helping them achieve perfect and forever youthful skin. What Is Thermage?  | Thermage London |  Thermage FLX […]

Ultherapy, London UK

Wrinkle Smoothing Collagen Regeneration Micro-Focused Ultrasound Lifting Non-Invasive Anti-Aging – SEE THE BEAUTY OF SOUND – For the past decades, surgical lifting has served as the only way to get rid of sagginess. However, the emergence of ULTHERAPY® has revolutionized this situation. Nowadays, more people prefer the use of advanced non-invasive scarless anti-aging technology to […]

PicoSure Laser Pigmentation Treatment, London

Ai Beauty Clinic intAi Beauty Clinic has proudly introduced the revolutionary PicoSure® picosecond laser, hailing from the United States. PicoSure® stands as the world’s inaugural and sole picosecond aesthetic laser to receive FDA clearance in the United States. This cutting-edge technology offers a safe and highly effective solution for the removal of tattoos and pigmentation. […]