Stretch Marks

Having stretch marks could be one of the nightmares for pregnant women. Studies show that 70 – 90% women will develop stretch marks during their first pregnancy. Stretch marks are not harmful to our health, but they are definitely not great to look at. What if they do appear on our skin, what can we do to get rid of them?

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear when the skin fibres are being stretched and it can be developed during pregnancy. Stretch marks are also known as striae distensae or striae atrophicans while striae gravidarum is the medical term. Stretch marks become more visible after the sixth month pregnancy as the elastic fibres under the skin are being torn and resulting in pink or purplish rippled and streaky lines in your skin. These lines will fade to pale or white streaks over time after childbirth. Stretch marks usually appear on the tummy, but some women also get them on their hips, thighs, buttocks, and breasts.

It is difficult to get rid of the stretch marks once they are already formed. They sometimes also come with other skin conditions such as skin laxity and fat deposition at the abdomen.

What causes stretch marks?

The stretch marks during pregnancy are mainly caused by the change in hormone production and the tiny tears of elastin fibres and collagen fibres under the skin when the belly grows quickly. However, not everyone will get the stretch marks during their pregnancy as other factors play a role as well such as genetics, how much weight you gain during pregnancy and how quickly, the weight of your baby, expecting twins or triplets, etc.

  • Glucocorticoids

During pregnancy, the adrenal gland produces a large number of glucocorticoids, which weakens the skin elastic fibres and collagen fibres. When the baby grows quickly and the fibres can’t stretch enough, it will cause fibres to tear and hence leads to the formation of stretch marks.

  • The baby in your womb

Stretch marks are more likely to occur when the baby grows too big/heavy, or the baby has a large head circumference/body length, or is overdue. As you can imagine, the belly will keep growing in order to accommodate the baby. However, if the skin and fibres stretch beyond their elasticity, fibres will tear and break, which will result in stretch marks.

  • Quick weight gain

Rapid weight gain makes pregnant women more prone to the stretch marks. The faster your skin stretches, the more likely it is to leave a mark.

  • Lifestyle

Your lifestyle before pregnancy can affect the likelihood of stretch marks. People who have sedentary lifestyle or have not been taking skincare routine are more likely to develop stretch marks as they may show weaker muscular strength at their waist and abdomen and have less skin elasticity.

  • Genetics

If your mother has stretch marks, you are more likely to get some.


During the early development of stretch marks, they appear as pink or purplish rippled and streaky lines in varied width and length. Some may experience an itchy or sore sensation. After the childbirth, these marks will fade to white or silver scab-like lines which are stretch marks. They mainly occur on the skin of the abdomen, some may show on their thighs, buttocks, etc. First pregnancy often shows more obvious marks.

Affected groups

Studies have found that people who are prone to stretch marks tend to produce less protein in their body, which will slow down the skin’s natural healing process. On the other hand, overweight or young pregnant women are also prone to stretch marks.



What is it?

FSR is the integration of standard radiofrequency and fractional skin surfacing. FSR utilises the patented technology “phrase-controlled fractional radiofrequency technology” to release radiofrequency fractionally to perform micro-resurfacing on the epidermal and volumetrically heat up the skin tissue deep down to 2.9 mm. The heat energy will cause the collagen in the area to shrink and remodel and stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagens and elastin fibres. The dermis will result in an increase of thickness which can accelerate the natural healing process, smooth the skin texture, tighten the skin in short term and long term, and improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and acne scars.

How does it work?

Fractional radio frequency (FRF) technology is based on radio frequency technology. It involves the usage of electrodes or microneedles to release radiofrequency to the treatment skin in a fractional mode, which will form a matrix of micro-treatment areas on the skin. Among these micro-treatment areas, there is a certain amount of non-treatment skin retained. The purpose of leaving some untreated skin is to support the natural healing process as a cell bank for a speedy healing process, less risk profile, and maintaining the skin integrity at the early stage. This technology can be applied to improve skin laxity, wrinkles, acne scars, and other skin problems.


1、Face-to-face consultation with a professional practitioner: Develop a unique treatment plan based on the client’s condition and desired results.

2. Preparation: After application of numbing cream for 30 mins, clean and disinfect the treatment areas.

3. Test patch: Perform a patch test on the skin prior to the treatment. Proceed with the treatment when no allergy or abnormal reaction is shown.

4. During the treatment: Marked treatment areas will be treated accordingly.

5. Post-treatment repair: Apply aloe vera gel to the treatment area to soothe the skin.

6. Post-treatment precautions.

Duration: 45-60 mins

Who is it for?

  • People who want to get rid of stretch marks;
  • People who want to improve their scars, large pores and skin texture;
  • People who want to tighten their skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles;
  • People who want to get rid of their skin roughness and create a smooth and bright skin on their body;
  • People who want to avoid the traditional laser treatment and try a comfortable and non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment;
Ai Beauty FSR:

3DEEP Fractional Skin Resurfacing: Epidermal Micro-Resurfacing + Deep Dermal Heating. Specially designed for skin resurfacing, skin texture improvement, wrinkles removal, and acne scars removal. Multi-layer treatment to tackle problems of ageing and skin laxity.

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B. Shaper RF Body Contouring

What is it?

Shaper is also known as the body RF “Yoga”. It is equipped with a 6 ring-shaped concentric electrode technology that applies multisource phrase-controlled 3DEEP RF technology to deliver heat energy in 3D, reaching deep dermis and subcutaneous fat layers. The heat energy stimulates the production of collagens and triggers the contraction of collagen and elastin fibres deep in 11 mm, which will result in tightening skin at stubborn areas such as abdomen, flank, thigh, etc.

How does it work?

Combining the 3DEEPTM RF and micro-resurfacing technology to repair the skin surface, reshape the body contour, and boost cellular metabolism, greatly improving the post-pregnancy body contour. UP (lifting), IN (tightening), Q (elasticity) and S (contour) are the 4 dimensional synchronised actions that offer effective post-pregnancy body contouring and healing.


1、Face-to-face consultation with a professional practitioner: Develop a unique body contouring treatment plan based on the client’s condition and desired results.

2、Pre-treatment: The skin is marked to identify the treatment areas. Clean and disinfect the treatment areas. Then apply gel on the treatment areas.

3、Temperature test: Perform trials to confirm the temperature. When the treated area has reached the targeted temperature, the treatment can begin.

4、During treatment: Operate the treatment at the treatment areas.

5、Post-treatment precautions.

Duration: 30-45 mins

Who is it for?

  • People who want to get non-invasive treatment to improve their cellulite, skin laxity and fat deposition;
  • People who want to tackle the problems of stretch marks and skin laxity after pregnancy;
  • People who want to tighten their drooping skin at specific body parts and restore a young appearance body;
  • People who have drooping skin after weight loss and want to tighten the drooping skin;
Ai Beauty Shaper RF Body Contouring:

Dual results from the 3DEEP RF and vacuum suction. You can easily receive the body contouring results while experiencing a warm, comfortable treatment. The focused RF delivers self-rebuild power to your skin.

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Thermage uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to deliver heat to the dermis. The heat energy will damage the dermal fibres at the localised area and hence stimulate the cellular natural healing process. The healing process promotes the formation and remodelling of collagens, which will tighten, smoothen, and lift the skin, resulting in re-contouring and slowing down the ageing process. Thermage FLX is the latest generation of the popular Thermage tightening and wrinkle reduction system, offering a non-invasive therapy for a younger-looking appearance. Suitable for face (includes area around eyes) and body skin tightening.

How does THERMAGE work:

Thermage is a radiofrequency treatment. The patented applicator will be placed on your skin and deliver the accurately set radiofrequency to the dermis and heat the layer to 65 – 75℃. The high temperature will stimulate the self-healing mechanism. A large number of collagens in the dermis will be regenerated, resulting in an instant firming effect. Thermage is also equipped with a cooling system that will maintain the temperature of the epidermis at 35 – 45 ℃ to avoid the risk of burning. Thermage can effectively tackle skin problems such as skin laxity after childbirth/weight loss, stretch marks, cellulite, etc.


1、Face-to-face consultation: Customise a Thermage treatment plan based on client’s conditions and desired results.

2. Pre-treatment preparation: Clean and disinfect the treatment areas. Mark on the skin to identify treatment areas. Confirm the package of the new tip of the applicator has not been opened.

3. During treatment: Proceed with the customised plan to perform Thermage to tighten the skin and remove wrinkles.

4. Post-treatment precautions.

Duration: 45-60 mins

Who is it for:

  • People with skin laxity;
  • People with drooping skin after childbirth or weight loss;
  • People with stretch marks or cellulite;
  • People who are looking for a long term anti-ageing therapy;
  • People who are financially healthy and looking for long term therapy but do not rush into immediate results;
Ai Beauty Thermage:

Equipped with the latest 5th version of Thermage FLX. AI BEAUTY is one of the first institutions in Europe to introduce the 5th generation, the clinical experience of Thermage FLX is one of the richest in the UK.

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