Dull Skin

Dull, tired skin can occur on any of us, at any age, any moment, and any weather. It may not affect the whole face but a small section of the face. Dull skin gives the appearance of tiredness, lacklustre, and grey. To reverse all these to get a glowing complexion, it can come from great skin conditioning treatments.

What is dull skin

Dull skin is one of the signs of the skin ageing process. Ageing will cause the skin to lose its radiance or its ability to reflect light well. Be aware that tanning or yellowish skin tone is different from dull skin, as dull skin is the result of lack of radiance and hyperpigmentation.


1. Dry skin / epidermis

When the skin cells are dehydrated and dry, they tend to be flatter and show bigger intercellular gaps among them. Bigger gaps mean higher water loss from the epidermis. So, without moisture replenishment, a dry skin will only end up drier, not shiny, and is prone to fine lines.

2. Skin oxidation

Every day, our body produces reactive oxygen radicals (ROS) as a free radical by-product from the normal metabolism process, you can imagine it is like the exhaust gas produced by a running train. Don’t worry, our body can tolerate a certain number of free radicals, however, too much would cause skin problems. Some behaviours like daily usage of the computer for a long period of time, constantly using their mobile phone, staying up late, or emotional swings will stimulate oxidation, causing the production and accumulation of a lot of free radicals in the skin. These burden free radicals will turn our face grey or yellowish. Oxidation is 100% natural, like leaving a cut apple in the air, it will turn yellow and black.

3.Hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure

Inadequate sun protection will speed up hyperpigmentation on skin and cause the skin to appear dull.

4. Abnormal epidermal renewal

Normally, our skin continuously makes new epidermal cells and sheds the old epidermal cells. But, sometimes, old epidermal cells do not shed and block the opening of the hair follicle instead. These cells will then bind with the sebum residue in the follicle, forming microcomedone or comedone. The bumpy microcomedone and comedone will make the skin texture uneven, resulting in poor light reflection and dull appearance.

5. Reduction in the oxygen carrying capacity of blood

Haemoglobin is a protein that delivers oxygen to all the cells in our body. Sufficient oxygen in the blood means sufficient nutrients are delivered to skin cells. Well-supplied skin will look shiny, awake, and glowing.

6. Prone to allergies

People who are prone to allergies usually have dull skin and pigmented dark circles. Also associated with damaged skin barrier, repaired sebum barrier, dry skin, and poor ability to retain water in the skin.


Yellowish skin complexion ≠ dull skin complexion

Dull skin appears: rough/bumpy lack of natural shine pigmentation/uneven skin tone

Affected people

People who are often exposed to sun; People who do not have adequate sun protection; People who have poor sleeping habits; People who have slow skin renewal metabolism.


There are two ways to reverse dull skin and get a glowing complexion. The first is to stop the release of melanin (pigment cells) by preventing melanocytes from being stimulated. The second is to take actions to interfere with the production of melanin when melanocytes are stimulated, and to increase the skin’s antioxidant ability.

A. Mesotherapy

What is Mesotherapy:

Our skin is facing all kinds of damages everyday, like photodamage, pollution and the natural aging process. Mesotherapy can be a regular skin rejuvenation treatment that helps maintain our skin in a good condition in the long run. It is a non-surgical treatment that injects solution with various vital nutrients to our skin directly, which has a significantly higher absorption of nutrients than using skincare products. According to the skin condition, the injection content can also be tailored to meet one’s need for the maximum desired outcome.

How does it work:

In mesotherapy, needles with tiny openings will be used to deliver solution containing medical substances and nutrients directly to the deep skin through the stratum corneum layer. The solution offers excellent effects on hydration, moisturisation, repairing damaged skin, reduction of pore size, repairing after sun exposure, mild anti-ageing, and removing neck lines. Whitening factors can also be introduced into the solution to obtain a better result on repairing and soothing the skin, water retaining ability, gaining elasticity, and brightening skin tone.


1. VISIA skin evaluation: Evaluate skin condition or existing skin problems with assistance of data analysis and picture analysis.

2. Face-to-face consultation: Tailored a suitable mesotherapy treatment plan based on client’s conditions and desired results.

3. Pre-treatment preparation: Apply anesthetics. Clean and disinfect the whole face.

4. Treatment: Administer injection solution by qualified practitioner. Repeat injection or scatter injection in severe areas.

5. Post-treatment care: Medical-grade facial repair mask and QDEL phototherapy mask to nourish and repair the skin.

5. Post-treatment precautions.

Duration: 60 mins

Who is it for:

  • People with dry skin and yellowish complexion;
  • People with irritated skin or textured skin; People who are looking for regular skin conditioning treatments;
  • People who have dull skin and are looking to rejuvenate their skin;
Ai Beauty Mesotherapy:

With rich clinical experience of treating asian clients under the treatment standards for asian anesthetic and asian skin type, injections are administered by British GMC/NMC registered medical staff, you can get a unique and customised skin rejuvenation solution.

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B. M22 IPL treatment

What is M22:

M22 is an innovative photoelectric skin revitalisation instrument jointly developed by Lumenis, Stanford University, and Harvard University. It innovatively combines the world leading technologies (OPT technology and fractional non-ablative technology – RESURFX) to effectively treat pigmented lesions, acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, swelling lines, skin reconstruction (including reducing pores size, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, moisturising, etc.), facial lifting, and wrinkle removal. M22 has obtained the US FDA and the EU CE certification and is the cutting-edge technology that delivers top skin rejuvenation treatment.

How does it work:

M22 laser treatment uses the core OPT technology and the only true fractional non-ablative technology, RESURFX. The OPT light acts like a missile, accurately locating the pigment, penetrating the pigment, thermally breakdown the pigment. The treatment can be used to treat  chloasma, freckles, age spots, coffee spots, sunspots, scarlet nevus, acne marks, fractions of birthmarks, etc. As the emitted light is only absorbed by pigments with specific colour, this high specificity provides a promising treatment of eliminating pigment without damaging normal cells.


1. VISIA examination: Access skin condition or existing skin problems with assistance of data analysis and picture analysis.

2. Face-to-face consultation: Customise unique treatment plan based on individual’s skin condition and desired results.

3. Pre-treatment preparation: Clean and disinfect the treatment areas. Put on safety goggles and apply treatment gel.

4. During treatment: Full face treatment, repeat steps at severe areas.

5. Post-treatment: Remove the gel, clean the face and apply a medical grade repair mask to calm the face.

6. Post-treatment caring.

Duration: 45-60 mins

Who is it for:

  • People with red acne marks or black acne marks;
  • People with common pigmentation;
  • People with photoaging skin:
  • People with red blood streaks and redness on the skin;
  • People who want to have the results of pigment elimination and skin whitening at the same time;
AI BEAUTY Skin Photorejuvenation treatment:

M22 is the best photorejuvenation equipement in the market. As a strategic partner of Lumenis in the UK, AI BEAUTY is authorized to become the designated medical beauty institution for the use of M22 Photorejuvenation equipment.

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C. PicoSure Laser Pigmentation Treatment

What is PicoSure:

PicoSure is an aesthetic picosecond laser treatment that can safely and effectively remove tattoos and pigmentation. It has been certified by the US FDA and China CFDA and approved for the use in treatment of pigmented skin problems and pigmentation. A specific wavelength of light (755nm) is used to remove melanin safely, precisely and effectively.The PicoSure Laser device is equipped with a unique FOCUS lens. The FOCUS lens will redistribute 70% of the emitted laser energy and concentrate the energy into the skin, which will break down the melanin at the epidermis. The energy will also create a shock-wave hitting the deep dermis layer and damage the collagen, which will stimulate the repair and regrowth of collagen. Therefore, PicoSure treatment is not limited to improving pigmentation, but also smoothing lines, reducing pore size and restoring a youthful look.

How does it work:

Under “BOOST” mode, the pulse width of the PicoSure can be adjusted and compressed from 750 to 550PS, which can increase the pressure by 70%. The 755 nm wavelength light that can be absorbed by melanin is irradiated on melanin, and all the energy is released within picoseconds. Due to the high energy released within a short period of time, melanin molecules are not able to absorb all the energy and eventually burst into smaller particles. The resulting particles will then be eliminated by the body.


1. VISIA examination: Access skin condition or existing skin problems with assistance of data analysis and picture analysis.

2. Face-to-face consultation: Develop a unique treatment plan based on the client’s skin condition and desired results.

3. PATCH TEST: Perform a patch test 24 hrs prior the treatment. Proceed with the treatment when no allergy or abnormal sign is shown.

4. Pre-treatment preparation: Clean, disinfect and apply anaesthetics at the treatment areas. Put on safety goggles.

5. During the treatment: Deliver wavelength pulse at the pigmented areas, repeat steps at the severe pigmented areas. Cooling effect from cold air outlets.

6. Post-treatment: Apply aloe vera gel to soothe and calm down the treated areas.

7. Post-treatment caring.

Duration: 1-1.5 hrs

Who is it for:

  • People with pigmentation and stubborn pigmentation;
  • People with severe hyperpigmentation or severe skin photoaging;
  • People with black acne marks or severe hyperpigmentation:
  • People who want to improve acne scars, improve skin texture and reduce pore size;
AI BEAUTY PICOSURE Laser Pigmentation Treatment:

The only Picosure laser equipment equipped with both “755 nm wavelength” and “skin cleansing” functions. AI BEAUTY has built a strategic cooperation with Cynosure (the head office of PICOSURE) and is the only Asian medical beauty institution equipped with Picosure.

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D. Skin whitening drip

What is IV drip:

The whitening drip solution will be delivered into the bloodstream by intravenous drip. The nutrients in the solution will travel throughout the body and provide a quick and even whitening effect.

How does whitening drip work:

The main ingredients are vitamin C and glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant that is produced naturally in our body. It detoxifies the liver, slows down skin ageing, and prevents pigmentation with its anti yellowing power. Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant that can improve the efficacy of glutathione and protect other vitamins from oxidation, bringing the maximum whitening effect.


1. Face-to-face consultation: Doctor provides suggested treatment plan based on client’s condition and goals.

2. Pre-treatment preparation: Preparation of drip solution.

3. Treatment method: Intravenous injection, infusion.

4. Post-treatment care.

Duration: 30-45 mins

Who is it for:

  • People who start to develop pigmentation but not too serious;
  • People who have dull/yellowing/darken skin and want to brighten their skin;
  • People who want to eliminate pigmentation and inhibit melanin production at the same time;
Ai Beauty Skin Whitening Drip:

The skin whitening drip produced by Intravita (British) contains high purity of whitening ingredients and no harmful ingredients such as tranexamic acid. The drip solution will be delivered directly to the bloodstream to simultaneously brighten the skin and eliminate toxins from the body without causing side effects.

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E. Hydrafacial

What is Hydrafacial:

HydraFacial is a patented skincare treatment developed by an American skincare company, HYDRAFACIAL. This FDA, CE and CSA approved device was designed to promote the health of skin and to restore skin barrier rapidly. Mainly focusing on restoring skin health, HydraFacial utilised the patented 4 in 1 patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin, and used in conjunction with the HydraFacial proprietary vacuum technology and serums. As a result, impurities can be easily dislodged and removed while simultaneously delivering hydrating skin solutions. It only takes you 30 minutes to solve skin problems without downtime and pain, including blackheads, brown spots, dehydration, wrinkles, sensitivity, dull skin, enlarged pores, pimples, and photodamage.

How does it work:

Hydrafacial treatment combines the usage of an exclusive formula essence and the patented VORTEX two-way vacuum technology to exfoliate the skin, rapidly open up the pores, clear the congestion, non-invasively clear out blackheads, whiteheads, debris and dirt, gently remove old dead skin cells. While vacuuming and cleansing the skin, the essence that is made with nourishing ingredients will be absorbed into the skin, which can accelerate cellular metabolism, restore the skin’s oil-water balance, resulting in a cleaner and healthy skin. In only 30 mins, hydrafacial treatment will cleanse, extract, and hydrate your skin in 3 steps. According to your skin condition, location and desired results, a unique plan can be tailored for your needs.


1. VISIA skin evaluation: Evaluate skin condition or existing skin problems with assistance of data analysis and picture analysis.

2. Face-to-face consultation: Tailored a suitable hydrafacial treatment plan based on client’s conditions and desired results.

3. Pre-treatment preparation: Remove makeup and cleanse the face.

4. Hydrafacial 3 steps: ①Cleanse+Peel ②Extract+ Exfoliate ③Nourish+Protect

5. Post-treatment care: QDEL phototherapy mask to nourish and repair the skin.

6. Post-treatment precautions.

Duration: 45-60 mins

Who is it for:

  • People with redness-prone and sensitive skin;
  • People with damaged skin barrier;
  • People who are looking for gentle repairing of their damaged skin barrier, sensitive skin;
  • People who want to combine HydraFacial treatment with other treatments to improve their skin health;
Ai Beauty Hydrafacial:

A high-end skincare treatment that is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Providing a high flexibility on the types of treatment tips and the content of essence and a high compatibility with other skincare treatments (e.g. photoelectric, microneedling), regardless what skin conditions or desired results you have, hydrafacial can be tailored for everyone.

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F. Acid Peel

What is acid peel:

Acid peel is a skin resurfacing procedure involving application of acidic solution on the skin. The acidic solution dissolves the oil particles among cells on the outermost layer of the epidermis and promotes the removal of the outermost layer. It stimulates the renewal of skin cells, promotes the replacement of elastic fibers in the dermis, and maintains the healthy state of the skin. It also helps with skin whitening, removing acne marks, reducing pores size and fine lines, removing blackheads, and curing acne and chloasma.

How does acid peel work:

Pigment particles exist at the epidermis and dermis can form epidermal spots, pigmentation and acne marks. Acid peel can effectively improve these pigmentary conditions. The results of acid peel on the skin can be divided into three aspects: epidermal, pigmentary and dermal. In terms of epidermal and pigmentary results, acid peel can remove the accumulated skin layers, promote the renewal of epidermal cells, reduce melanin production, and improve scene condition due to the moisturising power of the acidic solution. Acid peel can be used to treat acne because it not only relieves acne inflammation, but also helps to remove acne, light acne marks and scars. In terms of dermal results, acid peel can promote the production of collagen and the renewal of elastic fibres. The antioxidant capacity of the acidic solution helps effectively in preventing skin ageing and reducing fine wrinkles.


1. VISIA examination: Access skin condition or existing skin problems with assistance of data analysis and picture analysis.

2. Face-to-face consultation: Provide suitable acid peel treatment plan based on client’s needs and goals.

3. Pre-treatment: Clean and disinfect the treatment areas.

4. Treatment: Apply an acidic solution on the face, waiting 1-5 mins.

5. End of treatment: Apply a neutraliser solution on face to terminate the acidic reaction and peeling reaction to avoid over peeling.

6. Cleaning. Post-treatment care.

Duration: 45-60 mins

Who is it for:

  • People with acne-prone skin or oily acne-prone skin;
  • People with mild, shallow (depressed) acne scars;
  • People who want to brighten their skin tone;
  • People who want to combine acid peel treatment with PicoSure or M22 Skin Photorejuvenation treatment to remove pigmentation and brighten skin tone;
  • People who have acne scars alongside closed comedone and large pores problems for a long time;
Ai Beauty Acid Peel:

The acidic solution used in the Ai Beauty for acid peel treatment is the Milk Peel solution developed by the leading skin rejuvenation French brand Dermaceutic. Their Milk Peel solution is a complex acid which appears clean and transparent. The acid concentration and content ingredients are clearly labelled. Ai Beauty is committed to sourcing guaranteed products and services to clients for safe and effective treatments.

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