Tattoo Removal

We all did things that we regret, tattoos might be one of them. Got your ex’s name on your arm when you were madly in love, or the once trendy tattoo pattern, or some graffiti you don’t like anymore… The moment of getting a tattoo was definitely exciting, however, getting rid of one is another story. Let’s see how aesthetic treatments can help you get through this.

What is tattoo

Tattoos are permanent markings of pattern or wordings on the skin (dermis), with the help of ink and needles. Being tattooed has been an important feature in some cultures and tradition for certain religions, considering it as a form of self-expression and reflection of their style.

The idea of getting tattoos is flexible, you can get a tattoo for your own personal reasons, memory, religions, or trend. Some common tattoo locations are the collarbone, arms, legs, fingers, neck, etc. Tattoos can be in black, colour, or different shades. You are welcome to bring your design to the studio, otherwise, tattoo artists will show you their design collection for your pick.


The decision of removing tattoos are often after a breakup, after a rejection, simply not liking it anymore, or after a forced tattoo.

The most superficial layer of our skin is the epidermis which is attached to the deeper layer called dermis. The cells at the epidermis constantly replace themselves, which means there is continuously a new epidermis layer. But the cells at the dermis do not have cellular turnover and do not replace themselves. When you are getting a tattoo, the ink is usually deposited to the dermis, that’s why the tattoo is permanent, it won’t fade out over time. However, it implies that it will require a specific technique to remove it and laser is the commonly used one. PicoSure laser treatment is one of the best methods to remove tattoos.

Factors affecting number of laser sessions needed

  • Tattoo size
  • How deep the ink was deposited in the skin. The shallower the ink was deposited, the easier it is to remove.
  • Shades of colour. The darker tattoo is, the harder it is to remove. Also, coloured tattoos are harder to remove than black tattoos.
  • Tattoo ink composition. If the ink is made of metals, it is harder to wash off.
  • Pigmentation
  • Performance of the tattoo device.
  • Tattooing technique from the artist.
  • Post-tattoo caring
  • Body constitution


Common techniques used for tattoo removal include chemical peel, dermabrasion, and surgical removal. However, these methods cause damage to the skin. Also, if the removal is not thorough, the tattoos will still be visible. If the removal has gone too far, it may lead to scarring. Therefore, PicoSure laser treatment is an effective alternative to remove tattoos safely.

You need to know: Tattoos removal is a cosmetic treatment. It is suggested to get it from a professional clinic for a safe and qualified treatment; small clinics may not have the required resources for desired results. Removing your tattoo by PicoSure laser treatment at Ai Beauty Clinic is a safe, reliable, and scar-free option.

A. PICOSURE Laser Treatment

What is PicoSure:

PicoSure is a picosecond laser treatment that can safely and effectively remove tattoos and pigmentation. It has been certified by the US FDA and China CFDA and approved for use in treatment of pigmented skin problems and pigmentation. The picosecond laser is characterised as short pulse-width, causing little skin damage, and high peak power. It is considered as the terminator of pigmentation because of its action towards pigment. A specific wavelength of light (755nm) is used to remove pigment; it is 7 times more effective than traditional lasers and have less high thermal damage to skin and little rebound. The laser can instantly breakdown pigment molecules, which will then be expelled out of the body naturally.

How does it work:

The released PicoSure laser is directed and delivered to the pigment molecules at the dermis through the epidermis. Energy is released within picoseconds and due to the high energy released within a short period of time, pigment molecules are not able to absorb all the energy and eventually burst into smaller particles. The resulting particles will then be eliminated out of the body either by scarring or through the lymph system. As a result, the pigment or tattoo is lightened or washed off. Due to the high specificity of pigmentation from the device, the number of laser sessions and risk of side effects (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or post-laser hypopigmentation) are greatly reduced.


1. Face-to-face consultation: Develop a unique treatment plan based on the client’s tattoo condition and desired results.

2. Patch test: Perform a patch test 24 hrs prior the treatment. Proceed with the treatment when no allergy or abnormal sign is shown.

3. Pre-treatment preparation: Clean, disinfect and apply anaesthetics at the treatment areas. Put on safety goggles.

4. During the treatment: Deliver wavelength pulse at the tattoo, repeat steps at the darker areas. Cooling effect from cold air outlets.

5. Post-treatment: Apply aloe vera gel to soothe and calm down the treated areas.

6. Post-treatment caring.

Duration: 1-1.5 hrs

Who is it for:

  • People with pigmentation and stubborn pigmentation;
  • People who want to safely remove their tattoos;
Ai Beauty PicoSure Laser Treatment:

The only PicoSure laser equipment equipped with both “755 nm wavelength” and “skin cleansing” functions. Ai Beauty has built a strategic cooperation with Cynosure (the head office of PicoSure) and is one of the best medical aesthetic clinics equipped with PicoSure.

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Tradition VS PicoSure Laser Tattoos Removal

Both traditional laser and PicoSure laser can be used to remove tattoos, however, PicoSure laser has a higher accuracy and efficiency when it comes to tattoo removal. Also, PicoSure laser causes less skin damage, requires fewer sessions, and importantly, more thorough removal. Therefore, PicoSure laser treatment is currently the best tattoo removal method.

Remove your unwanted tattoos,  come to Ai Beauty Clinic,
for safe and professional medical treatment.

Ai Beauty Clinic is a CQC accredited clinic based in London, and also is strongly supported by Cynosure(the owner of Ulthreapy) and Cynosure (the owner of PicoSure).

With rich experience of treating clients of various conditions, led by a famous British medical chief trainer, practiced by doctors and nurses who are GMC/NMC-registered and worked in NHS national hospitals, Ai Beauty provides certified and safe medical beauty treatments.

Ai Beauty always puts safety first. Not only are all medical staff insured by independent medical policy, each client who comes to Ai Beauty Clinic is also insured by £5 millions medical insurance. This full insurance coverage allows clients to have a concern-free treatment experience.

Ai Beauty Clinic has served over 15,000 clients from all around the world, been covered by some famous media such as European Times and CW Television, and established trust and an excellent reputation among them.

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