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Non-invasive|Fat Removal | Contouring

The number of fat cells in our body become steady, around 3 billion, when we reach adulthood. This number will not swing massively when we age, however, the size of aged fat cells may increase and cause the fat cells to exceed the fat fibre septum, which leads to irregular fat bumps and bumpy skin surface. Over time, the stretching from the enlarged fat cells causes fat fibre septum starts to lose its elasticity and skin appears sagging.

To reverse this kind of fat cell accumulation, we need more than just fat removal or anti-ageing treatment, but something that can target fat deposited at the skin and anti-ageing at the same time! And Inmode Contoura is the one!

Inmode Contoura can

remove fat cells in a non-invasive way,

and address anti-ageing

at the same time.

What is Inmode Contoura?

Contoura is an all-around body treatment, developed by an Iranish company called Inmode, that utilises a patented ACE technology, radio-frequency, and nanosecond high voltage ultrashort pulse technology to achieve fat reduction, skin tightening, anti-ageing and body contouring. It permanently and accurately removes unwanted fat cells and reduces the total number of fat cells in the body. The thermal effect helps increase the elasticity of the fat fibre septum and activate fat cells.

Since its launch, Contoura has drawn huge attention and stood out among many skin tightening and anti-ageing treatment solutions. It has won the Grocer New Product Award 2021 and No. 1 cosmetic surgery on Realself.

🌟Triple certifications:

Certified by EU CE, China CFDA, and US FDA.

1st function |Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening

The total number of fat cells in our body will stabilise when we reach adulthood. Contoura can reduce the actual number of fat cells instead of working on the volume of fat cells, therefore, the weight loss is from the reduced number of fat cells and tent not to bounce back given that you have followed a healthy diet.

2nd function |Body Contouring & Anti-ageing

Our skin surface can appear bumpy due to the uneven size of fat cells. Contoura can help reduce the size of “large” fat cells and even the size of fat cells. Along with the suction coupled negative pressure and RF heat that cause the cells to heat and contract, the skin surface will become smoother.

Inmode Contoura

BodyFX/MiniFX – Non-invasive Fat Removal

Kill unwanted fat cells! Reduce 30% fat cells after only one course of treatment.

The fat removal process will be completed without contacting the fat cells directly.

The BodyFX and MiniFX are handpieces for Inmode Contoura devices, aiming for different body parts. BodyFX is used to treat large areas such as the back, abdomen, and waist. MiniFX is used to treat small areas such as the face, neck, chin, and knees.

Ideal for body contouring & fat removal
Accurately remove unwanted fat & rebuild the desired body shape

Reshape facial silhouette |Address small areas |Kill unwanted fat cells
Reduce double chin|Give jawline definition

Same technology:

Radiofrequency heat energy induces a nanosecond high voltage pulse (HVP) sequence that further induces irreversible electroporation (IRE) of the fat cell membrane. IRE can lead to the death of up to 30% of fat cells.

Same principle:

Both Body FX and MiniFX apply the basic RF and high voltage ultrashort duration RF synergistically. Treatment involves 3 main steps:  specially designed handpiece sucks up skin and fat tissues with the negative pressure; first round of RF emission heats up and contracts the skin and reduces the fat cells’ resistance against RF;  second round of high voltage ultrashort duration RF emission causes electroporation damage to the fat cells, leading to the death of fat cells and eventually reduction of the total number of fat cells.

From Study:

After receiving a continuous course of BodyFX/MiniFX, fat cells and tissues have shown with below improvements:

Average thickness of subcutaneous fat was 2.78 cm before treatment; average thickness decreased by 1.10 cm 3 months after a session; average thickness decreased by 39.6% three months after the last session.


What is BodyFX/MiniFX, non-invasive fat removal?

BodyFX/MiniFX is a non-invasive fat removal and body contouring treatment that utilises controlled RF energy to effectively reduce fat cells, improve fat bulges, tighten skin, and stimulate collagen skin remodelling. It has been clinically proven that it can permanently damage and kill fat cells, bringing outstanding results on skin tightening, fat reduction and body contouring.

Are BodyFX/MiniFX safe?

BodyFX/MiniFX is absolutely safe. A series of radio frequency energy is controlled and delivered by a succession of pulses at 1 million cycles per second. It uses the A.C.E. patented technology that can detect the skin temperature and provide real time responses adjusting the temperature so as to maintain it at the desired treatment temperature range.

Do BodyF/MiniFX hurt during the treatment?

Most patients have not had any discomfort during the treatment. You may feel a warm sensation when the RF and negative pressure are in operation to remove unwanted fat cells, but it wouldn’t be painful.

Inmode Contoura – Road to Fat Reduction + Skin Tightening

◉ InMode Contoura Patented Technology

InMode Contoura adopts A.C.E. technology, radio-frequency technology and nanosecond high voltage ultrashort pulse technology for a high precise fat reduction. It is equipped with 2 fat reduction treatment handpieces, and Forma and Forma Plus treatment handpieces to contract skin.

◉ Latest FX Technology – Non-invasive Fat Reduction

High voltage Ultrashort pulse duration RF = alter permeability of the fat cell membrane, damage/kill fat cells, and reduce number of fat cells in a non-invasive way.

◉  Inmode Contoura ‘s Double Action

Suction coupled RF firstly delivers heat to the fat layer and fibrous layer, causing the tissues to heat and contract. The controlled high voltage ultrashort pulse duration RF will then emit and hence kill fat cells. The entire fat reduction process is non-invasive.

The negative pressure handpiece is specially designed to deliver suction force towards a 5cm x 2cm area of the skin and hold it still in the suction cavity at the handpiece during the treatment. The skin and tissue in the suction cavity will be heated up and treated with radiofrequency energy released by the electrodes mounted inside the cavity, providing fat reduction and skin tightening effects simultaneously.

Inmode Contoura – Core Technology

🌟 A.C.E – Precisely maintain a high and consistent temperature

★  Acquire: Maintain the treatment temperature to tighten skin and promote collagen proliferation

The RF heat sensor in the treatment head detects the temperature 1000 times every second to provide real time monitoring of the temperature and temperature change on the skin surface, and an audio signal will alert the practitioner of any significant changes in temperature.

The first round of RF sessions has shown a 13.7% increase in collagen volume. It ensures the fat reduction does not follow with sagging skin as new collagens will be produced during the treatment.

★ CONTROL: Control temperature, adjust temperature and maintain temperature at the top of the designed temperature range

Different from other dermal heating technologies, “temperature control” function is an advanced intelligent algorithm that allows practitioners to define cut-off temperatures which improve the safety and control.

★ EXTEND: Maintain the temperature to ensure no areas are underheated or overheated.

There is a 10-15°C temperature difference between epidermis and dermis. When the epidermis reaches 41-43°C, the dermis’s temperature will be 50-55°C. This temperature range provides an effective and consistent outcome without harming the skin tissues.

Clinical research data has shown that skin under constant exposure of 41-42°C promotes the skin tightening effects. Also, using the “Extend” function can ensure a prolonged exposure of the proper temperature.

Inmode Contoura – Body Contouring Results via Different Handpieces

Morpheus8 – RF with Microneedling

Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive fractional skin treatment that combines microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) energy to address the subdermal adipose remodelling.


FORMA  Skin Tightening + Tissue Remodelling

Forma is a non-invasive machine that utilises electrodes to offer controlled heating effect onto the dermal layer.


When the RF heats up the epidermal to 40-43℃, the dermal will reach to 50-55℃. This raised temperature will stimulate production of collagen, tighten the skin, and restore youthfulness.

Inmode Contoura – Treatment Areas

Contoura is equipped with 2 sizes of treatment handpieces that can both address fat reduction and skin tightening. Suitable for body parts that have shown fat deposits and sagging skin problems, including face, double chin, arms, abdomen, chest, back, buttocks, thighs, etc.

5 Reasons to use Inmode Contoura

1. Precisely Controlled Temperature for Better Safety

InMode Contoura uses the A.C.E. patented technology that can detect the skin temperature and provide real time responses adjusting the temperature so as to maintain it at the desired treatment temperature range.

2. Double Actions

Combining RF technology and nanosecond high voltage ultrashort pulse technology to lose fat and contract skin simultaneously.

3. Non-invasive and Pain-free

Constantly monitoring temperature to ensure no thermal damage to non-targeted tissues such as blood vessels and neurons. Suction coupled ultrashort duration RF can effectively kill fat cells. No downtime and do not affect your daily life, you can continue your day after the treatment.

4. Fat Loss Without Bounce Back

Thanks to the suction coupled RF technology, it can reduce unwanted fat precisely at certain body parts, especially the areas that are difficult to get rid of by simply exercise or diet control. It does not bounce back as the treatment reduces the number of fat cells in the body instead of reducing the size of fat cells which tends to bounce back easily.

5. Widely Suitable

It is suitable for a wide range of body parts such as calves, lower back, buttocks, thighs, arms, and back. Areas that have certain fat accumulation are suitable. Abdomen is one of the parts that has shown significant improvements.

Before and After

Inmode Contoura FAQ

The fat reduction results from Inmode Contoura does not bounce back easily. It reduces the total number of fat cells in the body, your weight will not bounce back as long as a healthy diet is followed.

Compared with other non-invasive fat loss devices, Inmode Contoura uses RF to melt fat cells and reduce the number of fat cells. It adopts A.C.E. technology, radio-frequency technology and nanosecond high voltage ultrashort pulse technology for a high precise fat reduction. Also, it is equipped with 2 fat reduction treatment handpieces, and Forma and Forma Plus treatment handpieces that will stimulate production of collagens to tighten skin. Contoura offers dual actions on fat reduction and skin tightening.

In general, improvement will start to show after day15.

You may feel a warm sensation during the treatment as the treatment temperature will be set at 43℃.

Inmode Contoura is a non-invasive treatment, there is no downtime at all.

It will depend on the thickness and distribution of fat at the treatment areas.

Why choose Ai Beauty for Inmode Contoura?

Ai beauty clinic internal photo

1.Ai Beauty Clinic is the largest, top notch and CQC accredited medical & aesthetic clinic that offers Asian-style aesthetic treatments in Europe.

2. Based on Asian-style aesthetic standards, our experienced team is led by British  practitioners who are GMC/NMC-registered and have worked in NHS national hospitals. With rich experience of providing aesthetic treatments to Asian clients and being trained from major European drug manufacturers, Ai Beauty is proud to provide certified and safe medical beauty treatments when it comes to any kind of therapy.

3. The British leading clinic in electric- or photo- aesthetic beauty treatments, offering the most genuine and authorised beauty devices.

4. Personalised treatment plans will be created for every client to cater different needs and maximise treatment results.

5. Ensures every client for a £5 million clinic entity cover to provide an extra layer of safety.

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