Important Notice Regarding Impersonation Scams and Misrepresentation on LinkedIn

We have become aware of ongoing scams and misrepresentations where individuals falsely claim to be associated with Ai Beauty Ltd / Ai Beauty Clinic, particularly on LinkedIn. We urge everyone to exercise caution and be vigilant.

Scammer Alert: There have been instances where scammers claim to be owners or directors of our company. Please be aware that the legitimate beneficiary owners of Ai Beauty Ltd are exclusively Ms. Miao Wang and Mr. Tao Wei. No other individuals hold these positions or ownership rights within our company.

LinkedIn Misrepresentation: Additionally, we have noticed numerous individuals on LinkedIn listing employment at Ai Beauty Clinic in their profiles. We want to clarify that these claims are often untrue. LinkedIn does not verify positions with the respective companies before allowing individuals to add their current or past employment. As a result, some profiles may inaccurately represent their association with our company.

Please be cautious of any misleading claims or communications from individuals purporting to represent Ai Beauty Ltd / Ai Beauty Clinic who are not Ms. Miao Wang or Mr. Tao Wei. We take this matter seriously and appreciate your attention to ensuring the integrity and security of our business relationships.

For any queries or concerns, please reach out to us directly through our official channels.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.