Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat dissolving injections
Fat dissolving injections

What are fat dissolving injections?

Lipodissolve, also known as injection lipolysis, is a procedure intended to reduce fat with a series of injectable drugs: phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate, also called PCDC. Marketed as a safe, non-invasive alternative to liposuction, Lipodissolve is meant to treat smaller areas on the jaw, midsection, or love handles.

Fat dissolving injections, injecting medication, homoeopathic medicine, vitamins, plant extracts, directly into cells beneath the skin. Aesthetic Mesotherapy breaks up fat in cells. These are then removed from the body through the lymphatic system.

A lipodissolve injection is a non-invasive treatment and offers patients a less drastic solution than surgery. Liposuction has often been shown to be ineffective in reducing cellulite. The process works by extracting fat cells. A related treatment is mesotherapy which works by extracting fat from the cells. It is this process that makes it so safe.

Fat dissolving injections do have an effect for a good length of time after treatment; but as you know, ageing cannot be fully treated. Follow-up treatments may be necessary for some.  These are done on an as-needed basis.  To achieve maximum results, the patient needs to adopt a very healthy diet and develop an good exercise plan. 

Lipodissolve injections is an ideal treatment for double chin and jowl area where one treatment is usually needed. The results are reducing/eliminating the double chin and jowls and giving better definition to the jawline and a much more youthful appearance.

Lipodissolve Injections can be used to good effect on stubborn areas of the body. These include love handles, stomach, bra bulge, saddle bags, inner thigh, buttocks, abdomen and other areas.  Even with diet and exercise, some areas simply remain. Yo may be looking to improve your shape for the summer season, or tighten your tummy post-baby, or perhaps need chin reduction, Lipodissolve Injection is proven to be safe and, at the same time, effective. Its particular advantage is that  it is not a  highly  invasive treatment for unwanted fat deposits.
Lipodissolve is used to take away unwanted fat from various different areas of the body, including the abdomen, hips, and thighs.
Traditional liposuction targets fat cells by sucking them out of the body, Lipodissolve has a different approach in that it is an injection. It too targets flabby arms, belly fat, and a double chin and breaks down the walls of fatty cells to allow  the body to flush out the fat as waste.

do not go out in the sun or visit tanning bed salons for two weeks post-treatment.
Massage the treated area for about 15 minutes per day for two weeks after treatment to aid fat elimination.
By taking a stroll for half an hour every day while you are having your treatment, you will greatly enhance the overall benefit.

Do be careful to  avoid strenuous exercise for 48 hours.
The Brand We Use – AQUALYX

More About AQUALYX?
AQUALYX is manufactured in Italy firm Marllor. 2013 saw the launch of the product in the UK, where it is distributed in the UK by Healthxchange Pharmacy.
AQUALYX when properly used, is very safe and can amplify and modulate the effects on body tissues of external ultrasound, programmed at suitable frequencies at approximately the thickness of the tissue to being treated.
AQUALYX is a complex micro-gelatinous injectable solution that consists of a release system controlled by absorbable saccharide polymers containing micro amounts of cleaning agents with a short half-life. 

What Are The Benefits?
If you want to change your body image, then this treatment can offer a long-lasting solution.

Highly suitable for those who struggle to get rid of stubborn fat deposits despite having tried rigorous diet and exercise regimes.
This non-surgical treatment is proven safe and effective for permanent fat removal. 

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    Questions often asked about fat-dissolving injections.

    Of course, they are!  Dissolving Injections are a safe and effective treatment method that minimizes fat cells in the desired area. These injections contain a substance called phosphatidylcholine (PC) deoxycholic acid. These are natural substances that when taken in the form of the dissolving injections, get naturally broken down by the body over time. It gives you a longer lasting results and lets you get rid of those stubborn fatty areas of your body.

    A paper published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology in 2017 stated that there had been 990,000 vials of Adipocytolytic solution used by the end of 2016 in the UK with not one single client reporting any serious side effects or reactions.

    The results of the fat-dissolving injections are long-lasting. It means that once a fat cell is destroyed, it simply means that it has been permanently removed from the body. This removal of a fat cell cannot be undone. And this is one of the biggest advantages of using dissolving injections.

    However, it is important to note that if there are other fat cells in the area not targeted by the dissolving injections, they may continue to be present there and may even get bigger if you gain some extra weight.

    The best thing about fat-dissolving injections is that the pain associated with them is minimal. The maximum discomfort that you feel is the sting sensation associated with any needle use. This sting only lasts for a few seconds. You can also apply something to numb the area to be treated.

    Yes, they do! They are one of the best methods available to minimise the fat cells in your desired body area. Dissolving injections are safe and effective. Their results last longer and they are even better than lipolysis. Minimum pain and no side effects are what make these injections the best option for reducing fat in different areas of your body.

    Fat-dissolving injections produced long-lasting results. It simply means that you can get rid of those annoyingly wobbly bits. These injections are used to remove small, exercise-resistant pockets of the fat around different body regions including the chin, chest, abdomen, thighs, knees and ankles. Dissolving injections are the best strategy for body contouring. However, they can’t be called a treatment for weight loss.

    The decoxyclyte solution used in the dissolving injections breaks down the adipocytes or fat cells. This breakage states a localized inflammatory response in the bidet. This inflammatory response is important and causes the destroyed fat cells to be removed and excreted from the body via the kidneys.

    The cost of a dissolving injection depends on the area chosen for treatment. For example, at the AI beauty clinic,

    Lipodissolve Injection (Body: Legs/Arms/Belly): £500.00

    Lipodissolve Injection (Face): £300.00

    Fat-dissolving injections can be used to remove fat pockets in different areas of the body. A wide range of body areas can be targeted by these dissolving injections. These areas may include:

    • Face
    • Chin
    • Chest
    • The upper/under arm
    • Stomach
    • The bottom
    • the hips
    • The back
    • Ankle
    • Knees

    Dissolving injections are a safe and effective method used to reduce the fat cells in the area Fat dissolving injection skim the fat cells in the different areas of the body. These killed fat cells get excreted from the body via the kidneys. Therefore, these injections are considered one of the best strategies for fat removal.

    Only certified medical professionals can give fat-dissolving injections. The injections also carry the CE mark. These are the reasons why dissolving injections have a strong safety record