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What is Black Gold DPL Super Photon?

Dye Pulsed Light

DPL (Dye Pulsed Light) Super Photon is the sixth-generation high-tech photorejuvenation technology. Developed by the world-renowned laser manufacturer AlmaLasers from Israel, it has been sold in over 100 countries worldwide. More than 2,200 physicians use this equipment, which has received dual certification from the US FDA and China CFDA. It is approved for use in 72 skin indications and is an internationally advanced upgraded high-tech medical beauty device.

The “Black Gold” this time has adopted the “100-nanometer ultra-narrow band” pulse light developed by Israel’s Feiteng Medical Laser Company, achieving a magnificent upgrade in technology. It can accurately and quickly address various skin issues such as pigmentation, vascular aging, and collagen loss, resulting in fair, delicate, rosy, and glossy skin. It significantly enhances treatment comfort and shortens the treatment period, earning the nickname “Hermès” of photorejuvenation!

 DPL Skin Renewa

– DPL uses a unique 550-650nm narrow-spectrum light that simultaneously generates photothermal and photochemical effects. The photothermal effect causes partial aging of the dermis and coagulation of immature collagen proteins, thereby activating fibroblast cells and promoting the massive regeneration of collagen proteins in the dermis. The photochemical effect rearranges deep collagen fibers and elastin fibers, restoring skin elasticity while enhancing vascular tissue function and skin metabolism. This results in moisturized, smooth, elastic skin, achieving precise tenderizing effects.

– The working principle of DPL is very similar to that of lasers, but unlike lasers, DPL does not actually damage the epidermis because light can penetrate the dermis (deep skin tissue) without affecting the epidermis (surface). This means that DPL has much shorter downtime compared to laser treatments, although the initial impact of lasers may appear more intense.

Renowned as the “best anti-aging treatment device of the year.”

Black gold superphotons, why??

On the basis of ensuring efficacy and safety, Black Gold DPL Super Photon, starting from comfort, directly targets the pain point of “pain” in the photon rejuvenation treatment process, with a significant improvement in comfort.

Black Gold DPL, also known as narrow-band light or 100-nanometer-wide light waves, is also called precision light. Using “precision light” can more quickly and thoroughly remove black and red blemishes, target and directly treat abnormal blood vessels, restore skin elasticity, and improve problems such as capillary dilation.

The following cutting-edge technology is the “charm of Black Gold”! 🌟

DPL Black Gold Super Photon

Treatment Range

★ Tender Skin: Whitening and tenderizing skin, refining pores, improving skin texture, enhancing skin elasticity.

★ Redness: Congenital redness, post-peeling redness, facial flushing, acne redness marks, rosacea, etc.

★ Spot Removal: Freckles, sunspots, age spots, pigmentation, etc. (Be cautious with melasma)

★ Acne: Improving acne, reducing local inflammation and redness.

DPL Pigmentation Removal Principle

Intense pulsed light of specific wavelengths is applied to the skin, selectively absorbed by melanin in the lesion tissue (the melanin content in lesion tissue is much higher than in normal tissue). The light energy is converted into heat energy, achieving photothermal effects, causing the subcutaneous melanin to undergo thermal coagulation, intensifying pigment color, and causing it to swell and float to the surface. It then scabs off with metabolic turnover, leading to the disappearance of pigmented spots. Since normal skin absorbs less light energy and employs epidermal cooling technology, normal tissue remains undamaged.

Principle of DPL for Red Blood Vessel Removal

Selective absorption of light energy by Hemoglobin causes the blood to warm up, forming a thrombus, sealing off dilated blood vessels. Blood cannot pass through diseased blood vessels, leading to their lack of nourishment and subsequent atrophy, eventually being metabolized by the body’s metabolism, thereby achieving the purpose of treating capillary dilation. Because unexpanded capillaries have less Hemoglobin, they absorb less light energy, so they are not affected.

Principles of DPL for Improving Acne

Endogenous porphyrins in acne absorb energy from pulsed light to produce a photodynamic effect, releasing singlet oxygen and effectively killing Propionibacterium acnes in acne.
– Propionibacterium acnes (PAC) produces endogenous porphyrins during its normal metabolic processes.
– Light energy in specific wavelengths penetrates the skin and is absorbed by porphyrins, triggering the release of singlet oxygen ions.
– Singlet oxygen ions can efficiently kill Propionibacterium acnes in acne.

Skin vascular lesions, such as fresh red moles, hemangiomas, telangiectasia, and rosacea.
Mild to moderate inflammatory acne, hormone-dependent dermatitis, sensitive skin, fine lines, etc.
Epidermal pigmented lesions, such as uneven skin pigmentation, pigmentation deposition, freckles, sunspots, age spots, chloasma, etc.
Skin Rejuvenation
①Strong Penetration Power, Fading Pigmentation

The black gold DPL supersonic photofacial features highly penetrative 100nm precise light, with melanin absorption rates surpassing ordinary photons by 2-5 times. It can accurately extract lesion pigments deep into the skin’s layers and deactivate pigment cells, excreting them from the body through skin metabolism, preventing pigment re-accumulation and rebound.

Targeted Therapy Directly Combats Erythema

Black Gold DPL Super Photon Rejuvenation can target and directly affect the lesions’ blood vessels, allowing the oxyhemoglobin in the vessels to effectively absorb the precise energy of DPL light. The absorption rate exceeds that of ordinary photons by 30 times, disrupting vascular function and causing dilated capillaries to coagulate and shrink, thereby improving the issue of capillary dilation.

③ Focus on Repairing, Tenderizing, and Beautifying the Skin

Black Gold DPL Super Photon Tender Skin Treatment promotes vascular heating to induce an inflammatory response, stimulating endothelial cells to release cytokines. This process enhances fibroblast expression and accelerates proliferation, leading to the reorganization of deep collagen and elastic fibers. Consequently, skin elasticity is restored, vascular tissue activity is enhanced, blood circulation is improved, and the skin becomes smooth, delicate, and elastic.

④ “Sliding” Comfortable Treatment

Compared to the traditional photon “stamping” treatment mode, Black Gold DPL Super Photon adopts a unique in-motion sliding treatment method, making it the only photon tender skin treatment that can be done in a “sliding” manner. This greatly improves the comfort level during treatment. Additionally, Black Gold DPL’s four-level cooling system can reduce the epidermal temperature during treatment by up to 8°C, significantly enhancing treatment comfort.

DPL Black Gold Super Photon

Treatment Process


Apply a cooling gel after cleaning your face and wear professional light-blocking glasses.


Adjust parameters and wavelengths according to skin condition and requirements.


Comprehensive and Targeted Photonic Therapy


Remove excess cooling gel from the face after the treatment and gently cleanse the face.


Apply a medical mask to calm the skin after treatment and inform about postoperative care precautions.

It addresses the issues of traditional photon rejuvenation treatments such as unclear effects, discomfort during treatment, slow results, and long treatment cycles.

One session of super photon rejuvenation ≈ the efficacy of three traditional photon rejuvenation sessions.

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Black Gold DPL Super Photon

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The Black Gold DPL Super Photon You Want to Know FAQ

Every person! Once we reach the age of 20, collagen production decreases by 1% every year. ClearLift promotes collagen remodeling, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity. ClearLift can also perform photorejuvenation at the same time, comprehensively promoting skin rejuvenation.

Black Gold DPL Super Photon Skin Rejuvenation requires several sessions to address skin issues and improve skin quality. Generally, it’s done once a month, with 6 sessions constituting a basic treatment course, tailored to individual needs. After completing a course, the skin’s condition will experience a qualitative improvement, followed by maintenance sessions of 1 to 2 courses annually.

You may notice some improvement starting from the first treatment session, but you should begin to see greater improvement after undergoing four treatments.

iPixel is a de-fatting laser recommended for treating scars, wrinkles, benign skin surface remodeling, and prominences. It helps improve overall skin tone, elasticity, texture, pigmentation, and pore size, while also enhancing the skin’s resistance to future aging.

Yes, combination therapy is highly recommended. It can be combined with different modes on Alma Harmony, or it can include other treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, and chemical peels to achieve comprehensive therapeutic effects.

No! Photons can stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid in the dermis, making the skin more elastic and radiant. It not only does not thin the skin but actually increases skin thickness.

No! Many people believe that photorejuvenation can cause the skin to become thinner, lacking the protection of “old skin,” making it sensitive, intolerant to heat and wind, and sensitive to cosmetics.

This is far from the truth. Although photorejuvenation may cause accelerated water evaporation and promote the shedding of the stratum corneum due to photothermal effects in the short term (within 7 days after the procedure), sometimes even forming small scabs. However, all “damage” is within a controllable range and will recover after 7 days. Newly healed skin has a complete structure (including the stratum corneum, which undergoes turnover even without treatment) and healthy functions, so photorejuvenation does not make the skin sensitive.

After the surgery, there may be slight redness of the skin, which is a normal phenomenon and does not have an obvious recovery period. After the surgery, pay attention to sun protection and maintain a light diet. You can return to normal work and life immediately.

Why Choose Ai Beauty Clinic for Black Gold DPL Super Photon Therapy?

◎ AI BEAUTY CLINIC is the largest comprehensive medical beauty and plastic surgery hospital in Europe, certified by the UK healthcare regulatory body CQC.

◎ Adhering to Asian aesthetics, all medical staff are registered with the UK GMC/NMC. The professional team is composed of several former NHS doctors and nurses from British public hospitals. They have accumulated rich clinical experience with Asian clients, and their operation of medical beauty equipment is all under official high-level training from the headquarters, ensuring safety without risks.

◎ As the leader in photonic medical beauty treatments in London, UK, AI BEAUTY CLINIC is authorized to use the most top-notch equipment. The M22 photon skin rejuvenation can be combined with “black technology” such as PISCOSURE honeycomb picosecond laser, ENDYMED gold radiofrequency micro-needling, fifth-generation Thermage FLX, and ULTHERAPY American edition ultrasonic knife for joint treatments, doubling the effectiveness.

◎ Before the AI BEAUTY black gold super photon treatment, professional VISIA skin tests are conducted for data analysis. Personalized 1-on-1 consultations are provided to tailor treatment plans. During treatment, energy and depth are adjusted based on individual skin conditions, with strong targeting. Post-treatment, the use of 【London professional medical-grade facial masks】 for moisturizing and soothing, combined with 【comprehensive phototherapy skincare treatment】 for repair and calming, ensures the most standardized, safe, and complete treatment for you.

◎ AI BEAUTY provides all clients with clinic medical insurance coverage of £5 million, giving you double the peace of mind.

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