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emsculpt london
emsculpt london

All bodies are beautiful, but many people dream of sculpting their aesthetic appearance to mirror an ideal portrayed in modern media. Whether it’s finely crafted and defined muscles and abs reminiscent of a silver screen superhero or defined curves that create an unmistakable, hourglass silhouette, we all have an ideal physique.

Diet and exercise regimes are typically at the heart of these achievements. Still, it’s worth remembering that the celebrities we aspire to imitate enjoy access to a level beyond the reach of many of us – time.

Professional actors, entertainers, influencers, and others in the public eye can dedicate hours each day to the gym without needing to clock in for a day job. This is not an option for many of us mere mortals, who need to build our workouts around other responsibilities such as work and family commitments.

The good news is, times are changing. It’s now possible to define muscle tone and burn fat without spending hours lifting weights or racing the treadmill. It’s possible to achieve their goals without any physical interaction at all. The answer lies within EMSCULPT, the brainchild of UK-based cosmetic treatment experts BTL Aesthetics.

Ai Beauty Clinic is one of the first aesthetic clinics to introduce BTL EMSculpt in the UK.


30–40% of the human body is made up of muscle, and the responsibility falls on each of us to maintain this ratio, exercising regularly to keep muscles taut while also eating sensibly.

Alas, with each passing year, our metabolism – the process of converting food to energy – slows down, and muscle content organically decreases. This makes it increasingly challenging to maintain a pristine aesthetic appearance, with more and more hours in the gym required.

When life gets in the way of exercise, the body pays the price. As muscle tension lessens, skin becomes looser, and fatty tissue increases in volume. This is where EMSCULPT comes into its own. EMSCULPT is a non-invasive procedure that breaks down and removes fatty deposits from the body, while simultaneously stimulating and toning the muscles.

Best Price Guaranteed

Ai Beauty offers Emsculpt at the lowest price in London. Contact us at info@ai-beauty.co.uk now for the price list.We are happy to price match against any London clinic. Simply present your quote during your consultation.

Price Table

# of sessions Total Price Average price per session
1 £378
4 £1278 equivalents to £319 per session
7 £1778 equivalents to £254 per session
8 £2016 equivalents to £252 per session
14 £3378 equivalents to £241 per session

How Does It Work?

The heart of EMSCULPT is high-intensity focused magnetic (HIFEM) technology. Just one 30-minute session using this HIFEM approach will contract the muscles to the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups or stomach crunches – all while you simply lay back and allow a professional to perform their work.

First, EMSCULPT will warm up the muscles. This will lead to a little tightening, but nothing uncomfortable and certainly not painful. Once warmed up, the muscles will be a little more taut. HIFEM technology can penetrate some 7cm into the muscles without needing a scalpel, making it hugely effective without any unwanted side effects surrounding immobility.

This means that the laser technology of EMSCULPT can then stimulate lipolysis – the breaking down of fatty tissue. At the same time, the muscles will contract thousands of times in a matter of seconds, encouraging growth and refinement.

This means that EMSCULPT simultaneously removes fat from your body while encouraging new muscles to grow and tighten. Before you know it, you’ll enjoy the sculpted physique that you feared was beyond you without years of intense, personalized training – and, assuming you live a healthy lifestyle, the results can be maintained.

What Results Can You Expect?

Emsculpt stimulates 20,000 muscle contractions in half an hour..

  • 1 abdominal treatment (half hour) is equivalent to 20,000 abdominal crunches
  • 1 butt treatment (half hour) is equivalent to 20,000 squats

Initial effect:

  • Waist measurement will reduce by approximately 4.17 cm
  • Fat loss can be up to 19% on the treated area
  • Your muscle thickness will increase by approximately 16%

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    Emsculpt London UK, Emsculpt Near Me

    The Benefits Of BTL EMSculpt

    A High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field will be used to cause 20,000 muscle contractions. It also uses electromagnetic energy to trigger supramaximal contractions. This causes extreme muscle contraction that the human body cannot perform itself. Such contractions stimulate muscle growth and encourage the improved metabolism of fat cells.

    Compared to other procedures for weight loss, this is very fast. Often, you need to wait several months to see changes. With BTL EMSculpt you will find that the treated area looks better after a day or two.

    EMSculpt, London UK, Emsculpt Near Me
    How Do Muscles Work?

    The intensity of muscle contractions are limited. Only certain muscles can be trained. It is difficult to achieve gradual muscle gain and this high-intensity muscle contraction brings about improvement that cannot be achieved by natural muscle movement. This causes significant changes. Muscles are built up for more defined abs and rounder rear-ends.

    How Does It Affect My Body Fats?

    You often her about aerobic exercise being the quickest way to lose fat. The way your body works is that it burns up carbohydrates during the first 15 mins of such exercises. The fat you are seeking to lose only gets burnt up after that, 
    BLT Emsculpt offers a huge advantage in that it causes a high level of muscle contraction you cannot achieve by exercise.
    This then helps break down those fat cells, which then decompose and are removed naturally by your body


    There are three different settings to ensure the highest effect.

    • First Phase: Muscles are warmed up for the preparation of intensive exercise. The muscles are slightly tightened, and you will feel them tightening.
    • Second Phase: High-density muscle contraction causes the muscles to reach top training, which stimulates the process of lipolysis. Increases in muscles and fat cell apoptosis occur simultaneously with contractions reaching 1000 in a few short seconds. You will feel the muscle’s movements last longer than in the First Phase.
    • Third Phase: Low-density electromagnetism is used to relax muscles and help drain away toxins or lactic acid from your body.
    Other Benefits Of EMSculpt London UK
    • Building muscle and burning fat at the same time.
    • A non-invasive treatment. No anesthesia required.
    • HIFEM pulses selectively drive motor neurons without harming the skin.
    • Muscle contraction causes fast metabolism and fat lipolysis.
    • An efficient treatment lasting only 30 minutes!
    • A safe and choice of fat removal for those not suitable for liposuction, due to not having enough body fat.
    Before and after treatment comparison.
    Butt Treatment, Emsculpt London UK, Emsculpt Near Me

    BTL EMSculpt makes the gluteal muscles smooth. When the buttock muscles gradually thicken, the appearance of the butt will be greatly improved.

    The Treatment Process, EMSculpt London UK

    At Ai Beauty, there is no need to get undressed or apply any gels on the body during the treatment. The device will be switched on. Its energy power will go between 0% to 100% during the treatment, and the whole process only takes 30 minutes.The power is suggested to be 20%-40% during the first 10 minutes, 70% in the following 10 minutes, and 90%-100% in the last 10 minutes. Non-invasive, no pain, no recovery period.

    EMSculpt, London UK, Emsculpt Near Me
    Will I be eligible for Emsculpt therapy?

    On paper, yes – anybody will be welcome to consider investing in EMSCULPT treatments. Just remember that this is a marvel of science and technology, not a magic wand. You’ll need to put in at least some work to achieve the body of your dreams before undertaking this therapy.

    If you are severely overweight, you may be advised to reduce your BMI ahead of working with EMSCULPT, using this approach to tone and refine your body. Consult with a professional to ensure you are likely to enjoy the greatest success from EMSCULPT therapy.

    Why Choose Us?

    Ai Beauty Clinic is one of London’s leading medical & aesthetic clinics, specializing in cosmetic injections and skin care. We are a London’s Leading CQC Accredited Medical & Aesthetic Clinic. We combine the most advanced non-surgical treatments from the US and Europe, enabling us to provide bespoke treatment plans that aim to satisfy every patient’s needs.Ai Beauty is one of the first clinics to introduce BTL EMSculpt. We insist on continuous learning. Our aesthetic doctors, nurses, and all support staff receive ongoing training in the UK and overseas, ensuring that all patients are treated with the highest level of medical standards and expertise. We have our own medical research department, which is led by a famous British medical beauty trainer. Some of our doctors and nurses have previously worked in the NHS and are highly capable of providing the safest medical beauty treatments.

    • We use HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field), a revolutionary patented and non-invasive treatment to produce 20,000 muscle contractions.
    • Both FDA and EC authenticate that the result after one treatment (30 minutes) equals the result of doing 20000 sit-ups.
    • The whole treatment is non-invasive, non-surgical, requires no anesthesia, and causes no pain at all.
    • All our aesthetic doctors, nurses, and all support staff members receive ongoing professional training. They are familiar with the cognition of muscle changes to ensure the maximum effect of a single treatment.

    Best Price Guaranteed

    Ai Beauty offers Emsculpt at the lowest price in London. Contact us at info@ai-beauty.co.uk now for the price list.We are happy to price match against any London clinic. Simply present your quote during your consultation.

    Here is a list of of frequently asked questions that clients often ask.

    While every human body is unique and may react differently, the success stories surrounding EMSCULPT are universal. The promise made by BTL Aesthetics is that you should see an increase in muscle mass to the tune of around 16% and a decrease in body fat by some 19%.

    You’ll start to see the results of EMSCULPT therapy after just one session, especially around the waist and abdomen. EMSCULPT treatments will continue to burn fat for around three months after the initial process, so as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you’ll continue to reap the rewards of your investment.

    The treatment is equivalent to a real weight loss exercise. HIFEM is used to focus electromagnetic energy on the treated area, triggering supramaximal contractions and allowing muscles to perform extreme contraction movements that the human body cannot complete autonomously.

    A single session of EMSCULPT therapy lasts just 30 minutes. Now, ask yourself a simple question – do you feel you would be able to perform 20,000 sit-ups or stomach crunches in that time?

    Even if you could, EMSCULPT technology enables you to lay back and relax while advanced technology does its work. That’s considerably less exhausting than a high-intensity workout, and is less likely to take a toll on your body in the longer term!

    When experiencing the whole treatment, you can feel the muscles being grabbed by a burst of energy again and again, without causing any pain. After the treatment, the muscle of the treated part may be sore and slightly fatigued. The body will feel like it has just gone through a lot of exercises. After that, any follow-up treatment will be more adaptable and relaxed.

    The treatment causes irreversible apoptosis, which proves that any result will be long-lasting.

    ANo, this is the beauty of EMSCULPT. As a completely non-invasive treatment and therapy that does not require anaesthesia, you will experience none of the complications that could otherwise be associated with cosmetic surgery designed to tighten muscle mass and remove fat. You’ll be free to go about your business as soon as your treatment concludes.

    BTL Aesthetics prides itself on three major absences in EMSCULPT technology. This treatment involves no radiation, no freezing of tissue, and no extreme heat. Add these to the lack of any use for a scalpel or needle, and you will understand why EMSCULPT is such a popular selection for countless people across the globe seeking to sculpt their bodies into an aesthetic ideal!

    Emsculpt works through body contouring to burn up your excess body fat. It does this by contracting your muscles more than you can do yourself. The end result is that this will reduce the overall fat in your body

    Investigate different providers of EMSCULPT treatment in your area to get an accurate answer to this question, as every clinic will have its own rate card. However, on average, expect to pay around £380 per EMSCULPT session.

    Most people undertake around four sessions, separated over a period of around two weeks, to achieve the results they are hoping for. This may seem like a substantial outlay, but it often compares favourably to more invasive alternatives such as liposuction.

    You are unlikely to qualify for EMSCULPT therapy on a health insurance policy as this treatment is considered purely cosmetic. Discuss your needs and finances with a clinic, though, as you may find that a provider is willing to come to an agreement with a payment plan or discount on block bookings.

    Enquire About Emsculpt Treatment

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      Our dedicated team will get back to you within 24 hours.
      Open Hours: 10:30 am - 6:30 pm Monday to Sunday
      Address: 1st Floor, 147 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2JE

      (3 mins away from Oxford Circus Underground Station)

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