V-shaped Face Treatment

Would you like a slimmer and younger-looking face? Thanks to ever-growing technology, aesthetic treatments can now offer significant results on face slimming and has become one of the most popular options to those who have wanted a V-shaped face. In Ai Beauty Clinic, [Jawline Botox Slimmingand [Fat Dissolving Injection] are the popular treatments for face slimming. Jawline Botox Slimming helps to tackle the problem of enlarged masseter muscles while Fat Dissolving Injection helps to ease the problem of accumulated fat. If you want to get rid of both enlarged masseter muscles and accumulated fat but are on the fence deciding which treatment to go for, here is good news for you! Ai Beauty has announced a [V-shaped Face Combo] for those who want dual results for a slimmer and youthful face!

Jaw slimming Botox to slim the masseter muscles while Fat Dissolving Injection to lose the fat. Dual effect to create a narrower lower face and defined lower jawline, restoring a V-shaped face that you deserve!

Ai Beauty – Jawline Botox Slimming Treatment

Usually, Jawline Botox Slimming is suitable for those who have enlarged masseter muscles. Masseter muscles are located underneath the subcutaneous fat layer. People who have enlarged masseter muscles will show muscular bulge on their jaw when they grit their teeth.

Jawline Botox Slimming is also known as Type A Botulinum Toxin injection. The injection solution will be administered into the masseter muscles which can temporarily block the signal communication between nerves and muscles. It will relax the overdeveloped masseter muscles by paralysing them. The paralysed muscles become non-functional temporarily and eventually lose their size. As a result, the smaller masseter muscles create a slimmer and defined face shape.

In general, Jawline Botox Slimming is recommended for people who do not have excessive fat on their face and have round / square / flat face shape due to their enlarged masseter muscles. The injection helps to reduce the size of the masseter muscles which will result in a sleeker, defined and youthful jawline appearance. It is also recommended for those who have an asymmetrical face. Their face can regain symmetry by injecting the Botox solution to the larger side.

Features: Highly safe, short treatment procedure, show immediate results, non-invasive, get back to your daily life straight away after the treatment.

Ai Beauty – Fat Dissolving Injection

Usually, Fat Dissolving Injection is suitable for those who have a chubby face caused by the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. This type of people usually carries substantial amount of subcutaneous fat all over their body including their face, they are chubby in general.

Fat Dissolving Injection solution will be administered locally to the subcutaneous fat layer. The active ingredients in the solution will break down the walls of fatty cells and increase the localised concentration of lipase enzymes to facilitate the destruction of fatty cells and let the body flush out the fat as waste via the lymphatic system. This non-invasive treatment is currently the most safe and effective localised fat reduction treatment in the market and works particularly well in small area fat reduction.

In general, Fat Dissolving Injection is recommended for those who have a chubby face caused by fat accumulation at their cheeks, including baby fat and double chins. The injection will dissolve the fat locally at the cheek, chin, and neck to create a slimmer, defined, and shaper appearance.

Features: Create natural facial contour, minimal pain, long-lasting results, low risk profile, dual effects of fat reduction and skin tightening, get back to your daily life straight away after the treatment.

● What type of chubby face do you have?

If you have a chubby face, you can follow this simple, quick self-examination to find out which chubby face type you have. Squeeze your cheeks with your fingers. If you feel a big grip of soft tissue, you likely have a subcutaneous fat type chubby face. If there is not much soft tissue to grip and certain that you do not have a bony face, you can lightly press on the cheek below your earlobe, then grit your teeth. If you feel or see visible muscle bulges while gritting your teeth, you have enlarged masseter muscles that cause the chubby face. However, these two face types are not exclusive, it is possible that your face shows features from both types.

(If you are not sure, come to Ai Beauty for a free consultation for professional advice.)

In fact, most clients who come to Ai Beauty Clinic for masseter injections London, have shown features from both chubby face types, it is very common to store fat at the cheek and develop strong masseter muscles from our daily chewing habit at the same time.

No worries, the Face Botox Slimming + Fat Dissolving Injection = [V-shaped Face Combo] is here to help!

[V-shaped Face Combo]
Face Botox Slimming + Fat Dissolving Injection
1+1>2 Dual Power of Face Slimming

The [V-shaped Face Combo] provides dual effective and promising improvements. The Fat Dissolving Injection will dissolve the fat accumulated at the chin and cheeks while the Face Botox Slimming Injection will weaken and reduce the size of masseter muscles to sharpen the lower jawline.

This combination greatly reduces the risk of development of skin laxity caused by liposuction process, and provides the benefit of skin firming from Botox. This perfect [V-shaped Face Combo] can reduce the size of the cheeks, naturally lift and firm the skin, create a defined and sleeker lower jaw profile, and restore a youthful facial contour, providing multiple improvements in one go.

√ Show results immediately. Thanks to its short treatment procedure, it can be done during lunch break.

√ A highly safe, mature treatment that is free from risk of surgical anaesthesia.

√ Painless, non-invasive, low risk profile, no downtime, return to your life right away after the treatment

 Suitable for most people. Providing 1+1>2 dual face slimming effects!

Some successful cases:

Since [V-shaped Face Combo] is a dual injection treatment, it requires accurate evaluation and decision on the injection location / depth / dosage from experienced and professional practitioners. Getting treatments from an accredited clinic is essential for your safety and desired results.


A UK CQC Accredited Aesthetic Clinic

Ai Beauty Clinic is the first Asian-style aesthetic clinic in the UK to be accredited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC is responsible for inspecting and regulating all healthcare services in England, including the NHS. Ai Beauty Clinic is proud to stock equipment, tools, and supplies that comply with strict CQC standards.

Ai Beauty has been committed to providing the top Asian-style aesthetic treatment service, guaranteeing that all clients receive a safe and satisfactory experience.

◎ Esteemed & Qualified Aesthetic Doctors: Our experienced team is led by British doctors and celebrity practitioners who have had over 7-year experience providing aesthetic treatments to Asian clients. They are all GMC/NMC registered and some of them are authorised injection physicians and top trainers from major European drug manufacturers so there is absolutely no risk for our clients when it comes to any kind of therapy.

◎ Injection standards for Asian-aesthetic treatments: With rich experience of providing practical treatments to Asian clients, running its owned research department, led by famous British aesthetic trainers, and incorporated with several European top medical organisations, Ai Beauty Clinic has successfully established a set of safe and effective injection treatment standards for Asian aesthetic practice and Asians clients.

◎ Integrated Service Process & Responsibility System for Safety: Ai Beauty compiles comprehensive client profiles, follows a strict skincare management process, practices aseptic techniques and an integrated service process, has established an all-rounded insurance system and a strict responsibility system for safety. Ai Beauty considers medical safety and clients’ rights and benefits to be of utmost importance, which is why Ai Beauty Clinic not only ensures all medical staff are covered with individual malpractice insurance but also insures every client for a £5 million clinic entity cover to provide an extra layer of safety.


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