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Coolsculpting before and after
Coolsculpting before and after

CoolSculpting® ELITE

Whether required for health benefits or desired for aesthetic reasons, weight loss is an oft-discussed topic between healthcare professionals and patients. Traditional approaches for weight loss seem straightforward on paper. If you burn more calories than you consume by balancing a good diet with regular exercise, you’ll theoretically drop excess weight in no time.

Alas, in some cases this is an oversimplification. While an appropriate lifestyle is critical to maintaining a healthy weight, modern life is increasingly busy, and unique body shapes and metabolisms also influence the ability to shed stubborn weight and achieve targets.

Cosmetic surgery seems like the obvious solution, but that’s not a remedy that suits everybody. Some will immediately dismiss cosmetic surgery as an exercise in vanity. Others may be open to the idea in principle but express concerns about the invasive nature of going under the knife. Surgery can also lead to undesirable and unplanned consequences, including but by no means limited to scarification.

Thankfully, an alternative is now at hand in the form of CoolSculpting® ELITE.

Introducing CoolSculpting® ELITE

A new and unique approach to reducing body fat, CoolSculpting® ELITE targets stubborn fatty deposits that diet and exercise alone fail to shift. As the name suggests, CoolSculpting® ELITE treatments are centred around cold.

Discovered by Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson, both accredited scientists from Harvard University, CoolSculpting® ELITE utilizes the art and science of cryolipolysis – freezing fatty tissue and inducing a state of lipolysis, which breaks the fat deposits apart.

Particular body parts can be targeted using CoolSculpting® ELITE, ensuring that complete accuracy is guaranteed. Whether looking to remove excess fat around the abdomen, thighs, back, buttocks, upper arm, or anywhere else, CoolSculpting® ELITE will complete the task without any need for a scalpel.


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    Price Table

    Number of cycles


    Average price per cycle 

    1 cycle £549 £549
    2 cycle £1049 £525
    3 cycle £1499 £500
    4 cycle £2188 £475
    5 cycle £2270 £454
    6 cycle £2600 £433
    7 cycle £2899 £414
    8 cycle £3199 £400
    9 cycle £3460 £384
    10 cycle £3690 £369
    12 cycle £4299 £358
    16 cycle £5580 £349


    How does CoolSculpting® ELITE work?

    When excess fatty tissue is identified, a licensed practitioner of CoolSculpting® ELITE will target these build-ups and apply temperatures of around –9oC (around 15oF). The fat will be located under the skin, with the treatment freezing these cells without damaging the body’s surface.

    Fat cannot tolerate cold conditions, so once frozen, these fat cells die off and shatter, shedding stubborn, unsightly bulges and lumps. The process is completely pain-free and devoid of significant side effects, applied using a C-shaped tool. Multiple applicators can be used at once, speeding up the process.

    This targeted approach means that other parts of the body will remain untouched, reducing any risk of unwanted damage to the remainder of your skin. Unlike competing processes like liposuction, no downtime for recovery will be required following a CoolSculpting® ELITE treatment. You’ll see results within a matter of days, and 95% of users have declared themselves satisfied with the climate.        

    Built-in safety protocols are also included with CoolSculpting® ELITE. The most notable of these is Freeze Detect® technology, which detects if the applicator is freezing surface-level skin rather than the fatty deposits beneath. This will automatically halt the treatment temporarily, preventing ulcers and freeze burns.

    Will I be eligible for CoolSculpting® ELITE treatment?

    CoolSculpting® ELITE should be used as a finishing touch to sculpting the body, not an attempt to skip out on diet and exercise. You’ll still need to prove to a healthcare professional that you are willing to make an effort to ensure that CoolSculpting® ELITE will be successful. On average, the following criteria will make you suitable for this approach.

    • You’re in good general health but wish to remove some stubborn fat from the body.
    • You can identify ‘pinchable’ fatty deposits on the body that you wish to remove.
    • Your confidence is being rocked by an inability to remove a final few fatty bulges through diet and exercise.
    • You are eligible for liposuction surgery but prefer an alternative approach.

    Parts of the body that would benefit most from CoolSculpting® ELITE are:

    • Around the abdomen, whether this is post-partum or simply due to excess body fat.
    • Below the jaw.
    • Upper arms.
    • The back, especially around a bra line.
    • Inner thighs. 
    • Buttocks and surrounding areas.
    • Knees.

    Again, please allow us to stress – CoolSculpting® ELITE is a sculpting tool, not a miracle resolution for severe weight problems. Do not undertake CoolSculpting® ELITE treatment without following a strict diet and exercise regime. Consult a healthcare professional or nutritionist to learn more about how you can prepare for this treatment.

    Equally, if you have indulged in a ‘crash diet’ and find yourself with loose, lax skin, CoolSculpting® ELITE may not be the optimum remedy. Again, seek a consultation before committing to this approach. 


    Is CoolSculpting® ELITE reliable?

    Approved for use in over 80 countries, CoolSculpting® ELITE has built a firmly established reputation for success, with over five million delighted users worldwide. Studies display an average fat reduction of some 22% following cryolipolysis.

    CoolSculpting® ELITE is taking the world by storm, attracting attention from all manner of industry professionals. New Beauty magazine, declared the definitive authority on all things beauty, awarded CoolSculpting® ELITE the prestigious titles of “Best Fat-Reducing Treatment” and “hottest choice” at an annual Beauty Choice Awards.

    Where can I seek CoolSculpting® ELITE treatment?

    As discussed, CoolSculpting® ELITE is being utilized and embraced throughout the globe. Search online for a provider in your area, but be aware that there is a slight difference between CoolSculpting® ELITE and common or garden variety CoolSculpting®.

    As you may imagine, ELITE is an advanced evolution of the initial CoolSculpting® treatment. Both are effective, but the cutting edge ELITE technology will invariably be superior – and cost a little more.

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      How much does CoolSculpting® ELITE treatment cost?

      This depends on where you seek this treatment and how many cycles you require. On average, one cycle will cost around £550, though asking prices will vary.

      Investigate treatment providers in your area to find the best deal – but, equally, never sacrifice quality and experience in the individuals providing the treatment, ensuring that you remain safe and enjoy the highest possible service levels.

      Be aware that CoolSculpting® ELITE will always be considered an aesthetic or cosmetic procedure, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to charge this treatment to an insurance provider. Be prepared to pay for the service, and ensure you have a clear idea of how many cycles you will need to follow to achieve your targets.

      Coolsculpting before and after
      Coolsculpting before and after

      Clinical Research 1:

      The Safety of Coolsculpting was measured by histological analysis at 0, 3, 8, 14, 30, 60, and 120 days after the treatment had been carried out.. From the results there was no evidence of necrosis or fibrosis. The timeline below shows a rise  in inflammation, reaching a peak at 30 days with inflammatory cell infiltrate and reduction in adipocyte size. This then decreases showing a similar response at 60 and 120 days.

      We can therefore, safely conclude that CoolSculpting has been proven to  effectively & safely reduce fat in any particular area of the body, and manual massage after the client has had the treatment, is a safe and effective way of boosting the result of a cryolipolysis procedure.

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      It is clearly seen from the results, that CoolSculpting shows a 50% lessening of the adipose layer and that there are no adverse reactions during the assessment which was carried out. 


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        People who are not significantly overweight but seeking a reduction of specific stubborn areas of fat in their body.
        People with problem areas, such as fat bulges in the thigh, abdomen, and flank, including bra fat and back fat.
        Postpartum women with stomach fat problems.
        People who who do not want to undergo liposuction surgery.

        The submandibular area below the jawline
        Bra fat
        Upper arms
        Back fat
        Thighs, including inner thighs and outer thighs
        Fat underneath the buttocks

        CoolSculpting® Elite as can be seen from the various assessments carried out, is now established as a safe, and effective method of fat reduction.

        It freezes fat in the target areas, especially if the fat is pinchable. This cool device allows practitioners to develop a customised fat-freezing plan based on you.

        However, at the same time, CoolSculpting® Elite is not for everyone.
        It should be avoided where there is a problem of lax skin tissue, with low body-fat percentage or visceral fat obesity.

        CoolSculpting elite/CoolSculpting london/CoolSculpting near me


        The new C-shaped applicators are ideal for matching the body’s natural curves for improved fit and comfort. Additionally, The applicator design of CoolSculpting® Elite allows 7 different applicators, offering the practitioner to perform a highly customised and personal approach to each pateint.

        The improvement over previous versions, is that the applicators offer a larger area of 18% to cool.

        The Freeze Detect® technology.
        This development allows the practitioner to carefully monitor that your skin is being cooled and not frozen.
        Clearly this is crucial in avoiding burns.


        Cryolipolysis is a leading edge procedure for non-surgical fat reduction and and presents an alternative to liposuction the more traditional approach. 

        Assessments of the process showed no bad reactions and only a few side effects. How it works is to break up the cell membranes quickly. The mechanism that destroys adipocytes at temperatures above 58°C causes coagulative necrosis in a small highly targeted area and leaves the surrounding tissue mostly unaffected.

        As well as this, cryolipolysis has been well studied. The following evaluation of fat also showed normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

        -THE PROCESS –

        The  treatment plan that your practitioner will carry out, is based on an assessment of your body, and your medical history. 

        The CoolSculpting machine works by targeting fat cells and then delivering a cooling effect to those cells. 


        Ai Beauty Clinic is a CQC accredited clinic which legally provides various treatments.  In terms of the team, the healthcare professionals in Ai Beauty Clinic are all GMC/NMC-registered. Because of their rich clinical experience and medical backgrounds, we can guarantee the safety of our service and treatments.

        We care about the quality of treatments provided to customers; that is why we only partner with the world’s leading medical and pharmaceutical companies and employ only the most advanced medical devices. To provide the CoolSculpting® Elite safely, we also ensure that every client for a £5 million clinic entity covers to provide an extra layer of safety.

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          Questions and answers.

          Coolsculpting before and after

          – Abdomen Area-

          -Thighs Area-

          -Chin Area-

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            coolsculpting london

            Coolsculpting elite London, UK

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              Question people ask about Coolsculpting

              Yes, CoolSculpting really works. Some Studies show that CoolSculpting is a very effective process when used for fat reduction. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical and non-invasive medical process that helps to remove extra fat lying beneath the skin. It has many benefits over traditional fat removal surgical procedures because of its non invasive treatment process. It is simply worked by freezing fat cells from a specific part of the body where you need to remove fat that does not remove by diet and exercise.
              According to the estimation of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the average fee per CoolSculpting treatment was £1,066. The CoolSculpting website itself, gives the average cost of between £1440 and £2880 per treatment. The cost of treatment depends on the number of sessions and the size of the body part on which this treatment applies. In most cases, clients require only one treatment per area. However, some people may need further sessions if they want additional results.
              A few side effects are normal after CoolSculpting. These include temporary redness, bruising, swelling and skin sensitivity, pain, itching, and stinging at the treatment site. These side effects may be mild or temporary. There is no malfunction caused in the liver or lipid profile, which means that CoolSculpting is merely a cosmetic treatment. This procedure can improve a person’s overall health. Furthermore, the clinical efficacy and safety of CoolSculpting have been studied on animals as well as humans.” .
              CoolSculpting is better than kybella as CoolSculpting treatments are carried out a maximum of two times while the average number of Kybella treatments is four to six. CoolSculpting has been effective in improving the laxity of skin while Kybella worsens the skin laxity. The side effects of CoolSculpting are very minimal and reported in the first few days while the side effects of kybella treatment can become evident 2 weeks after treatment. There are no incisions or needles in the treatment of CoolSculpting while Kybella is administered by a series of injections of up to 20 or more, through small needles.
              With CoolSculpting between 20% to 80% of fat cells are lost in the targeted area. The most important factor that affects the reduction of fat cells is the size of the targeted area. If you are removing fat from a smaller targeted area, such as your underarms, knees, or neck then you can lose around 80% of the fat cells. If you have fat removed from a larger targeted area, such as your upper trunk (back), you can loose about 20% of the fat cells in that area.”
              Clinical studies show that CoolSculpting is an effective and safe procedure. The risks are rare and few. Any damage to the liver has not been reported. We therefore consider it a successful cosmetic process when used to reduce fat cells from the treated area of the body. Side effects are mild, temporary, and diminish after a short period.
              Although the procedure of CoolSculpting has a low-risk factor, it is still important the candidate be healthy and not have any conditions or diseases. Some factors that eliminate you from having CoolSculpting include being pregnant or planning to conceive, chronic fatigue, having loose skin, disturbance in albumin level, having low-body fat percentage, or having a high degree of visceral fat. You should not consider CoolSculpting if you want to reduce several inches of your fat layer.
              CoolSculpting is expensive because its cost depends on the size of the treated area and the number of treatment sessions. So, the cost is low if the treated area is small. In addition, the treatment extracts energy from layers of fat, the fat cells die slowly, and the surrounding area is left unaffected. That’s why CoolSculpting treatments take 1-3 hours. Another reason for its high cost is that CoolSculpting treatment requires professionally trained personnel to operate the technology

              Yes, CoolSculpting tightens loose skin to some extent. In the process of CoolSculpting, the fat cells at the targeted area of the body are killed by freezing at a specific temperature. The surrounding cells remain unaffected.

              While CoolSculpting is well known as a non invasive method for the reduction of fat, it is not used primarily as a skin-tightening treatment.

              A visible fat reduction is observed in 3-4 weeks, and substantial results will be seen in about 8 weeks. At this stage, almost 90 percent of the targeted fat cells are removed. In some cases, the results can continue to improve for up to six months. For best results, you have to keep your body trim after treatment by maintaining a healthy diet plan, exercising, and staying active. Although the fat will not re-accumulate in your area of treatment, you should take the measures suggested above to prolong the results of your treatment

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