Laser mole removal

Laser Mole Removal – Erase to Restore Perfection

Moles are very common and usually harmless. Moles growing at certain areas on the face are considered attractive, however, others may impose an unpleasant impact on the appearance.

What is mole

Mole, which has a medical term as nevus, is made up of cells called melanocytes. It is usually located in the dermo-epidermal junction or the dermis. It can be divided into 3 types based on their locations: junctional, mixed and dermal mole.

① Junctional Mole

The junctional moles are located at the junction of the epidermis and dermis. They appear flat and brown to black in colour.

② Mixed Mole

Mixed moles can be found at the junction of the epidermis and dermis. They are slightly raised and brown to black in colour.

③ Dermal Mole

Dermal moles are located at the dermis. They are dome-shaped and flesh-colored, some may have hair.

⭐ Laser is currently the least invasive treatment that can effectively remove a mole.

The laser mole removal treatment at the Ai Beauty Clinic helps effectively remove mole from the skin surface. The high energy laser beam emitted from the laser gun will be absorbed by the water molecules in the skin, the resulting high energy removes the outer layer of skin and encourages new skin and collagen to grow.

Laser Mole Removal


In 3 steps

Step 1 – Light energy absorption

Nanosecond-lasting strong light pulse generated by laser will penetrate through skin and reach and get absorbed by melanin molecules, without harming surrounding skin tissue.

Step 2 – Melanin breaking down

After the energy absorption process, melanin molecules will be broken down into small melanin granules and transported out of the body.

Step 3 – Remove pigment

Through our natural body immune process, these small melanin granules will be carried away from the skin and removed from our body, with the help of skin immune cells macrophages.

★Erbium chrome laser has tenth to thirteenth lower thermal effect than carbon dioxide laser, making it a better laser that causes less thermal damage to the skin, less discomfort during treatment, shorter downtime, and lower risk profile of redness and swelling.

★ The pigmentation period caused by the treatment using erbium chrome laser is shorter than that of carbon dioxide laser, which is more suitable for people with darker skin tone such as Asians.


✔ Improve a wide range of skin conditions:

2940nm laser has ablation ability that can remove the surface layer of tissue by vaporisation, therefore it is widely used in treating pigmented moles, papules of sebaceous gland hyperplasia, milia, syringoma, warts, scars, depressed scars, etc.

✔ Improve scarring:

Heat energy damages and removes scar tissue, and damages fibrous tissues that cause depressed scars.

✔ Stimulate proliferation of collagen:

Through electric stimulation, fibroblasts are being stimulated to generate collagens that can fill the dented areas of depressed acne.

Who is it for:

  • Moles, milia, acne.
  • Syringoma, sebaceous hyperplasia, neoplasia, skin tag.
  • Age spots (seborrheic keratosis), hyperkeratosis.
  • Acne scars, traumatic scars, chickenpox scars.
  • Ageing, wrinkles

Laser Mole Removal Treatment

– Before & After –

Laser Mole Removal Treatment

– FAQ –

Under normal circumstances, laser mole removal does not lead to scarring. Scarring is a by-product of tissue damage and its resulting healing. Damage of tissue that is located in the dermis or deeper layer of skin can cause scarring. However, moles are usually located above dermis, therefore, removal of mole would not damage tissue at the dermis and leave scars if the removal treatment is completed in an accredited and legit clinic and operated by qualified and experienced practitioners.

Some people may experience unsatisfied results, such as mole regrowth and scarring, from mole removal treatment done by smaller-scaled clinics. There are 2 reasons why going to a legit and accredited clinic is your best place to have the mole removed. Firstly, the quality of the laser device is critical. Poor devices may produce unstable or inaccurate wavelength and intensity that can cause the laser to underdo or overdo the mole, which will lead to mole regrowth and scarring problems respectively.  Secondly, operating mole removal in a small-scaled clinic may not require the knowledge of the pathological mechanism of a mole, lacking the essentials on how to remove a mole accurately and safely, which can lead to regrowth and scarring. Laser mole removal is a relatively safe treatment, but it can also carry risk, getting it done at a legit clinic is a way to ensure your safety and desired results.


A CQC-Approved Aesthetic Clinic

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Why having laser mole removal treatment at Ai Beauty Clinic?

1.Ai Beauty Clinic is the largest, top notch and CQC accredited medical & aesthetic clinic that offers Asian-style aesthetic treatments in Europe.

2.Based on Asian-style aesthetic standards, our experienced team is led by British  practitioners who are GMC/NMC-registered and have worked in NHS national hospitals. With rich experience of providing aesthetic treatments to Asian clients and being trained from major European drug manufacturers, Ai Beauty is proud to provide certified and safe medical beauty treatments when it comes to any kind of therapy.

3.The British leading clinic in electric- or photo- aesthetic beauty treatments, offering the most genuine and authorised beauty devices.

4. Personalised treatment plans will be created for every client to cater different needs and maximise treatment results.

5. Ensures every client for a £5 million clinic entity cover to provide an extra layer of safety.




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