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4 Patented Modals to Tackle Signs of Aging

The Era of Painless 4D Skin Invigoration

Nowadays, achieving youthful skin is no longer exclusive to female celebrities. It is getting increasingly common among the general public. Among aesthetic treatments that aim to help reverse aging, such as the high-end Ultherapy and Thermage FLX, FOTONA 4D PRO is definitely the up-and-coming procedure to go for.

FOTONA 4D PRO is a strong addition to the collection of non-surgical anti-aging aesthetic treatments in Europe. It has received an overwhelmingly positive response from Hollywood stars and socialites including Kim Kardashian, social influencers and bloggers. Given the amount of coverage all over social media, it is safe to say that Fontona 4D Pro has become one of the most popular science-based skin revitalising procedures out there.

Price Table

#Of Sessions Full Face and Neck Eyes Full Face and Neck and Eyes
1 £680 £450 £950
2 £1210 £800 £1640
3 £1578 £1078 £2428
4 £2080 £1400 £3200

-What is FOTONA 4D PRO?-

FOTONA 4D PRO is the new-generation non-invasive anti-aging technology. It comes in the form of a laser system that helps revitalize different layers of your facial skin. Developed by Fotona, a company with the longest history of specializing in laser products, Fotona 4D Pro is the eponymous product of its inventor.

Established in 1964, FOTONA originates from Germany. It kickstarted by manufacturing high-performance laser products for military and industrial and technology and equipment purposes. The company then turned its focus to the medical sector, developing laser devices for fat reduction, body contouring, fractional, and intimate at-home treatments.

FOTONA unique is in that all its core components – including laser, optical components, coating, machinery, electronic and software control devices – are manufactured by either themselves or affiliated companies. These machines are also in line with military and industrial guidelines, which are way higher than normal standards.

FOTONA 4D PRO is the company’s first-ever multi-dimensional facial anti-aging laser system across the globe. This system utilizes 4 patented technologies, namely SMOOTHLIFTIN, FRAC3, PIANO, and SUPERFICIAL, making it the world’s only 4-dimensional skin rejuvenating treatment. A “layer-by-layer treatment from the inside out,” this procedure aims to combat signs of aging by improving jawline contours, skin tone, complexion, and volume. In addition, it targets fats and skin laxity to achieve fat removal, skin tightening and resurfacing, and jawline sculpting.

A revolutionary dual-wavelength laser treatment, FOTONA 4D employs any of the 4 laser modals to tackle issues in different layers of the skin, such as laser lipolysis in the skin’s deeper layers, tightening and lifting in the epidermis, and brightening of the skin complexion. Clients can expect immediate results from this multi-dimensional youth restoration procedure, including skin, firming, fat elimination, dark circles and wrinkles removal, skin invigoration, whitening, resurfacing, smoothing, lifting, and tightening.

FOTONA 4D PRO is non-invasive, painless, effective, and safe, making it FOTONA’s signature treatment among the globe’s non-invasive anti-aging procedures. It is proudly accredited by CE (EU), CFDA (China), and FDA (USA) for providing a non-invasive fat melting and skin lifting experience for the face and body.

Clients will see immediate results after one treatment, and more noticeable results will appear within the week. After that, 3-5 treatments will deliver the most desirable results, which will last for 1.5-2 years.

fotona 4d pro london


4-Dimensional Modals  Layer by Layer  Anti-Aging

The ‘4D’ in Fotona 4D Pro refers to the 4 steps that deliver anti-aging results: from inside and outside the mouth, from mucous membranes to the epidermis. A procedure that tends to multiple layers of your delicate skin.

① SMOOTH Modal – for instant lifting & firming

Patented technology:SMILELIFTIN instant tightening technology

Effected layers:oral mucosa and submucosal collagen layers

Skin concerns: nasolabial folds, marionette lines, smile and laugh lines, skin laxity around the mouth

FOTONA 4D PRO’s unique patented non-ablative SMOOTH erbium laser modal utilises a 2940nm laser to achieve a synergistic thermal effect. With pulse train technology that heats the skin intermittently, the treatment is able to control the tissue heating temperature precisely, which instantly tightens skin tissues. This modal effects the oral mucosa along the SMAS layer by heating it up continuously. This increases partial accumulated temperature to 65℃, which effectively tightens collagen fibre, stimulates collagen reformation, firms skin laxity, lifts jawline contours. This treatment targets the nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the mouth and jowls. It is extremely effective and the first ever intraoral laser treatment in the UK.

② FRAC3 Modal – for skin whitening & smoothing

Patented technology: FRAC3 3-dimensional fractional technology

Effected layers: upper and lower dermis

Skin concerns: correcting dull complexion for whitened, smoothed and brightened skin

This modal engages laser technology with short pulse duration to target and destroy hyperpigmentation. It selectively heats the target chromophores and capillaries on the epidermis and dermis. The 3D fractional laser modal creates a 3-dimensional matrix of micro wounds and triggers a cutaneous tissue repair mechanism which stimulates production of Type 1 and 3 collagens. As a result, this procedure helps get rid of pigmentation, even out skin tone or dull skin, and whiten and smooth the skin.

③ PIANO Modal – for lipolysis and firming

Patented technology: PIANO ultra-long-pulse heating technology

Effected layers: lower dermis and subcutaneous fat

Skin concerns: sagging jawline, jowls, double chin

The PIANO modal engages seconds-long heating technology where pulse laser is used to penetrate skin layers continuously, non-selectively and safely. This patented ultra-long-pulse duration 1064NM laser is synergistically applied to heat the lower dermis and subcutaneous fat tissues. Without causing any damage to the epidermis, this treatment triggers metabolism of excess fat, facilitates skin tightening, stimulates homogenization of elastic fibre and collagen in deeper layers of the skin. Not only does this modal help dissolve face and body fat, it also helps correct imperfections such as double chins and less-defined facial contours, achieving both lipolysis and firming in deeper layers of the skin.

④ SUPERFICIAL Modal – for skin brightening and wrinkle removal

Patented technology: SUPERFICIAL micro skin resurfacing technology

Effected layers: epidermis

Skin concerns: enlarged pores, acne scars, rough skin, dry and fine lines

With the use of Variable Square Pulse (VSP) technology, this modal applies 2940NM cold ablation erbium laser to the upper epidermis to facilitate skin resurfacing by penetrating topmost to bottom layers. The SUPERFICIAL modal is highly effective in reducing wrinkles on the epidermis, correcting skin imperfections such as open pores, blackheads and acne scars, as well as evening out skin tone and complexion. A big plus: the cold ablation procedure does not cause any damage to the epidermis.

The 4 FOTONA 4D PRO modals follow the rule of applying “synergistic treatment from the inside out”. By targeting multiple skin concerns, these multi-dimensional anti-aging treatments attack problem spots accurately and tighten different layers of the skin effectively.

What’s unique about FOTONA 4D PRO is that it is able to target delicate areas, such as nasolabial folds, as well as around the eyes and mouth. This cannot be achieved by other anti-aging laser treatments. Also, any firming and lifting results will last for 1-2 years.

-Unique Benefits of FOTONA 4D PRO-


1. A multi-dimensional layer-by-layer anti-aging treatment

FOTONA 4D PRO targets 4 main aging problems: the deterioration of skin tone, complexion, face volume and jawline contours. With the application of 4-dimensional skin lifting and anti-aging technology, both upper and lower layers of the skin are treated simultaneously with an aim to firm and reshape. These synergistic treatments address different problems concerning all layers of the skin, and fully achieve rejuvenating results.

2. Skin tightening from both inside and out

Unique technology that aims for “tightening from the inside out” is applied to instantaneously tighten mucous membranes and perform bulk heating along the SMAS layer. This helps tighten collagen fibre and stimulate collagen reformation, which instantly encourages skin firming and ultimately achieves noticeable results.

3. A smart, full-on treatment that defies limits

A smart contactless treatment, FOTONA 4D PRO is not restricted by angles of the body, thickness of fat tissues or size of treated areas. It can be applied to any body part, including the eye area, nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the mouth and the neck, yet still manage to achieve comprehensive anti-aging results.

  • Neck Lift – rejuvenation treatment for the neck

FOTONA 4D PRO Neck Lift engages the SMOOTH modal to firm and sculpt the neck area and the FRAC3 modal to brighten skin tone around the neck, as well as the PIANO modal to apply ultra-long-pulse duration heating to penetrate deep layers of neck skin. Together, these modals identify and treat loose and saggy neck skin and achieve satisfactory results.

  • Eye Lift – rejuvenation treatment for the eye area

FOTONA 4D PRO is a non-invasive procedure that helps firm skin, reduce puffiness and dissolve fats under the eyes. All it takes is 20 minutes, and you’ll see significant improvement in aging problems around the eyes, including dark circles, loose and saggy skin, wrinkles or swelling near the eyes.

4. A mild and gentle treatment with no downtime

FOTONA’s patented laser system boasts a dual-wavelength modal that exercises smart thermal control for patients’ ease and comfort. The procedure doesn’t require any anesthesia. It is scarless, painless and non-invasive. A walk-in-walk-out treatment with no downtime, clients can opt for face contouring & lifting without any interruption from work or daily life.


-Indications & Usage-

FOTONA 4D PRO emerged as a brand-new beauty concept that aims to provide a “layer-by-layer treatment from the inside out”. By the use of unique laser technology, it targets signs of aging in the face and body experienced by many in their respective stages of life. The non-invasive anti-aging procedure is tailored to clients’ specific needs, be it firming, brightening, fat dissolving, body sculpting or full-face lifting.

Face lifting

Skin laxity

Sagging cheeks and/or corners of the mouth

Lack of definition in the jawline and face contours

Firming and softening wrinkles

Wrinkles around the mouth, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, frown lines

Loose and saggy neck skin, neck lines

Rejuvenating the eye area

Eye wrinkles, eye bags

Dark circles, skin laxity around the eye area

Fat removal & body contouring

Double chin and/or accumulated fat on the face

Accumulated body fat

Evening out skin complexion

Rough skin, enlarged pores, uneven and/or dull skin tone

fotona 4d pro london


Enhanced tightening results

FOTONA 4D PRO has introduced a V-SMOOTH modal, an upgrade from their previous SMOOTH modal, which facilitates better heat transfer, deeper penetration through the oral mucosa, and hence better tightening results.

Stronger heat penetration

FOTONA 4D PRO boasts an increased energy of 80 watts, which is more than double the 35 watts of the old FOTONA 4D system. This suggests significant improvement in the device’s wavelength and power, which helps facilitate deeper penetration through skin layers and higher effectiveness in firming and burning face and body fat.

Shorter treatment time

Compared to FOTONA 4D, the brand-new FOTONA 4D PRO is effective in a wider range of face and body parts, boasts an increased energy power and only takes half the treatment time. Clients will notice lifting results after only 2-3 FOTONA 4D PRO treatments, while it takes 3-5 FOTONA 4D treatments for results to show.

Better value for money

FOTONA 4D PRO requires a smaller number of treatments while demonstrating more effective results, which means clients get more of their money’s worth.

More suitedfor sensitive skin

FOTONA 4D PRO has been designed to cater to clients with sensitive skin. With the help of its FRAC3 and PIANO laser modals, the wrinkle removal procedure only induces minimal pain and helps prevent the appearance of telangiectasia. After undergoing this treatment, clients will not only see improvement in their skin elasticity, but also thickening of skin tissues.

More effective in fat & body sculpting

The non-invasive FOTONA 4D PRO body slimming and contouring treatment is operated with smart scanning handpieces. There is usually more fat build-up in the body – such as back of the neck and tummy area – than the face. Hence, more power is needed to target and destroy any accumulated body fat in order to achieve ideal results.


Good question. Both treatments possess their own respective benefits, yet they target different layers of the skin. One is a radio frequency treatment while the other is a laser treatment. One focuses on a certain treated area while the other works on various parts of the face and body.

In comparison, Thermage FLX focuses on anti-aging while FOTONA 4D PRO is more of a synergistic treatment and focuses on ongoing maintenance of treated areas.


Thermage FLX and FOTONA 4D are usually subjected to comparison, due to both being non-invasive anti-aging treatments. Both claim to cause no damage to the skin, require no injections, anesthesia or downtime. Both treatments allow clients to resume daily habits, life and work right away. Both are capable of reversing signs of aging in the face, eye and neck.


● Treatment principles

Thermage FLX is a monopolar radio frequency treatment that creates high frequency alternating electromagnetic waves in the dermis, causing water molecules inside the skin to vibrate and spin in high frequency and generate heat. When the heat hits a certain temperature, it triggers the contraction of collagen fibre and stimulates collagen regrowth. Results include firming and lifting of the skin, smoothing and softening of wrinkles and reduction of skin laxity.

On the other hand, FOTONA 4D PRO is an advanced laser system where qualified practitioners engage different wavelengths and types of laser,to target specific layers of the skin, such as SMAS, subcutaneous fat, dermis and epidermis. 2 laser modals are synergistically employed to address different problem areas. By simultaneously correcting imperfections in multiple skin layers, this treatment achieves all-rounded anti-aging results. This includes the improvement of various concerns such as skin tightening, fat dissolving, diminishing the appearance of under-eye circles and wrinkles, whitening, skin brightening and smoothing, lifting and firming etc.

Conclusion: Thermage FLX demonstrates results that are more focused on lifting, while FOTONA 4D PRO shows noticeable results in lifting, firming, improving skin tone and elasticity.

● Pain sensation

With the use of radio frequency heating, Thermage FLX generates higher heat levels to target deeper layers of the skin. Although this causes a burning sensation during the procedure, a cooling system is available to prevent any burn or damage to the epidermis.

Comparatively, FOTONA 4D PRO operates on a lower temperature and does not require any cooling system. A temperature control system is available to ensure clients are comfortable and relaxed. There is only a slight warming sensation when the treatment starts inside the mouth. There won’t be any significant amount of pain.

● Treatment frequency

Each Thermage FLX treatment utilises a relatively higher energy power, which means the skin requires sufficient recovery time. Hence, once a year is recommended.

On the contrary, FOTONA 4D PRO is relatively less brutal on the skin. It can be treated as a procedure for regular maintenance. Clients can receive another treatment within 1-2 months. FOTONA 4D PRO can be used as a follow-up treatment after receiving Thermage FLX, in order to maintain and consolidate anti-aging results.

All in all, FOTONA 4D PRO is relatively gentler to the skin. No burning sensation, enhanced relaxation experience and more suited for long-term maintenance. The treatment is also easy to operate and doesn’t require needles or injections. The practitioner can control which skin layers to treat, and minimal recovery time is needed. More natural results are achieved compared to injectables; more suited for regular maintenance when compared with Thermage FLX.

Crowned as the safest non-invasive laser technology system by the beauty and aesthetics industry, FOTONA 4D PRO is the ideal treatment for clients who opt for safe, effective and efficient anti-aging procedures.

Can you receive both FOTONA 4D PRO and Thermage FLX? How do you decide which one (or both) to go for?

1. If your main skin goals are to improve loose and sagging facial skin, Thermage FLX is the solution;

2. If you’re looking to rejuvenate, even out skin complexion, dissolve fat and sculpt body figure, FOTONA 4D PRO is the answer. (Better value too!)

3. if you would like to even out skin complexion only, either treatment works as clients’ post-treatment skin texture are about the same.

4.The advantages of receiving both treatments outweigh disadvantages. In short, 1+1 is more than 2. Why? Since the two treatments aim for different results and target different layers of the skin, they complement each other. Hence, going through both procedures will generate optimal well-rounded results. It is often recommended to receive Thermage FLX, FOTONA 4D PRO 1 month later, and then receive FOTONA 4D PRO regularly as follow-up maintenance. Some clients go for regular FOTONA 4D PRO treatments to strength fat elimination and tightening results. This follow-up plan also consolidates and acts as a continuation of the results of Thermage FLX.

-Why FOTONA 4D PRO at Ai Beauty Clinic?-

Ai Beauty Clinic is the one of largest CQC-certified aesthetic clinics in Europe.

Abiding by rigorous beauty standards, our professional team are all GMC/NMC-registered and boast 10+ years of medical experience. Our practitioners are extremely experienced and are highly trained by all aesthetic equipment providers at their headquarters. All treatments are safe and risk-free.

● Before recommending any treatment, we analyse our potential clients’ skin with the highly recognised VISIA test. We provide 1-to-1 private consultations and come up with treatment plans that are tailored to clients’ specific skin conditions and anti-aging goals. During any procedures, our practitioners will closely monitor any energy power generated, pulse duration and transmission, with the aim of achieving multi-dimensional anti-aging skin resurfacing results.

After any treatment, we apply a【UK medical grade facial mask】保湿to nourish and soothe clients’ skin. Together with a【full effect light therapy beauty treatment】to calm the skin, we present you with the most standardised, safest and comprehensive FOTONA 4D PRO treatment.

A pioneer in UK integrated anti-aging aesthetic medicine, we stock the highest number of top-class aesthetic equipment authorised by their manufacturers. FOTONA 4D PRO can be incorporated into your treatment plan with other world-class anti-aging procedures, including the 5th generation Thermage FLX and ULTHERAPY, for most ideal results.

We insure all clients with a medical indemnity insurance cover worth £5000000 for that extra sense of ease and security.


Q1: Why does FOTONA4D PRO start from inside the mouth?

Since the oral mucosa is of closest proximity to the SMAS layer, it enables the intraoral FOTONA 4D PRO to effectively transfer heat to the SMAS layer, which stimulates noticeable results in smoothing nasolabial folds, reducing wrinkles and firming skin around the mouth. If operated properly, this treatment will not cause any damage to the oral mucosa. Hence, patients can eat and drink as usual immediately after treatment.

Q2: Is FOTONA 4D PRO painless?

In most cases, patients experience a high level of relaxation and comfort and there is no need for anesthesia before the procedure. However, pain sensation is unique to everyone. Some patients may experience a warm sensation. According to records, 70% of patients fell asleep during the procedure and very few – usually those who are extremely sensitive to pain – may feel a slight stinging in the treated areas.

Q3: Can you receive FOTONA 4D PRO when wearing metal?

Absolutely. This is one distinct advantage of FOTONA 4D PRO over Thermage FLX. As FOTONA 4D PRO is a laser treatment, wearing metal is allowed during the procedure, whereas it’s not recommended when undergoing Thermage FLX.

Q4: Can people with mouth ulcers or braces undergo this treatment?


Q5: After how many treatments will you notice results? How often should you receive treatment? How long do the effects last?

FOTONA 4D PRO is a step-by-step treatment. The more treatments you go through, the more noticeable the results are. In general, results are most noticeable after approximately 1-2 weeks. Afterwards, patients will often see long-lasting results such as collagen regeneration. First few treatments are recommended to be once a month. Most courses contain 3-5 treatments. If patients strictly their post-treatment maintenance plan, results usually last for 1-2 years.

Q6: Does FOTONA 4D PRO cause any downtime?

There is no downtime. Your skin condition will significantly improve without people noticing you’ve undergone any kind of beauty treatments. FOTONA 4D PRO is ideal for regular maintenance.

Q7: Is cold compression required after having FOTONA 4D PRO?

Although patients will not experience any pain after a FOTONA 4D PRO treatment, instant swelling may develop. Any redness or swelling usually fade after 2 hours. Only a few patients experience swelling for the next 48 or 72 hours. Hence, cold compression is generally not needed. It is recommended is endure any warming sensation while the procedure work its magic to deliver optimal results.

fotona 4d pro london


-Before and After-


2 Lasers 4 Modals

Reversing Signs of Aging by Layers from the Inside Out

Advanced Full Face Resurfacing

Kim Kardashian’s viral FOTONA 4D PRO – Why Not?

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