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 PicoSure Pro 

Brand New Upgrade: Platinum Picosecond

AI BEAUTY’s newly upgraded PicoSure Pro Honeycomb Picosecond Platinum Edition is the industry’s widest and most complete range of treatments and the most suitable picosecond device for Asian skin types. This device has been updated and upgraded in many aspects, including system, software, technology and efficacy, with many optimizations compared to its predecessor.

Compared to its predecessor, it offers faster speeds, greater energy and more indications. The vacuolar effect from its platinum honeycomb probe not only effectively treats blemishes and pigmentation, but also promotes collagen production in the skin, which improves photoaging problems such as acne scars, enlarged pores and fine lines.

In addition, Picosure Pro is the only NMPA-certified picosecond laser for pigmentation treatment in the world, and has been hailed by dermatologists around the world as “the end of pigmented lesions”.

New「Platinum Edition」

 PicoSure Pro 

PicoSure Pro Platinum mainly utilizes a very short pulse output, replacing the thermal effect with the benefit of photomechanical impact pressure to directly shatter the target, allowing pigment to be metabolized like dust without leaving any traces. Because the side effects of the photothermal effect are minimized, it not only greatly reduces the number of treatments, but also greatly reduces the risk of darkening and whitening after laser treatment.

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About PicoSure Pro

PicoSure Pro was named “Best Multi-Function Laser Treatment” at the 2021 NewBeauty Awards and “Best Beauty Product” at the 2022 InStyle Awards.

PicoSure Pro can help you: increase collagen, reduce hyperpigmentation, reduce acne scars, diminish wrinkles, improve enlarged pores, diminish freckles, diminish uneven skin tone, improve dull skin tone, diminish melasma pigmentation, diminish nevus of Ota, and diminish mother-of-pearl spots.

 PicoSure Pro 

Energy Output Mode

Zoom Handpiece


  • Targetedstubborn pigmentation
  • Mole removal (need consultation)
  • Tattooremoval (Turbo Adjustable Pressure)


  • Scabbing or blister after treatment.
  • Faster and stronger smashing ability, finer smashed pigments.
  • Photomechanical effect instead of photothermal effect, more comfortable treatment
  • Laser precisely targets stubborn pigments

◎ Cynosure’s PICOSURE PRO Platinum Picosecond Laser is the first and only picosecond laser device on the market to receive FDA approval for the treatment of melasma, Ota nevus, and Hori nevus.

◎ Combining patented PressureWave™ technology, it features three wavelengths: 532NM, 755NM, and 1064NM, making it suitable for all skin types.

◎ Seven handpieces: 755NM 2-6mm adjustable handpiece, 4 fixed handpieces (5, 6, 8, 10mm), 2 additional handpieces (532NM, 1064NM)

◎ Suitable for all kinds of skin regeneration needs: pigmentation and discoloration, tattoo removal, wrinkle reduction, pore shrinkage, firming and rejuvenation.

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 PicoSure Pro 

Picosecond Upgrade: New Platinum Experience❗️

The Honeycomb Probe Energy Upgraded by 50%!

1、Handpiece Upgrade: New Generation 5mm Focusing Handpiece

In the previous generation of Picosure honeycomb picosecond lasers, there were two types of handpieces. The first type was the 2-6mm zoom handpiece which could precisely address pigmentation issues. The second type was the fixed focus handpiece that could be equipped with the honeycomb lens, available in 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm sizes. This is akin to the faucet’s switch: the smaller the focus, the smaller the water outlet, which enables a stronger water jet. The 5mm focusing handpiece of Picosure® Pro allows the output energy of the Platinum Honeycomb Picosecond to be higher and deeper.

2、Probe Energy Upgrade: Platinum Honeycomb Probe Energy Increased by 50%

In the previous generation of Picosure honeycomb picosecond lasers, the energy of the 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm fixed focus handpieces was not adjustable. Therefore, treating an entire face with the honeycomb probe often required changing the probe.

However, Picosure Pro not only introduced the new 5mm fixed focus handpiece but also added adjustable energy functionality. Coupled with the new generation Platinum Focus™ honeycomb probe, the energy output is over 50% higher than the previous generation. It also allows for full-face treatment without changing the probe, making the treatment faster and offering greater range and flexibility.

3、Probe Technology Upgrade: Platinum Focus™ Honeycomb Probe

The Picosure honeycomb lens (Diffractive Lens Array) consists of uniquely tightly packed hexagonal lenses and has 40,000 shots!

The PicoSure Pro Platinum Honeycomb Picosecond laser features the Platinum Focus™ honeycomb probe, incorporating a newly designed focusing mirror and advanced coating technology. The number of shots has increased from 40,000 to 80,000! This ensures the ultimate stability of energy output, with higher precision compared to the previous generation of equipment.

4、Treatment Effect Upgrade: More Indications

Picosure® Pro retains the five major indications certified by the US FDA: melasma, acne scars, enlarged pores, pigmentation, fine lines, and tattoo removal. Additionally, it includes indications for nevus of Ota and zygomaticus nevi. The classic 755nm wavelength is more focused on breaking down melanin and is less easily absorbed by blood vessels. Therefore, there is almost no recovery period, and even if the energy is set a bit higher, the redness will subside within a few hours.

It is particularly effective in addressing hard-to-treat unwanted pigmentation (melasma, Hori’s nevus, nevus of Ota)!

 PicoSure Pro 

Technical Advantages

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Why choose Ai Beauty for PicoSure Pro

  • Ai Beauty carried out the most number of PicoSure laser pigmentation treatments in the UK.
  • Ai Beauty is CQC-regulated with the safety and quality of the treatment guaranteed for you.

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    The following questions and answers section handles many queries clients have asked in the past.

    Clinically, picosecond laser spot removal typically requires 1 to 6 sessions, with each session spaced about 4-6 weeks apart. The number of sessions and methods depend on the condition and causes of the spots. Ai Beauty will recommend the appropriate number of sessions and energy adjustments based on your skin condition and desired results.

    There may appear to be a darkening of the skin as the melanin particles in the deeper skin layers are broken into powder and metabolized from the basal layer to the epidermis, indicating thorough extraction of the basal layer pigments. This process takes about 3-7 days. However, post-treatment protection is crucial, as factors like UV exposure, lack of sleep, prolonged skin dehydration, and hormonal imbalances can stimulate melanocytes to secrete more melanin. Therefore, it is important to strengthen sun protection, maintain hydration, and ensure proper rest to control the condition well.

    During the treatment, there may be a tingling and warm sensation, which is more noticeable in areas with higher pigment concentration. Ai Beauty uses a cooling system during the treatment to enhance comfort, with the warm sensation typically subsiding within 5-10 minutes. Some individuals may experience mild redness post-treatment, which can be alleviated with medical masks and will gradually fade within 2-12 hours.

    Whether scabs form depends on the type of spots. Larger spots may result in more noticeable scabs, while scabs for some spots may be very thin and barely visible, naturally falling off within 3-10 days.

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