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Deep Skin Remodelling


Who doesn’t love a good, sleek skin tone. However, all sorts of skin problems such as acne scars, stretch marks, pigmentation, and wrinkles appear on the skin requiring skin tightening. 

If you have the same problem and wish to get rid of your skin blemishes, no matter if they are on the face or the body, you must not miss this black technology that has gone viral – Morpheus8 Microneedling with RF!

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Kim Kardashian shared with her 320 million followers on Instagram that she has been receiving Morpheus8 microneedling with RF to keep her abdomen, thighs and body tight and firm.

Morpheus8 microneedling with RF treatment has gone viral on Twitter, instagram, Facebook and other social platforms, it has been spoken highly of by celebrities and influencers in Europe and America. It has become the top choice when it comes to skin tightening, collagen proliferation and fat remodelling. Morpheus8 has been recognised and recommended by doctors around the globe.

Inmode Contoura

Morpheus8 – Microneedling with RF

Morpheus8 microneedling with RF treatment is developed by an Israel company called Inmode Medical Company, the world’s top medical beauty RF manufacturer. It is the latest treatment handpiece of Inmode Contoura device for delivering results of subdermal adipose remodelling. The treatment combines microneedling and RF (radio-frequency) technologies, delivering fractional RF remodelling to deep tissue (8mm) to remodel subdermal fat cells.


Morpheus8 uses the patented SARDS technology (Subdermal Adipose Remodelling Device) that combines microneedling and RF energy to transform skin and contour of the face and body. It stimulates collagen proliferation and tissue remodelling to the deep layer of tissue, helping on breakouts, pigmentation, tightening, skin texture, and contouring.

Microneedling Technology + RF Technology

Microneedles will be used to create micropuncture wounds on the surface of the skin, which will stimulate the collagen remodelling in the skin. RF energy will penetrate the skin and reach the deep layer fat layer to remould the skin and promote collagen production.

Patented SARDS (Subdermal Adipose Remodelling Device)

Through targeted radio frequency therapy, RF energy is directly distributed to epidermis and dermis through microneedles, stimulating collagen production and cellular growth and remodelling skin structure.

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     Suitable for

    • Face and Neck
    • Body

    ❗️It is designed with 2 handpieces and 4 tips with different microneedle patterns in order to treat large and small body parts.

    – Morpheus8 Prime is suitable for treating small areas such as areas around the eyes.

    – Morpheus8 Face is suitable for treating the face including forehead, cheeks, chin, and jawline.

    – Morpheus8 Body is suitable for treating body parts such as abdomen, arms, buttlocks, and thighs.

    (Talk to our practitioner to find out which one suits you the most to tackle your concerns.)

     Morpheus8 Face|For Face

    “Treat wrinkles with different length of needles and RF intensity”

    – Prime 12: use on small, delicate areas such as wings of the nose, areas around lips;

    – Resurfacing 24: Needle length of 0.5mm – 0.75mm , suitable for treating superficial skin

    – Standard 24: Needle length up to 4mm, suitable for face and neck treatment. RF energy will evenly heat up tissue and fat tissue to tighten the skin.

    ◦ Non-invasive deep skin treatment that delivers RF energy to deep skin layer (4mm depth), and offers promising results in fat burning, wrinkles smoothing, and skin tightening.

    ◦ It provides consistent results. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

    Before & After

    Morpheus8 Body|For Body

    “Designed for treating deep layer tissue”

    – Body 40: Composed of 40 gold-coated microneedles, offering a large contact area with the skin and RF penetrating subdermal tissue up to 7mm. The heat generated from RF can penetrate an additional 1mm.

    ◦The first and only technology approved by FDA and TGA to provide subdermal adipose remodelling up to 8mm.

    ◦The only device on the market that has equipped with the “BURST” mode: it involves a 3-step process (Charge, Mold and Weave) that automatically delivers defined RF energy to 3 different tissue layers, promoting the colleague production and formation of linkages between collagen molecules. It results in a tightened skin and a firmer skin structure.

    Thanks to its fractional radiofrequency technology, the treatment offers significant improvements in a short period of time. RF energy penetrates deeply into the skin via the needles and is able to reach a wider area for a body treatment. Also, it has an enhanced comfortable treatment process as fewer microneedles are required.

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      Morpheus8 – Microneedling with RF

      • Equipped with two handpieces for various needs, for various skin types;
      • It delivers RF fractional skin treatment to deep skin tissues, which can penetrate subdermal tissue up to 8mm;
      • InMode uses the A.C.E. patented technology that can maintain the treatment areas at the desired temperature range so that a stable and precise RF energy will be delivered to the skin.
      • By using the Temperature Surge Protection technology (TSP) and DTS internal and external dual temperature sensors, the device can detect the skin temperature and provide real time responses adjusting the temperature so as to maintain it at the desired treatment temperature range.
      • With the BURST mode, the heating up of deep tissues can be operated in different depths;
      • Cycling mode combining with the Fixed overlay mode enables a stable  output of RF energy;
      • Its unique 360° energy recovery technology effectively protects the skin from overheating, reduces heat loss, and provides an comfortable treatment experience;
      • No heat damage on the skin, short downtime, and low risk profile of pigmentation. Can combine with RF fat reduction treatment.
      • Non-surgical. Suitable for all skin types.

      Morpheus8 Microneedling with RF – What can it do?

      1. Promote collagen proliferation, tighten and lift skin, restore a defined jawline and facial silhouette, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles
      2. Heating up deep tissues with RF energy can quickly improve breakouts and reduce acne scars.
      3. Adipose and collagen remodelling can improve cellulite skin, stretch marks, and restore a finer skin texture.
      4. Smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reduce appearance of pores, and restore skin elasticity.
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      ⚠ Before the Treatment

      • Understand the pre-treatment preparation before it begins.
      • Should not perform the treatment during period, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
      • Patients with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and leukaemia should not receive the treatment.
      • Not suitable for skin that has an existing open wound, on-going inflammation condition and allergic reaction.
      • Not suitable for people who are undergoing treatment, have pacemaker implants, are prone to developing scar, have poor blood clotting ability, and have vitiligo.
      • Perform with caution in those with allergies in proteins and metals.
      • If any, patients should mention their serious illness during the pre-treatment consultation.

      ⚠ Post-treatment Care

      • Avoid contacting water at the treated areas. Wash your face with luke water (not hot water) after 24 hrs.
      • Do not rub or massage the treated area.
      • Keep the skin moist and hydrated. Use sterile facial masks and medical grade skin care products.
      • Do not use products contain ingredients that can cause irritation such as salicylic acid
      • Apply sun protection at the treated areas to avoid UV damage and pigmentation.
      • Avoid vigorous activities, saunas, hot baths, hot showers, swimming in public swimming pools
      • Maintain a healthy diet and avoid alcohol and smoking (include secondhand smoke)

      Enquire About Morpheus8 Treatment

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        Open Hours: 10:30 am - 6:30 pm Monday to Sunday
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        Inmode Contoura – Core Technology

        🌟 A.C.E – Precisely maintain a high and consistent temperature

        ★  Acquire: Maintain the treatment temperature to tighten skin and promote collagen proliferation

        The RF heat sensor in the treatment head detects the temperature 1000 times every second to provide real time monitoring of the temperature and temperature change on the skin surface, and an audio signal will alert the practitioner of any significant changes in temperature.

        The first round of RF sessions has shown a 13.7% increase in collagen volume. It ensures the fat reduction does not follow with sagging skin as new collagens will be produced during the treatment.

        ★ CONTROL: Control temperature, adjust temperature and maintain temperature at the top of the designed temperature range

        Different from other dermal heating technologies, “temperature control” function is an advanced intelligent algorithm that allows practitioners to define cut-off temperatures which improve the safety and control.

        ★ EXTEND: Maintain the temperature to ensure no areas are underheated or overheated.

        There is a 10-15°C temperature difference between epidermis and dermis. When the epidermis reaches 41-43°C, the dermis’s temperature will be 50-55°C. This temperature range provides an effective and consistent outcome without harming the skin tissues.

        Clinical research data has shown that skin under constant exposure of 41-42°C promotes the skin tightening effects. Also, using the “Extend” function can ensure a prolonged exposure of the proper temperature.

        Inmode Contoura – Body Contouring Results via Different Handpieces

        BODY fx ACR  – Body Contouring and Fat Loss

        BODY FX is a non-invasive body contouring solution,  it uses radiofrequency energy to evenly heat up deep tissues to kill fat cells and improve blood circulation.

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        Basic RF and high voltage ultrashort duration RF work work synergistically. Firstly, RF will heat up and contract the skin and reduce the fat cells’ resistance against RF. Then, it will cause electroporation damage to the fat cells, leading to the death of fat cells and eventually reduction of the total number of fat cells.

        MINI fx ACR – Small and precise areas fat reduction and body contouring

        BODY FX is a non-invasive body contouring solution,  it uses radiofrequency energy to evenly heat up deep tissues to kill unwanted fat cells and improve blood circulation.

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        FORMA  Skin Tightening + Tissue Remodelling

        Forma is a non-invasive machine that utilises electrodes to offer controlled heating effect onto the dermal layer.

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        When the RF heats up the epidermal to 40-43℃, the dermal will reach to 50-55℃. This raised temperature will stimulate production of collagen, tighten the skin, and restore youthfulness.

        Why choose Ai Beauty for Inmode Contoura?

        Ai beauty clinic internal photo

        1.Ai Beauty Clinic is the largest, top notch and CQC accredited medical & aesthetic clinic that offers Asian-style aesthetic treatments in Europe.

        2. Based on Asian-style aesthetic standards, our experienced team is led by British  practitioners who are GMC/NMC-registered and have worked in NHS national hospitals. With rich experience of providing aesthetic treatments to Asian clients and being trained from major European drug manufacturers, Ai Beauty is proud to provide certified and safe medical beauty treatments when it comes to any kind of therapy.

        3. The British leading clinic in electric- or photo- aesthetic beauty treatments, offering the most genuine and authorised beauty devices.

        4. Personalised treatment plans will be created for every client to cater different needs and maximise treatment results.

        5. Ensures every client for a £5 million clinic entity cover to provide an extra layer of safety.

        Enquire About Morpheus8 Treatment

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          -Ai Beauty Clinic-

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          Morpheus 8 is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment to improve signs of aging by combining micro-needling and radio frequency technology. Once the treatment is completed, the results are noticeable and they last for a minimum of 1 year. Timeline varies from individual to individual but the results last somewhere between 1 to 3 years.

          AI Beauty clinics provide different treatment plans. Prices vary based on the area of the skin and the number of sessions.
          For the body,
          1 session costs £799
          3 sessions cost £2159
          6 sessions cost £3835

          For the eye area,
          1 session costs £399
          3 sessions cost £1077
          6 sessions cost £1915

          Other packages that provide face and neck treatment are also available. At AI Beauty, the morpheus8 treatment ranges from £399 to £4,799.

          YES! Morpheus8 treatment really works. A 2019 study proved that Morpheus not only works but it also outperformed the invasive technique Thermage in the cheek area. Morpheus makes skin smoother, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, makes skin look younger, and lasts for months to years depending upon a person’s lifestyle.

          Both Morpheus8 and Botox offer unique benefits for the skin and help in improving the overall quality of the skin. However, the best treatment for you depends on your goals. Morpheus8 provides a more subtle and gradual change in the overall quality of skin that can last for years. Whereas, Botox targets specific areas of the skin. Botox is better for you if you are looking for an immediate dramatic fix for your skin.

          Kim Kardashian shared on her Instagram that she has been receiving Morpheus8 treatment for tightening her abdomen and thighs. Morpheus8 treatment has gone viral on social platforms and many other celebrities including Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan have received morpheus8 treatment.

          Men and women between 35 to 55 years of age start Morpheus8 treatment because around this time the signs of aging start appearing on the skin. But, Morpheus8 is a treatment for all ages i-e there are no age restrictions. Keep in mind that depending on skin type, treatment works differently on everyone but achieves the desired goals.

          Morpheus8 is an FDA-approved face-lifting technique. It reduced sagging around the neck, chin, and jowls. It also removes excess fat from bra lines, arms, and other areas.

          Morpheus8 is safe for most people but some people should avoid getting the treatment. These include
          ● Pregnant and breastfeeding women
          ● Sun-damaged or burned individuals
          ● Patients with defibrillators and or pacemakers
          ● People with keloid scars, eczema, raised moles, or warts on targeted areas
          ● People with a history of herpes, diabetes, and actinic keratosis.

          Yes, Morpheus8 is excellent for sensitive skin under the eyes. It helps in improving under-eye bags and dark circles. It helps in tightening the skin around the eye.

          Morpheus8 tightens loose skin, improves wrinkles in a few sittings, diminishes fine lines, lifts the face, and increases collagen production. Hence, it makes the skin look young and vibrant.

          There are treatments including Profound RF that goes into deeper layers of skin and are considered better than Morpheus8. But when it comes to safety and steady results, morpheus8 is reliable and safe.

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