Strengthen Weak/Postpartum Pelvic Floor Muscles

Weak or loose pelvic floor muscle is a condition that you and I do not hear very often when we are younger, however, 13-21 % of adults will eventually face them when they reach middle-aged. Women will learn about it likely from their issues with fertility or postpartum process. The health and strength of the pelvic floor muscles affect our daily life and health of other organs. If you want to train and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, what device is the most effective?

What is pelvic floor muscle

Pelvic floor muscle spans the bottom of the pelvis and is one of the core muscles. It supports the pelvis organs, intestines, uterus, vagina, bladder, and urethra. When the body is going through the ageing process or after delivery, the pelvic floor muscle may have structural damage and hence lose its muscular strength to support the organs, which is the symptoms of weakened pelvic floor muscle.

Weak pelvic floor muscle is the dominant factor for an unhealthy pelvic floor.


  • Ageing

  • Gynecological factors: perineal surgery, low in oestrogen, advanced age, menopause, etc.

  • Obstetric factors: injury from childbirth, midwifery, macrosomia (delivered a newborn with an excessive birth weight), polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid), prolonged labour, etc. Swollen uterus and compressed bladder and bones during pregnancy will cause fatigue and laity of the pelvic floor muscles.

  • People who are obese, smoker, or suffering from constipation.

  • People who have had pelvic surgery, repeated urinary tract infections or neurological disorders; Men who had prostate cancer surgery.

  • Occupational factors: lack of exercise, sedentary standing/sitting or heavy labour job. These will increase abdominal pressure and are prone to relaxation of pelvic floor muscle.


Leaky bladder, stress urinary incontinence

Uterine prolapse, vaginal prolapse

Low sexual Drive, vaginal dryness, poor quality of sex

Back pain, sciatica

Repeated urinary tract or reproductive infections

Bowel incontinence or constipation

Prostate gland problems, erectile dysfunction

Affected People

People who were born with weak pelvic floor muscles; postpartum women; postmenopausal women; mature men.



What is BTL EMSELLA Chair

BTL Emsella Chair, created by a British manufacturer BTL, is the world’s first non-invasive pelvic treatment that can completely improve the pelvic health for women and men. Obtained 4 international approval: EU CE marking, FDA Food and Drug Administration, ANVISA, Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency, and Health Canada Licence. You will be fully clothed during the entire treatment, avoiding any embarrassment from being nude. 100 % painless therapy without causing any wounds. Help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscle safely and comfortably.

How does it work:

BTL Emsella chair adopts a breakthrough technology called High-intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology (HiFEM ™). It is a non-invasive MRI technology to induce supramaximal contraction of pelvic floor muscles without causing pain. It will result in intense contraction of muscles without your conscious controlling and hence strengthen the muscles, restore energy, and tighten bladder, urethra and pelvic area muscles. It further gives you back the control of the bladder and improves leaking or urinary incontinence. The strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles and the urinary system will be significantly improved.


1. Face to face consultation: Professional consultation and evaluation, treatment plan will be tailored based on client’ actual condition and desired results;

2. Pre-treatment preparation: Go to toilet to empty bladder and remove all metallic items;

3. Sit in the BTL Emsella Chair and adjust the sitting position in the chair under doctor’s guidance

4. During treatment: Sit in the chair for 28 minutes until the treatment is finished, the operator will adjust the parameters for optimum results;

5. You can walk out of the clinic and continue the rest of your day. Follow the post-treatment cautions.

Duration: 40 mins

Who is it for:

  • Pre-pregnancy women or postpartum women;
  • People who have weak pelvic floor or dysfunction symptoms;
  • People who have issues with sex and want to improve sex quality;
Ai Beauty BTL EMSELLA Chair:

The world’s first non-invasive pelvic floor training device, approved by EU CE, US FDA, Brazil ANVISA, and Health Canada Licence. HIFEM ™ technology stimulates 100% supramaximal contraction of pelvic floor muscles, Fully clothed during the entire treatment. 0 embarrassment, 0 pain, 0 anaesthesia and 0 downtime.

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