Ai Beauty Clinic, Oxford St. London

Ai Beauty Clinic is the 31st licensed Ultherapy® provider authorized by Merz Aesthetics in the United kingdom.

Ai Beauty Team

Aesthetic Doctor Umara

Dr Umaira graduated from the University of Liverpool School of Medicine. She is a leading aesthetic doctor in the UK with over five years experience working in the NHS and other private clinics. An underlying passion for art and years of experience in aesthetic fields has has given her a deep understanding of how to achieve beauty through safest techniques.

Head Aesthetic Practitioner JENNY

Jenny is a leading practitioner in aesthetic medication as well as injectable treatments in the London. Previously she worked in various prestigious aesthetic clinics in Harley Street and frequently interviewed by international media. Jenny is one of the most in-demand aesthetic practitioners for injectables and skincare treatment in London.

AESTHETIC Doctor Dr. Alli

Dr. Alli is a well-known aesthetics trainer in the UK. He teaches various topics such as basic, intermediate and advanced Botulinum and dermal filler. Dr Zunaid brings a wealth of experience in the medical and cosmetic industry to Ai Beauty patients, both as a skin specialist and an aesthetic practitioner.


Dr Pang obtained his PhD degree from the University of Sheffield. He is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeon of England. Dr Pang has 10 years experience working in the NHS and frequently presents his research at International congresses. He has a passion for Aesthetics and brings his surgical hand skills and dexterity to this field of work.


Magda graduated from Imperial College London and holds Level 7 Qualification in Injectable Medicine. She has worked in various NHS hospitals and is frequently invited to present in international medical congresses held in Italy and Portugal.


Jessica graduated from University Of Hertfordshire. She is a registered nurse in the UK with intensive experience in aesthetic field. Coming from an Asian background gives her a deep understanding of what is expected from the Asian population.


Dr. Chen graduated from University of Edinburgh. She is highly respected and accredited cosmetic doctor, having performed thousands of cosmetic procedures over the course of her career. Dr Chen is frequently interviewed by international media and presents in various medical congress.


Tiffany graduated from University of Auckland. She has worked in various hospitals and private clinics both in Austria and London. With more than 10 years clinical experience, Tiffany is one of the mostly in-demand aesthetic practitioner in London.

Microblading Artist M. Wang

M. Wang is the chief Microblading artist in Ai Beauty. Ms M Wang has more than 8 years experience in Microblading and cosmetic injection industry and has treated more than 4000 clients worldwide.

Microblading practitioner Mandy

Mandy is the lead trainer in a number of prestigious academies worldwide. Years experience in the microblading and beauty industry enables her to sensationally enhance your looks with safe procedures and sophisticated techniques.

Microblading practitioner Mimi

Graduated from London School of Economics, Mimi is a fully qualified, certified and insured microblading practitioner in the UK. And she is one of the most in-demand microblading practitioners in London

Featured Services


Ai Beauty Clinic is the Top Ultherapy Ultra Premier Treatment Provider for the UK recognized by Merz Pharma. We perform 300+ Ultherapy treatments every year.

Dermal Fillers

We work with the most well-known non-surgical doctors, dermatology doctors and aestheticians in the UK to provides patients with high-quality aesthetic treatment.


Our micro-blading Specialist is dedicated to providing personalized, esthetic treatments to address a wide range of issues for the face and body.

MD of Merz Pharma UK speaks highly of the success of Ultherapy and Ai Beauty.

Stuart Rose, the Managing Director of Merz Pharma and Merz Aesthetic in the UK speaks highly of the partnership between Merz and Ai Beauty and the success of Ultherapy and Ai Beauty together.

Ai Beauty Clinic
Ai Beauty Clinic
Ai Beauty Clinic