Chubby cheek | Face fat

Nearly every woman must have complained about the fat on their face once in their life, especially after a picture taken or comparison with others. Therefore, camera filters and beauty cameras have unsurprisingly become popular tools to “adjust” our face shape.

Everyone wants a pretty face

A slim, small and well defined face shape has long been recognised as a pretty face. The key to a standard beautiful face is the ratio of the fat to bone on the face. As facial bone structure is difficult to alter, we can work on the face fat to improve our look. By receiving treatment, we can restore a well defined jawline, slimmer muscle and create a narrower lower face and sleeker jaw appearance. However, people with small facial bone structure are not totally immune from the problem of chubby face. Over-accumulation of fat on the face will distort the face shape and hide away the small facial bone feature. Therefore, the problem of a chubby face could be anyone’s concern and unique to an individual. Consulting professionals for tailor-made treatment plans will be the most effective way to create your ideal face shape.

Causes of chubby cheeks

● Fat deposition type of chubby cheeks

Face fat can occur as a result of diet and lifestyle. Slow metabolism caused by aging may lead to fat accumulation on the body and cheeks.

Bony chubby cheeks

Bones on the face also affect our appearance. Zygomatic bone (Cheekbone) and Mandible bone (Jawbone) are the two major bones on the face which determine our face shapes. ⅓ of face width depends on the shape of Zygomatic Arch. Zygomatic bone determines the shape of the upper face while Mandible bone determines the shape of the lower face and the length of the face. Study has shown that the Mandible bone continues to grow in the 25 to 40 years of adulthood. Womens’ can only grow no longer than 1 mm (barely noticeable) while mens’ can grow between 3 to 6 mm.

Sagging type of chubby cheeks

As we age, our body and face start losing collagen and fat. Our face then loses skin elasticity, cheeks appear larger, and the jawline becomes undefined. As a result, our face will look bigger.

● Enlarged Masseter (chewing muscle) type of chubby cheeks

Enlarged Masseter muscle can lead to a fat cheeks look. Frequently chewing gums or hard foods (e.g. betel nut) will enlarge the Masseter muscle. Playing musical instruments that require the constant contraction of Masseter muscle also has the same effect.


1、Chubby cheek – subcutaneous fat type

There are superficial and deep types of fat under our skin. People with a thick layer of superficial fat carry a thick subcutaneous fat layer all over the body including the face, they are generally chubby.  On the other hand, deep fat is located at the SMAS layer and can be found under the Orbicularis oculi muscle (muscles located in the eyelids), deep fat pad of the inner face and deep fat pad at the cheeks. Deep fat provides the volume and support to the face shape, in other words, more deep fat on the face will provide more facial volume and create a more rounded face, even if the person is not chubby. It is what we call a baby face.

2、Chubby cheek – enlarged Masseter

Masseter muscle is located underneath the subcutaneous fat layer. You can check whether you have muscular Masseter muscles by gritting your teeth. If you see masseter muscles bulge out to the side of the face, you have enlarged Masseters muscles.

3、Sagging cheeks type

The loss of fat or collagen on the face leads to the reduction of facial support, appearance of wrinkles around the nose and mouth, sagging skin and the accumulation of saggy skin at the jawline.

4、Bony face shape

Faces with big bones such as square face shape and rectangular face shape often create the appearance of larger faces.

Self-examination – which chubby cheek type are you: Lightly press on the cheek under your earlobe, then grit your teeth. If you feel or see visble muscle bulges while gritting your teeth, you have enlarged Masseter muscle that can be treated with face slimming injection. If you do not see or feel any muscle bulges but feel a grip of soft tissue, you have a subcutaneous fat type, it can be eased by Lipodissolve Injections. If you mainly feel bone, you have a bony face shape. If there are visible sagging and aging signs on the face, you have a sagging cheeks type. Sagging cheeks can be treated by face lifting treatment. (If you are not sure which type you are, consult a doctor for professional advice.)

Who is it for?

People who have chubby cheeks, chubby body, frequently chew hard foods and use their Masseter muscles are often facing the problem of chubby face. However, the recent invention of beauty filters and beauty cameras bring this fat face problem to more people, male and female, slim people and even celebrities!


Bone, aponeurosis and body fat are the key components to maintain the shape of our face. Bone is hardly modified in adulthood unless a major plastic surgery is in place. In fact, most cases of chubby cheeks are related to aponeurosis and body fat, but not bone. In order to treat muscle related symptoms, injecting face slimming solution is a common and effective treatment. Aponeurosis related symptoms can be treated by Ulthera, Thermage and Thread Lift. For serious sagging or symptoms, a combination of treatments (e.g. Ulthera/Thermageis + full face Botox + Thread Lift if necessary) is recommended to obtain the maximum outcome.

Alteration of aponeurosis is not as effective and significant as alteration of fat when it comes to the overall face adjustment. Gaining and losing muscle mass does not cause drooping but it will loosen aponeurosis. On the other hand, over accumulation of fat will cause drooping and significantly loosen aponeurosis. Therefore, treating subcutaneous fat type face with Lipodissolve Injections, fat freezing treatment or Ulthera is more effective to restore a slimmer face.

A. Face slimming injection

What is it?

Face slimming injection (also known as Type A botulinum toxin injection) is a treatment that works on muscle. It has been proven to be safe and effective. The production of human-use medical botulinum toxin was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1992.

How does it work?

Botulinum toxin blocks the signal communication between nerves and muscles, and hence paralyses the muscles. The paralysed muscles will then lose their size without contracting much. When Botulinum toxin is injected into the Masseter muscle, the muscle will then lose contact with the nerve and its function temporarily. As a result, the muscle shrinks and a slimmer face is restored.


1. Face to face consultation: Doctor conducts assessment of Masseter muscle and provides professional advice on whether face slimming treatment is recommended.

2. Pre-treatment preparation: Local anesthetic. Clean and disinfect the injection site. Confirm the injection solution.

3. Injection: Inject Type A Botulinum toxin solution (face slimming solution) into the Masseter muscles on both cheeks.

4. Post-treatment caring.

Duration: 30 mins

Who is it for?

  • People with fat Cheek caused by enlarged Masseter muscle (chewing muscle);
  • People with imbalanced (left/right) cheeks;
  • People with square or rectangular face shape caused by enlarged Masseter muscle (chewing muscle);
  • People who want a quick and effective face slimming result;
Ai Beauty Face Slimming Injection:

A collection of safe, effective and FDA approved face slimming solutions are available including Azzalure (United Kingdom), Bocouture (Germany) and Botox (U.S.A.). Our injection physicians are authorized by the manufacturers and are highly experienced with traceable qualifications.

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B. Lipodissolve injection – face

What is it?

Lipodissolve injection is considered the most safe and effective non-surgical fat reduction treatment, it works particularly well on local far reduction such as double chin, chubby face, arms and legs. Lipodissolve injection boosts the metabolic rate of fat tissue to digest fat cells, and hence tightens and lifts the skin.

How does it work?

Lipodissolve injection solution will be administered locally to the subcutaneous fat layer. The active ingredients in the solution will break down the walls of fatty cells and increase the localised concentration of lipase enzymes to facilitate the destruction of fatty cells and let the body flush out the fat as waste via the lymphatic system.


1. Face to face consultation: Doctor conducts assessment of the face and provides professional advice on whether lipodissolve injection treatment is suitable. If suitable, the injection site will then be drawn on the face.

2. Pre-treatment preparation: Local anesthetic. Clean and disinfect the injection site.

3. Injection: Administered with blunt needles to ensure only one injection at each injection zone.

4. Post-treatment caring.

Duration: 30-45 mins

Who is it for?

  • People with subcutaneous fat type – fat over accumulated on face, undefined face;
  • People with double chin, fat accumulation at chin;
  • People with chubby cheeks and baby fat, but not enlarged Masseter muscle (chewing muscle);
  • People with problems of stubborn and troubled areas around the body including shoulders, inner thighs, joints, abdomen, etc;
  • People with sat deposits at the body such as buttocks, thig Eliminating cellulite;
  • People with uneven skin after liposuction treatment;
  • People who want fat reduction treatment that is non-invasive, non-surgical, non-liposuction and non-full anesthesia.
  • People who are lack of exercise;
Ai Beauty Lipodissolve Injection:

Two UK proven lipodissolve injection solutions are available from Ai Beauty: Aqualyx (United Kingdom) and Desobody (Italy). They both can accurately and effectively dissolve the unwanted fat deposits, the result is long lasting without rebound. This non-invasive, localised treatment is a worry-free option for fat reduction.

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C. CoolSculpting

What is CoolSculpting:

CoolSculpting system is a fat freezing treatment system developed by renowned dermatologists Dr.R.Rox Anderson and Dr. Fieter Manstein at Massachusetts General Hospital (A teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School), and manufactured by American medical equipment manufacturer ZELTIQ AESTHETICS, INC.. The system has been widely used in more than 80 countries globally with more than 5 millions successful practical cases. This technology has been certified by the FDA and CE. Its safety and prominent result push the CoolSculpting technology to be a world class body sculpting treatment.


Based on the cold-intolerance property of fat cells, CoolSculpting technology utilises low temperature (4~5℃) applicators to chill the unwanted fat cells. Fat cells will then die and be excreted out of the body as they can not tolerate low temperature. The accurate temperature setting and the usage of the applicator probe ensure that the process will not damage any normal body tissues except fat cells. Thanks to the high accuracy and specificity, one treatment can achieve a removal of 22.4% fat.


1、Face-to-face consultation: Evaluation of bulges including location and size. Doctor will provide a suggested treatment plan based on your situation and expectation.

2、Pre-treatment: Draw markings to define treatment areas. Clean, disinfect and install the tip of applicator.

3、Sculpting treatment: Place the applicator probe against your skin to deliver cooling to fat cells.

4、Post-treatment caring.

Duration: 1 hr

Who is it for:

  • People who have unwanted fat deposits on cheeks and chin;
  • People who are not significantly overweight but looking for a reduction of specific stubborn areas of fat;
  • People with problem of fat deposits on the waist, abdomen and back;
  • People with postpartum fat;
  • People with middle-aged fat (beer belly, subcutaneous fat);
  • People who avoid surgical, liposuction, full anesthesia;
  • People who want a quick and localised reduction of fat;
Ai Beauty CoolSculpting:

Ai Beauty clinic is the first clinic in the UK to introduce the latest generation of CoolSculpting, CoolSculpting Elite. This cooling technology can destroy fat cells without damaging any normal body cells. It is a highly effective, non-invasive fat reduction treatment you are looking for.

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MERZ ULTHERAPY®is a non-surgical aesthetic treatment. It enables high-intensity ultrasound to precisely focus to the SMAS layer, stimulate the self-renewal mechanism of skin tissue, and result in a series of rejuvenation effects such as tightening, increased elasticity, lifting, wrinkle reduction, whitening, and pigmentation. Apart from regaining a youthful look, the technology also helps you to reduce fat deposits. For example, a face/neck MERZ ULTHERAPY® treatment not only helps you to restore a younger skin but also helps you to get rid of the double chin and create well-defined face contours.

How does MERZ ULTHERAPY® work:

ULTHERAPY® engages precise ultrasonic energy to go 4.5MM, 3.0MM and/or 1.5MM skin deep, triggering cellular friction to generate high heating energy at pinpointed thermal focal points. The heat generated at these focal points will stimulate tissue self-renewal mechanism, collagen regrowth, and an increase in collagen fiber and elastic fiber. Provide instant reverse of aging signs.


1. Face-to-face consultation: Suggest treatment plan based on client’s condition and expectation.

2. Anesthetic: Apply Anesthetic externally. Clean and disinfect the treatment areas.

3. Pre-treatment preparation: Draw markings on the face to define treatment areas. Adjust treatment parameters based on the client’s signs of aging on the face.

4. During treatment: Start the treatment at the assigned treatment areas to tighten the skin and remove wrinkles.

5. Post-treatment repair: Medical-grade facial repair mask + QDEL Phototherapy mask to nourish and repair the skin.

6. Post-treatment caring.

Duration: 1.5-2 hr

Who is it for:

  • People with skin drooping on their face;
  • People with Sagging cheeks;
  • People with visible wrinkles around, nose and mouth. People with anti-aging demand;
  • People with double chin, fat deposits on jawline and undefined contour;
  • People with deep fat accumulation on face; People with problem of edema;
  • People who want a slimmer face with tightening skin;
  • People who want long-term treatment for anti-aging and regrowth of collagen, with good financial support.
Ai Beauty Ultherapy:

Equipped with the official American version of Merz Ultherapy® system, we are proud to have a strategic cooperation with the Merz Group. Receiving regular professional training and support from the Ultherapy head office allow our provision of the best Ultherapy treatment to clients.

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Thermage uses radiofrequency technology to heat the dermis layer. The localised dermis layer will be damaged and hence stimulate the skin self-healing process. The healing process promotes the formation and remodeling of collagens that will tighten, smoothen and lift up the skin. Similar to ULTHERAPY, Thermage also has a face slimming effect, tightening drooping skin and restoring a better defined contour.

How does THERMAGE work:

Thermage is a radiofrequency treatment. The patented applicator will touch your skin and deliver the accurately set radiofrequency to the dermis layer, and heat it up to 65℃~ 75℃. The high temperature will stimulate the self-repair mechanism. A large amount of collagen in the dermis layer will be regenerated, and result in an instant firming effect.


1、Face-to-face consultation: Develop treatment plan based on client’s condition and expectation.

2、Pre-treatment preparation: Clean and disinfect the treatment areas. Draw treatment areas on the face. Confirm the package of the new tip of the applicator has not been opened.

3、During treatment: Proceed the treatment based on the assigned treatment areas.

4、Post-treatment repair: QDEL Phototherapy mask to nourish and repair the skin.

5、Post-treatment caring.

Duration: 1.5-2 hrs

Who is it for:

  • People with skin drooping on their face;
  • People with Sagging cheeks;
  • People with visible wrinkles around, nose and mouth. People with anti-aging demand;
  • People with double chin, fat deposits on jawline and undefined contour;
  • People with deep fat accumulation on face; People with problem of edema;
  • People who want a slimmer face with tightening skin;
  • People who want long-term treatment for anti-aging and regrowth of collagen, with good financial support.
Ai Beauty Thermage:

Equipped with the latest 5th version of Thermage FLX. AI BEAUTY is one of the first institutions in Europe to introduce the 5th generation, the clinical experience of Thermage FLX is one of the richest in the UK.

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F. Thread lift

What is thread lift:

Thread lift is currently the most effective face lifting technique. By embedding threads to the dermis layer, which lifts the face according to the direction and interval of the threads, it stimulates the skin, and further activates fibroblasts to produce collagen. Thread lift restores skin’s lifting ability, preventing it from sagging. Therefore, embedding threads in a big V shape can instantly lift the face shape and result in a slimmer face.

How does thread lift work:

Thread lift treatment enables embedding threads in the skin to stimulate regeneration of collagen. These new collagen will contract naturally and lift cheek and sagging skin to create a youthful look. Also, embedding threads in a big V shape can lift the drooping skin at the lower part of the face to regain a tightened face. Doctors will develop a unique treatment plan for each client based on their condition and expectation.


1. Face-to-face consultation: Develop unique treatment plan based on client’s condition and expectation.

2. Apply anesthetic: Apply anesthetic externally. Clean and disinfect the areas to be embedded with threads.

3. Pre-treatment: Fully understand the treatment plan. Check the quality and quantity of the threads.

4. During treatment: Proceed the treatment plan to embed threads.

5. Post-treatment caring.

Duration: 45-60 mins

Who is it for:

  • People with sagging cheeks, loosen skin;
  • People with visible wrinkles around, nose and mouth. People with anti-aging demand;
  • People who want a slimmer face with tightening skin;
  • People who want a slimmer face quickly;
Ai Beauty Thread lift:

Fully absorbable threads are used. Operated in a UK CQC certified clinic, under supervision and operation of doctors experienced in thread lift treatment and familiar with face features, a tailor made treatment plan will help to achieve your face lifting wish.

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Ai Beauty always puts safety first. Not only are all medical staff insured by independent medical policy, each client who comes to Ai Beauty Clinic is also insured by £5 millions medical insurance. This full insurance coverage allows clients to have a concern-free treatment experience.

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