Small bumps around the eyes include common conditions like milia and papules, but there’s also one often confused with them — syringomas. They frequently appear around the eyes, visible to the naked eye, and can significantly affect one’s appearance when present in larger numbers. Can these somewhat intimidating syringomas around the eyes be removed?


Hidrocystoma is a type of hamartoma that differentiates into terminal sweat ducts or ducts of the eccrine sweat glands within the dermis. It occurs in areas without large sweat glands, is more common in females, often appears on the face, especially the lower eyelids, and is less common on the chest and abdomen.

Typical skin lesions present as single or multiple skin-colored, pale yellow, or brownish-yellow dome-shaped or flat-topped papules ranging in size from a pinhead to a millet seed. They have a smooth surface and generally do not cause noticeable symptoms, or at most, only a mild itching sensation.

As a benign skin tumor, hidrocystoma does not affect health or undergo malignant transformation. However, it typically does not resolve spontaneously and can affect facial aesthetics when severe.

Causes of occurrence


A considerable portion of sweat duct tumors has a family history and is inherited through autosomal dominant inheritance.

Natural Aging

As one ages, cellular metabolism slows down, leading to a mole-like tumor of the human epidermal sweat ducts caused by disorders in fat metabolism.

Hormonal Factors: Endocrine, Pregnancy, Menstruation

Research indicates that sweat duct tumors can enlarge and swell during puberty, pregnancy, premenstrual periods, or with the use of female hormones.

Individual Constitution

There is a correlation between sweat duct tumors and individual constitution. Because everyone’s constitution is different, those with weaker constitutions are more prone to developing sweat duct tumors.

Excessive Use of Oil-based Skincare Products

Excessive oil-based skincare products can clog pores, preventing the natural elimination of facial biological information. Cells gradually become dry and weak, leading to the accumulation of metabolic waste.

Lowered Immunity

When one is overly fatigued or frequently stays up late, the body’s immunity decreases, and toxins in the liver cannot be effectively eliminated, resulting in an increase or enlargement of sweat duct tumors.

Specific Symptoms

There are many types of sweat gland tumors, with the following being the most common ones:

Intensive Sweat Gland Tumors:

Typically, these only grow around the eyes or in a specific area. As the condition progresses, the tumors become more and more concentrated, eventually merging into a mass resembling fused water droplets, continually expanding in size.

Eyelid sweat gland cyst:

Relatively common, often symmetrically distributed around the eyelids, especially the lower eyelids.

Eruptive syringoma:

More common in male adolescents, it occurs in clusters on the front of the trunk and upper arms.

The affected population

The incidence rate of syringomas is approximately 0.6%, with most cases occurring between the ages of 20 and 30. The male-to-female ratio is about 1:2.

Treatment Plan

Although sweat gland cysts may seem small, there is currently no effective medication for treating them. The primary approach involves physical therapies, especially photodynamic therapy. Ai Beauty Clinic utilizes the efficient Fotona 4D pro for treating sweat gland cysts.



FOTONA 4D PRO Extreme Plasticity Lifting is a new generation of non-invasive facial anti-aging technology and a laser system used for comprehensive layer anti-aging. The system integrates four patented technologies from FOTONA Europe Star: SMOOTHLIFTIN, FRAC3, PIANO, and SUPERFICIAL. It is the world’s first four-dimensional anti-aging therapy that combines “internal and external joint, layered treatment,” encompassing contour aging, skin tone aging, skin texture aging, and tissue volume aging. It achieves the effects of fat dissolution, skin tightening, contour reshaping, and rejuvenating the skin in terms of laxity, sagging, and fat.

Working principle:

Using Nd:YAG laser, sweat gland tumors under the skin are shattered into the smallest particles, which are then absorbed and excreted from the body through skin metabolism and body microcirculation, thereby achieving the goal of removing sweat gland tumors.


1. Visia Skin Test: Scientifically assesses skin condition and problems.
2. Facial Consultation: Develops a plan based on individual skin condition and needs.
3. Patch Test: Conducted 24 hours in advance; operation is allowed if there are no allergic or adverse reactions.
4. Local Anesthesia: Topical anesthesia, cleaning, disinfection of treatment area.
5. Preoperative Preparation: Marking with a pen. Confirm that the treatment head is new and unopened before operation.
6. Intraoperative Treatment: Operate according to the plan, flexibly adjust treatment time, energy, and depth.
7. Postoperative Repair: Medical-grade repair mask + QDEL phototherapy mask for repair.
8. Postoperative Care Instructions.

Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Suitable Candidates:

  • People with sweat gland tumors;
  • Those experiencing initial signs of aging or aging around the eyes;、
  • Individuals not seeking immediate short-term results but looking for high cost-effectiveness and comprehensive improvement;

Ai Beauty FOTONA 4D PRO:

Using the representative product of Fotona Europe Star, Fotona 4D PRO, the world’s first laser system used for comprehensive three-dimensional anti-aging, achieves multidimensional anti-aging rejuvenation with a new treatment concept of “internal and external collaboration, layered treatment”.

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