Hooded Eyes/Puffy Eyelids

What is hooded eyes

Hooded eyes are when a person has excess fat content or skin folding down from each eyebrow and covering the eyelids.

Hooded eyes often appear with puffy upper eyelids, thick upper eyelids, and smaller than normal eyes, giving an impression of a sleepy and sluggish look.


Hooded eyes can be inherited or acquired. In general, it is caused by the underlying fat tissue of the eyelids and surrounding the eyes.

1. The lower position of orbital septal fat or overgrowth of orbital septal fat may cause hooded eyes in young people.

2. Overgrowth of browbones could lead to hooded eyes.

3. When hooded eyes happen on elderly, it is usually caused by ageing and not the overgrowth of orbital septal fat. Therefore, the surgery of elderly hooded eyes should be conservative and not remove all septal fat.

4. Lacrimal glands can be related to the hooded eyes. An inherited or acquired prolapse of lacrimal gland can cause hooded eyes. Ageing and crying too much stimulate the prolapse of lacrimal gland.;

5. A thick layer of deep fat tissue on the upper eyelids will develop hooded eyes, which troubles 10% of the population.

6. Edema. Having salty food or too much water the night before will cause edema (body including eyelids) the next morning.

7. Edema caused by poor sleep patterns, endocrine disorders, liver and kidney diseases, etc., can lead to edema of the upper eyelids.


Three types of hooded eyes/puffy eyelids: fat-type, muscle-type, and ageing-type.

▲ Fat-type

Fat-type is the most common type of hooded eyes. These mainly inherited, hooded eyes feature a thick layer of fat tissue on the upper eyelids, adding weight on the upper eyelids, making the eyes smaller than normal, and losing the eye contours. People with hooded eyes look tired and sluggish.


The muscle-type hooded eyes are not as puffy as the fat-type hooded eyes. It is usually caused by the overgrowth of orbicularis oculi muscles (muscles located in the eyelids) or brow muscles. Medical treatment is suggested if it comes with drooping eyelids.


As we age, our skin goes through an ageing process, in which the skin around the eyes will firstly show the signs. We will notice the loss of skin elasticity, drooping of upper eyelids, and fat deposition around the eyes.

Affected groups

Asians tend to have hooded eyes or puffy eyelids.


A.IFINE RF Eye Lifting Treatment

What is it?

The iFine handpiece is specifically designed for the treatment of the hard-to-reach and delicate skin around the eyes. The small and well-designed handpiece allows a comprehensive and accurate treatment on the face. Unlike other handpieces and devices in the market that may leave out some hard-to-reach areas such as upper eyelids and under eyebrows, the iFine handpiece does not have this issue and will leave no areas behind. This makes the 3DEEP a popular treatment for improving sagging, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eyes. The improvements gained from this treatment is equivalent to 80% improvement from surgical treatment, which explains its huge popularity across the globe. A unique multisource phase-controlled technology with multiple global reputative certifications, providing a high standard treatment delivery.

How does it work?

iFine utilises its core technology “3DEEP radio frequency technology” and energetic interaction among multiple electrodes. The emitted energy from the electrodes can penetrate 1.8 mm depth of the skin, which can reach the deeper layer of the eye skin to cause the collagen to shrink, stimulate regeneration of new collagen, produce new elastin and hyaluronic acid. Improvements will be seen after the treatment such as tightened and firmed skin, reduced appearance of wrinkles, brighter and lifted eyes, refined eye contour, smoothed eye bags and dark circles under eyes. The treatment will give you long lasting and natural results in restoring open, refreshed and natural looking eyes.


1.Face-to-face consultation with a professional practitioner: Customise a unique treatment plan based on the client’s condition and desired results.

2. Pre-treatment: Clean and disinfect the treatment areas. Then apply gel on the treatment areas.

3. Temperature test: Perform trials to confirm the temperature. When the treated area has reached the targeted temperature, the treatment can begin.

4. During treatment: Operate the treatment at the treatment areas.

5. Post-treatment precautions.

Duration: 30-45 mins

Who is it for?

  • People with loose skin around their eyes;
  • People with hooded eyes or puffy eyelids;
  • People who have shown signs of ageing, crow’s feet, or lines around their eyes;
  • People who have dark circles or bags under their eyes;
  • People who have drooping double eyelids;
  • People who have rough and dry skin around their eyes;
  • People who are looking for non-surgical therapy for anti-ageing results on their eyes;
Ai Beauty IFINE RF Eye Lifting Therapy:

Currently the only available RF technology in the world that can directly act on the eye areas. Designed for delicate skin around the eyes, providing comprehensive eye lifting results. It is the best option for non-surgical eye rejuvenation therapy.

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B. THERMAGE Eye Treatment


THERMAGE uses radiofrequency technology to heat the dermis. The heat energy will damage the localised dermis and hence stimulate the skin self-healing process. The healing process promotes the formation and remodeling of collagens which will tighten, smoothen and lift the skin, resulting in re-contouring and slowing down the aging process. THERMAGE is the only device approved by FDA and CFDA for the treatment of tightening and smoothing eyelids, an eye specialised treatment device to slow down aging and restore youthful eyes.

How does THERMAGE work:

Thermage is a radiofrequency treatment. The patented applicator will contact your skin and deliver the accurately set radiofrequency to the dermis and heat it up to 65℃ – 75℃. The high temperature will stimulate the self-healing mechanism. A large amount of collagen in the dermis will be regenerated, resulting in an instant firming effect and reduction of the appearance of wrinkles.


1、Face-to-face consultation: Confirmation of a detailed plan of THERMAGE after fully understanding the client’s conditions and desired results.

2、Pre-treatment preparation: Clean and disinfect the treatment areas. Draw treatment areas on the face. Confirm the package of the new tip of the applicator has not been opened.

3、During treatment:Proceed the treatment based on the assigned treatment areas to remove wrinkles and tighten skin.

4、Post-treatment repair: QDEL Phototherapy mask to nourish and repair the skin.

5、Post-treatment caring.

Duration:45-60 mins

Who is it for:

  • People who have drooping skin around their eyes.
  • People who have hooded eyes or puffy eyes.
  • People who have shown signs of ageing around their eyes.
  • People who have experienced disappointing results on improving their skin around the eyes from injection treatments.
  • People who want to receive anti-aging and wrinkles smoothing treatments in the long run.
  • People who do not rush into immediate results and are looking for long term treatment with sufficient financial support.
Ai Beauty Thermage:

Equipped with the latest 5th version of Thermage FLX. AI BEAUTY is one of the first institutions in Europe to introduce the 5th generation, the clinical experience of Thermage FLX is one of the richest in the UK.

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C.  FOTONA 4D PRO – Eyes

What is FOTONA 4D PRO:

FOTONA 4D PRO is the new-generation non-invasive anti-aging laser system for a comprehensive facial rejuvenation treatment. The system integrates the four patented technologies: SMOOTHLIFTIN, FRAC3, PIANO and SUPERFICIAL to work on partial layers treatment and multi dimensional anti-aging solution, while simultaneously targeting different skin imperfections. It can treat four major aging signs including contour, skin tone, skin texture and tissue volume in a safe and efficient way. FOTONA 4D PRO helps to restore a more youthful, more defined and rejuvenating appearance. In only 20 minutes, it resolves the imperfections around the eyes area including eye bags, wrinkles, puffiness, dark eye rings, etc.

How does it work:

FOTONA 4D PRO is a dual-wavelength laser system integrated with SMOOTHLIFTIN, FRAC3, PIANO and SUPERFICIAL technologies. The four technologies deliver four different anti-aging results at the corresponding skin layers tackling different skin problems. By adopting a combination of the technologies during the treatment, a comprehensive facial rejuvenation solution can be achieved. The results you can obtain from the treatment are fat reduction at deep skin, lifted skin, improved skin texture, multi dimensional anti-aging, firmed skin, smoothen wrinkles and brighten skin tone. Employing FOTONA 4D PRO for eye treatment can reduce dark eye rings, tighten the skin around eyes and reduce the eye bags.


1. VISIA examination: Access skin condition or existing skin problems with assistance of scientific tools.

2. Face-to-face consultation: Customise unique treatment plan based on client’s condition and desired results.

3. PATCH TEST: Perform a patch test 24 hrs prior to the treatment. Proceed with the treatment when no allergy or abnormal reaction is shown.

4. Apply anesthetics: Apply anesthetics externally. Clean and disinfect the treatment areas.

5. Pre-treatment preparation: Draw treatment areas to mark the treatment areas. Confirm the package of the new tip of the applicator has not been opened.

6. During treatment: Proceed with the scheduled treatment plan with flexibility to adjust the laser energy and depth.

7. Post-treatment repair: Medical-grade facial repair mask and QDEL phototherapy mask to nourish and repair the skin.

8. Post-treatment precautions.

Duration:30-45 mins

Who is it for:

  • People who start to show drooping skin at their eyelids;
  • People with hooded eyes or puffy eyelids;
  • People who show signs or early signs of ageing around their eyes;
  • People who want to improve their skin condition around their eyes, but do not rush to instant results.
Ai Beauty FOTONA 4D PRO:

Equipped with the most representative and desired product from FOTONA Eurostar, the FOTONA 4D PRO, that is the world’s first multi-dimensional comprehensive anti-aging laser system. Rejuvenating skin from the inside to the outside, and accomplishing an overall skin conditioning solution layer by layer.

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