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The goal of fat reduction has long been a hot beauty topic. Some people have also made it as their life-time goal, wanting to get rid of the excessive fat, fit into their cute dress, and regain confidence. With the awareness of living healthily, we start to realise that fat reduction is not simply about losing weight and looking slimmer, it should also focus on building a healthy body contour.

Sitting down all day, under stress, excessive calorie intake, not enough sleep…these are some habits that will slow down your progress. Some people may find the traditional methods such as exercise, diet and liposuction are either too slow, unhealthy or unsafe. Are there any better alternatives to build a slim, contoured and healthy body shape?

Ai Beauty says YES:  The [Body Contouring Combo] = CoolSculpting + EMSCULPT can help! 

Just to make it clear:

Fat Reduction ≠ Weight Loss ≠ Fat Loss ≠ A healthy slim

Exercise, diet and some aesthetic treatments can reduce the size of fat cells without changing the number of fat cells, so your body weight may not be changed after using these fat reduction methods. Some women who look chubby but only weighed under 100lb, it is because they have high body fat content and low muscle content, which cause a sloppy undefined body contour.

Therefore, creating a slim, contoured and healthy body shape requires the three essential elements which are “fat burning + muscle building + body contouring”. Coolsculpting kills the fat cells, significantly reducing the number of fat cells. EMSCULPT simulates high-frequency exercise to effectively burn fat cells and build muscles, shaping a healthy and contoured figure. By combining the two technologies, a scientific and healthy body contouring method is created.


Precise Fat Reduction By Freezing and Eliminating Fat Cells

The latest version of CoolSculpting® ELITE is currently the most effective non-invasive device for fat reduction, manufactured by an American medical equipment manufacturer ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. CoolSculpting destroys fat cells physically, its operation is simple and highly safe. It does not invade our body, causing no wounds or harm to skin/blood vessels. It is the best body contouring treatment for people who have busy lives or hesitate about invasive operations.

◎ Practice in more than 80 countries/areas and has created more than 5 million successful cases;

◎ Have 52 patented technologies;

◎ 16 years of research study. More than 60 international clinical studies have proved the results of CoolSculpting technology;

◎ Approved by US FDA, China CFDA, and EU CE. The only non-invasive fat reduction device in the world that has obtained three certifications to prove its safety and effectiveness;

How does it work:

CoolSculpting technology is based on the cold-intolerant property of fat cells; it utilises low temperature (4 – 5℃) applicators to chill the unwanted fat cells. Fat cells will die as they can not tolerate low temperature and then be excreted out of the body. The accurate temperature setting and the precisely designed applicator probe ensure that the process will not damage any normal body cells except fat cells. Thanks to its high accuracy and specificity, a single treatment can eliminate 22.4% fat.


CoolSculpting can freeze targeted fat cells to death, allowing the body to naturally excrete dead fat cells and reduce the number of fat cells in the body. One treatment session is able to reduce 22.4 % thickness of the fat layer.

Treatment areas:

Areas that can be treated include the jaw, side chest, upper arms, back, waist, abdomen, outer thighs, inner thighs, buttocks, above the knees.
Except for the calf.
Abdomen has shown significant results.
Areas that carry a thick layer of fat can be treated such as the waist, sagging buttocks, thighs, arms, and back.

BTL Emsculpt

Fat Reduction + Muscle Building | Slimming + Contouring

Developed by a British company BTL, BTL EMSCULPT is an innovative body contouring device that can simultaneously burn fat (19%) and build muscle (16%) by a non-invasive technology. It is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that simulates high-frequency exercise to reduce body fat. The treatment operation is simple, quick (only take 30 mins) and no gel will be applied, you do not need to get undressed. You simply lay down during the operation and wait for the result from the painless, no recovery time and no sweating treatment. The device helps you to build a more defined body figure like Kim Kardashian without having to do exercise.

◎ 1 abdominal treatment (30 minutes) = 20,000 abdominal crunches; 1 butt treatment (30 minutes) = 20,000 squats

◎ The only body contouring device available in the world that can simultaneously build muscle (16%) and lose fat (19%).

◎ Supported by 7 pieces of independent academic research in the United State. Certified by the US FDA, CE, and TGA.

◎ No radiation. No freezing or high temperature that may damage the epidermis. It is absolutely safe and highly effective.

How does it work:

The electromagnetic wave generated from the applicator can penetrate up to 7cm deep down the muscle layer and stimulate strong muscular contraction for 20,000 times. A human body can not achieve this kind of extreme contraction exercises autonomously. Meanwhile, the ultra-fast metabolism of cells is stimulated and accompanied by muscle strengthening and growth, scientifically reshaping the body figure.


After the first treatment, you will instantly feel tangible improvements. You will see improved muscle contour, 4.17cm reduction of waist size, 19% fat loss, 16% increase of average muscle thickness, and 11% improved abdominal separation.

Treatment areas:

Recommended for shaping the abdomen and butts, creating vest lines and peachy butts. It is also suitable for shaping arms and legs.

CoolSculpting + EMSCULPT | Body Contouring Combo
1+1>2 Building the Perfect Healthy Body Shape

The combination of CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment and EMSCULPT muscle building treatment is the perfect solution for body contouring! CoolSculpting helps you to get rid of the stubborn fat while EMSCULPT helps to build muscles. This combo offers all-round body shaping benefits in one go.

● Treatment recommendation for curvy / plus size clients:

Recommend to firstly receive CoolSculpting to lose fat and weight, followed by EMSCULPT to build muscles and maintain the fat reduction effects from CoolSculpting. The combo will get rid of fat and re-shape the natural body contour.

● Recommended treatment for clients with sloppy body:

Recommend receiving CoolSculpting to lose stubborn fat (bat wing arms, thighs, belly, etc), in the meantime, receiving EMSCULPT to firm and contour the muscles at the sloppy body parts. This combo will get rid of the stubborn fat, build, and strengthen the muscles, creating muscle contours such as vest lines, peachy butts.

Fat Reduction + Muscle Building + Body Shaping, 3-in-1 Body Shaping Combo

Long-lasting results

Non-invasive. No surgery. No radiation. No side effects. No harm to the epidemic.

Absolutely safe, painless, and effective.

No recovery time. All you need to do is lay down.

Scientific and non-invasive body contouring combo

Study of Combined treatment of CoolSculpting + EMSCULPT

A study carried out by doctors Kilmer, Suzanne L. and others in California, USA was published in the scientific journal Dermatologic Surgery. The researchers conducted studies on the abdomen of 50 candidates. These candidates were divided into 3 groups and received 3 different treatments namely BTL EMSCULPT treatment group, CoolSculpting treatment group and Coolsculpting + BTL EMSCULPT combination treatment group.

BTL EMSCULPT treatment included 4 EMMS sessions and 1 CoolSculpting session for a course of 2 weeks. The treatment result efficacy was then assessed by the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (GAIS), circumferential measurement, Subject Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (SGAIS) and Body Satisfaction Questionnaire (BSQ).

The research candidates were men or women aged between 22 and 65, with a BMI less than 30 kg/m, and abdominal skin folds between 2 and 5 cm thick. They all wished for a reduction of subcutaneous fat and a firmer abdomen.

Candidates from the BTL EMSCULPT treatment group received 4 EMMS sessions for a course of 2 weeks with at least 2-day intervals between sessions. Each session was conducted under the highest intensity for 30 mins.

Candidates from the CoolSculpting treatment group received 1 CoolSculpting, Cool Advantage, 45 mins Cool Advantage Petite probe, and 45 mins Cool Advantage Plus. The treated areas were given massages by hand after the treatment.

Candidates from the Coolsculpting + BTL EMSCULPT combination treatment group received treatments of both Coolsculpting and BTL EMSCULPT.

Study Findings

Results of the three study groups:

The data of 3 candidates were not being used. One had a weight change that was greater than 5%, second one had surgery on the abdomen, and the last one missed the final follow-up visit with photographs.

Researchers evaluated each candidate’s GAIS photos from the first to the last visit, 3 = excellent improvement, 0 = no change, -3 = very bad.

The mean GAIS score for each group was: 1.2 for BTL EMSCULPT treatment group, 1.4 for CoolSculpting treatment group, and 1.9  for Coolsculpting + BTL EMSCULPT combination treatment group. Compared with the BTL EMSCULPT treatment group, the improvement in the Coolsculpting + BTL EMSCULPT combination treatment group was statistically significant, but there was no significant difference compared with the CoolSculpting treatment group (P>0.05) .

Case study from three treatment groups:

Case ①

Pic: 58yo male from BTL EMSCULPT treatment group. Before and 12 weeks after the treatment.

Pic: 43yo female from BTL EMSCULPT treatment group. Before and 12 weeks after the treatment.

Case ②

Pic: 35yo male from CoolSculpting treatment group. Before and 12 weeks after the treatment.

Pic: 57yo female from CoolSculpting treatment group. Before and 12 weeks after the treatment.

Case ③

Pic: 31yo male from CoolSculpting + BTL EMSCULPT combination treatment group. Before and 12 weeks after the treatment.

Pic: 46yo female from CoolSculpting + BTL EMSCULPT combination treatment group. Before and 12 weeks after the treatment.

Waist circumference of each candidate was measured from 3D images before and 12 weeks after the treatment. The measured changes ranged from an increase of 33 mm to a decrease of 37 mm. The mean waist circumference reduction of each group are as follows: 4 mm in the BTL EMSCULPT treatment group, 10 mm for CoolSculpting treatment group, and 15 mm for the CoolSculpting + BTL EMSCULPT combination treatment group.

From the results, it shows that combining CoolSculpting and BTL EMSCULPT treatments will bring additional benefits to the user, close to providing 1+1>2 effect.

Therefore, if you are financially comfortable, the CoolSculpting + BTL EMSCULPT Combo is the perfect body contouring treatment option. Instantly and simultaneously reduce fat and build muscles while all you need is to lay down and relax!


A UK CQC Accredited Aesthetic Clinic

Ai Beauty Clinic is the first Asian-style aesthetic clinic in the UK to be accredited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC is responsible for inspecting and regulating all healthcare services in England, including the NHS. Ai Beauty Clinic is proud to stock equipment, tools, and supplies that comply with strict CQC standards.

Ai Beauty has been committed to providing the top Asian-style aesthetic treatment service, guaranteeing that all clients receive a safe and satisfactory experience.

◎With rich experience of providing clinical treatments to Asian clients, running its owned research department, led by famous British aesthetic trainers, practised by doctors and nurses who are GMC/NMC-registered and worked in NHS national hospitals. Ai Beauty Clinic provides certified and safe Asian aesthetic treatments.

◎ 1v1 face consultation. Develop a unique treatment plan for you based on your condition and desired results.

◎ Insures every client for a £5 million clinic entity cover to provide an extra layer of safety.


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