ClearSkin Pro Acne Laser

ClearSkin Pro Acne Laser

-Alma Harmony XL Pro-

Directly Targeting Sebaceous Glands

Acne Removal and Bacteria Elimination – The Ultimate Solution for Acne-Prone Skin

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Harmony XL PRO ClearSkin Pro


ClearSkin Pro is designed to address acne, pimples, and acne scars. It is an exclusive handpiece equipped with the BlackGold Super Photon Harmony XL Pro. By utilizing Er.1540nm laser to penetrate the dermis and sebaceous glands, it rapidly reduces inflammation, kills acne bacteria, targets specific areas for treatment, and uses vacuum processing to address all forms of common acne and acne scars. It also controls oil and shrinks pores effectively.

★ Principle of Action: 1540nm Non-Ablative Fractional Laser

ClearSkin PRO, also known as detox laser, combines non-ablative laser with synchronized contact cooling technology to enhance treatment efficiency while maintaining a high level of safety. ClearSkin PRO can achieve twice the power of its predecessor, delivering up to 3000MJ (61.2MJ/pixel) of non-ablative laser energy per pulse.

The unique Er.1540nm laser of ClearSkin PRO can deeply penetrate the skin, causing minor thermal damage that triggers a better healing response without harming the epidermis. This process generates new dermal tissue and allows the dermis to utilize the body’s natural healing response. The thermal damage helps to immediately address infections, toxin buildup, and scars.

PS: The non-ablative fractional laser is definitely not a scam!!! ➡️ The 1540nm wavelength is a typical fractional laser. By using the 1540nm non-ablative fractional laser, numerous micro-wounds are created on the skin, with up to 320 micro-beams per square centimeter. This process removes old and waste epidermal tissue while promoting collagen remodeling, leading to skin renewal and regeneration.

ClearSkin PRO Acne Laser can treat:

  • Acne Spot / Acne pigmentation 
  • Acne scars
  • Enlarged pores
  • Active acne
  • Rough skin texture 
  • Fine lines

ClearSkin PRO Features: Stamping Fractional Laser

A single beam of light passes through a grating and disperses into multiple spots, simultaneously irradiating the skin. The advantage of this method is its fast treatment speed, but it requires repeated irradiation to improve coverage.

The ClearSkin PRO handpiece can deliver up to 3000mJ (61.2mJ/pixel) of non-ablative laser energy per pulse. It can safely and effectively treat common acne.

Q1: What is the treatment principle of the 1540nm non-ablative fractional laser?

Q2: What are the differences between the 1540nm fractional laser and other fractional (e.g., CO2 fractional) phototherapy methods?


Pre-Treatment Precautions:

  • Individuals who have had recent sun exposure are not suitable for treatment.
  • On the day of treatment, do not wear any metal jewelry (including earrings and necklaces). If there is metal in your teeth or face, please inform in advance.
  • Individuals with photosensitive skin conditions or light-sensitive diseases are not suitable for treatment.
  • Those with significant skin lesions, malignant tumors, or melanoma in the treatment area are not suitable for treatment.
  • If there is an infection or an open wound in the treatment area, treatment is not suitable.
  • Individuals who have taken isotretinoin orally in the past six months are not suitable for treatment.
  • Those with a history of epilepsy are not suitable for treatment.

Post-Treatment Precautions:

  • Avoid sun exposure for two weeks after the procedure.
  • Local skin redness of varying degrees after treatment is normal and will subside in 1-3 days.
  • It is not recommended to wear makeup or wash your face with hot water on the same day.
  • Dry skin for a few days after treatment is normal.
  • Avoid high-temperature environments, saunas, and intense exercise for 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, and spicy foods during the treatment period.
  • Discontinue the use of acid products for two days after the procedure.

ClearSkin Pro FAQ

Due to its non-ablative nature, the 1540nm fractional laser causes very little damage to the epidermis and does not create visible wounds, making post-treatment care relatively easy with minimal reactions. Local skin redness of varying degrees after treatment is normal and will subside in 1-3 days. There is no need to worry.

Generally, it is recommended to have one session per month. The treatment course consists of 3 to 6 sessions, depending on the clinical observation of skin conditions.

For instance, if you have large pores and oily skin, more treatments might be necessary to achieve consolidation. If the treatment targets fine lines around the eyes, clinical improvements might be observed after just three sessions.

The answer is yes!

Although the 1540nm non-ablative fractional laser is not ablative, it still creates some microscopic damage on the skin surface, which may compromise the skin barrier function. Therefore, it is essential to emphasize post-treatment moisturizing care for particularly sensitive individuals, as there will be an increase in epidermal water loss during this period. Enhanced moisturizing care is necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

For normal skin, it may fully recover within 24 hours, but for sensitive skin, the recovery time might be longer.


Why choose Ai Beauty Clinic for ClearSkin Pro Acne Laser Treatment?

◎ AI BEAUTY CLINIC is the largest comprehensive medical beauty and plastic surgery hospital in Europe, certified by the UK healthcare regulatory body CQC.

◎ Adhering to Asian aesthetics, all medical staff are registered with the UK GMC/NMC. The professional team is composed of several former NHS doctors and nurses from British public hospitals. They have accumulated rich clinical experience with Asian clients, and their operation of medical beauty equipment is all under official high-level training from the headquarters, ensuring safety without risks.

◎ As the leader in photonic medical beauty treatments in London, UK, AI BEAUTY CLINIC is authorized to use the most top-notch equipment. The M22 photon skin rejuvenation can be combined with “black technology” such as PISCOSURE honeycomb picosecond laser, ENDYMED gold radiofrequency micro-needling, fifth-generation Thermage FLX, and ULTHERAPY American edition ultrasonic knife for joint treatments, doubling the effectiveness.

◎ Ai Beauty’s ClearSkin Pro Acne Laser treatment begins with a professional VISIA skin test for data analysis. We offer personalized 1-on-1 consultations to tailor treatment plans according to individual skin conditions. During treatment, energy levels and depths are adjusted accordingly, ensuring targeted effectiveness. Post-treatment, we provide moisturizing and soothing with professional medical-grade masks from London, along with comprehensive phototherapy skincare to repair and calm the skin, ensuring the most standardized, safe, and complete treatment for you.

◎ AI BEAUTY provides all clients with clinic medical insurance coverage of £5 million, giving you double the peace of mind.

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