Cynosure Elite+™ Laser Hair Removal

Quick Removal   Bid Farewell to Unwanted Hairs

Cooling & Painless   Get that “Hair-Free” Glow

It is ever so often that attractive ladies all seem to share one thing in common: flawless silky-smooth skin. They never have to worry about embarrassing moments where unwanted hair in the underarm, arms, legs or upper lips get exposed. They can always show off their beautiful summer skin in sleeveless tops or miniskirts with confidence.
For those who have never tried laser hair removal before, it is a pain when summer arrives. There are a lot of hair removals tools available, such as razors but hair grows back in increased amounts, hair removal cream or mousse but they are quite damaging to the skin, as well as at-home hair removal devices but they are far too time consuming. Is there even a way to get rid of unwanted hair for good? The answer is yes! And that is the latest treatment introduced by AI BEAUTY CLINIC – Cynosure ELITE +™ dual wavelength laser hair removal.
◎ A hair removal technology worshipped by more than 1 million ladies across the globe; ◎ No.1 bestselling hair removal device across Europe and the US; ◎ An iconic world-class medical laser product proudly created by CYNOSURE USA; ◎ Awarded Best Laser Hair Removal System in the US in 2005 and 2006; ◎ FDA-cleared aesthetic laser for skin whitening and hair removal.


The Most Sought-After Aesthetic Laser Treatment for Permanent Hair Removal

CYNOSURE ELITE +™ is a multifunctional, contactless dual wavelength system that is highly effective and efficient in laser hair removal. It engages 2 brilliant laser systems (755NM ALEXANDRITE and 1064NM ND:YAG laser) to remove unwanted hairs, switching between the two wavelengths based on the patient’s skin and hair types. CYNOSURE ELITE +™ removes unwanted hairs precisely even in small and delicate body parts, such as the intimate area, inside the ears and around the hairline. The process does not involve any chemical substances coming in contact with the skin, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. Its high melanin absorption characteristics prevents vellus hair from growing back. The procedure is quick and suitable for both men and women. On top of that, the system also helps smooth the skin and delivers a painless and cooling sensation. ■ What is laser hair removal? Laser hair removal is by far the best way to get rid of excess body hair, with long-term and effective results.
Laser hair removal works due to the principle of selective photothermolysis. The application of specific laser wavelength, energy and pulse width allows laser to penetrate the skin surface and target melanin in the hair root, hair follicles and hair shaft, triggering it to absorb light energy selectively. Without damaging surrounding skin tissues, light is then converted to heat energy and begins to destroy hair follicle tissues and their ability to grow back, hence achieving permanent hair removal. Laser only targets and destroys black hairs. It does not damage or scar any surrounding skin tissues, sudoriferous or sebaceous glands, impair any functions of the skin, or cause any pain. Laser is by far the safest, fastest and most long-lasting hair removal technology. This treatment is entirely safe and painless. Each session takes as short as a few minutes, or half an hour at most. When targeting bigger treated areas such as the back or legs, the procedure may take approximately 30 minutes.

Revolutionary 2-in-1 Laser Technology

The Solution to Hairiness   For All Skin Types & Colours

CYNOSURE ELITE +™’s unique MULTIPLEX technology enables the use of dual (755NM and 1064NM) wavelengths, which heightens any IPL (intense pulsed light) results. Not only can we apply the most suitable wavelength according to our clients’ needs to destroy hair follicles, photorejuvenation can also be achieved in the process.
According to research, the classic 755NM wavelength is the best wavelength to encourage melanin absorption. It is mainly used for hair removal and is considered a levitating way to remove unwanted hairs. It is painless and comfortable, and a great solution to all female hair removal problems. After 3 sessions, the treated area will see an average of 79% reduction in number of hairs, as well as significant reduction in hyperpigmentation.
□ 1064NM ND: YAG
1064NM wavelength is the safest wavelength for removing unwanted hair – especially thick hair such as men’s beard – permanently from dark skin types. This wavelength also targets spider veins in the face and legs, as well as many other clinical benefits.
 In short, 755NM wavelength has a high melanin absorption rate, less intense but equally effective, and causes less discomfort (if any). Being the standard of hair removal wavelengths, it mainly targets light-coloured fine hairs, such as upper lip hair, hairline and sideburns. It is extremely safe and highly effective. As for 1064NM wavelength which has a longer pulse width, it has the sufficient penetration power to focus on and remove unwanted hair from dark (IV-VI type)skin. The CYNOSURE ELITE +™ system engages two most brilliant wavelengths, which can be switched between or simultaneously used during a single session to target different treated areas, achieving optimal results. Both wavelengths are safe to apply on dark or tanned skin, and will not trigger any bad reactions.

Additional Benefits

● ContactlessExperience The use of levitation technology ensures a contactless and bacteria-free experience. Guaranteed ease and comfort for clients as the treatment gets rid of excess hair quickly without irritating the skin. ● Quick & Effective The large circular 18NM spot size allows wider reach, higher energy and deeper penetration. By creating an intense photothermal impact twice per second, this treatment removes excess hair 5 times faster than old laser systems, which can take as much as one year or more. Results are noticeable after one single CYNOSURE ELITE+™ session, and treated areas usually see a complete hair removal results after 6 sessions or more. ● Comfortable & Painless   During the treatment, Cynosure’s unique SMARTCOOL system continuously emits strong cold air to ensure temperature on the patient’s skin surface is within safety standards. The cooling air works almost as well as applying anesthesia so there is no need to apply any gel. The cooling system can be personalised according to patients’ patch to hot and cold, and ensure ease and comfort during the hair removal process. ● Safe & Risk Free This laser treatment is able to destroy hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissues. There will not be any side effects such as hyperpigmentation, folliculitis, contact dermatitis, chemical burn or infection. It is completely safe and does not impair the ability to sweat. ● Improved Skin Texture   During the treatment, controllable heat damage is induced to trigger patients’ wound healing mechanism. By stimulating the activity of fibre cells, cytokines and growth factors are released to encourage collagen and elastin formation. Apart from hair removal, the procedure also helps smooth wrinkles, reduce pigmentation, redness and acne scars, even out complexion and improve the overall appearance of the skin. ● Personalised Treatment  With 7 spot sizes available, a pulse width that can go as far as 300MS and a frequency that goes as high as 3HZ, the practitioner can switch between the two laser wavelengths during the procedure to provide a customised and highly effective treatment tailored to different clients’ designated areas to treat, including the underarm, groin, feet, arms, face or the whole body. ● Minimal Downtime   The treatment does not damage or scar the skin, which means there is no downtime or interruption to clients’ work or normal life.

Indications & Usage

CYNOSURE ELITE +™ is mainly used for contactless hair removal (including intimate areas), reducing spider veins, pigmentation and wrinkles. It offers high flexibility as practitioners can personalise the sessions with different spot sizes and pulse widths, which means the treatment can be applied on most skin types, such as I-VI skin types, and still achieve desirable results.
  1. Contactless hair removal (including intimate areas)
  2. Veins under eyes
  3. Face tightening and slimming
  4. Rosacea / Sensitive skin
  5. Hyperpigmentation, photodamage and dark spots
  6. Fine lines and wrinkles

Applicable Areas for Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal for the face, arms and legs, underarm, VIO line, men’s beard etc.


Treatment Procedures

STEP 1: One-to-One Consultation During the consultation, one of our practitioners will inspect the patient’s skin texture and hair type, cleanse the skin, and then mark the area for hair removal. STEP 2: Shaving & Patch Test After confirming the patient’s hair type, the practitioner will carefully shave hair in the hair removal area to perform a patch test. Patients can only receive treatment if there are no bad reactions within 48 hours. Note: In preparation for the treatment, clients are recommended to shave the hair removal area at home the day prior. STEP 3: Laser Treatment During the session, the practitioner will utilise the most suited laser energy and wavelength to emit light in spot sizes of 1.2-1.8CM. Any treated area will go through a cooling process simultaneously to prevent overheating.
○ Duration: around 15-90minutes, depending on the treated areas and area sizes. ○ Number of Sessions Required: depends on the treated areas and area sizes. Laser hair removal results are noticeable even with one single session but 6 sessions or more are recommended for optimal results. ○ Downtime:None. Patients are free to resume daily activities right after any session. ○ Possible Reactions: Minimal to none. Very few people may notice redness in treated areas but any temporary reaction should fade in 48 hours.


To ensure optimal results, clients are advised not to get rid of any excess hair by themselves prior to treatment. Aftercare for laser hair removal procedures:
  • Avoid bathing in hot water or scrubbing the treated areas;
  • A slight redness may develop but it should fade within 48 hours;
  • Avoid vigorous exercise, sauna or sea water within 48 hours;
  • Aloe vera gel or similar products can be used on treated areas to keep the skin moisturised and hydrated;
  • Pay extra care on avoiding UV rays for the first 2 weeks. Definitely apply SPF products.

Laser VS Other Hair Removal Methods

● Hair Removal Cream Chemical substances in hair removal creams can dissolve disulfide in hair structures, thus removing unwanted hair temporarily. However, hair follicles are not completely destroyed so results never last long. Since the skin contains keratin, it irritates the skin. If used frequently, swelling, allergies or rashes may occur. Those with sensitive skin or who wish to remove hair in delicate body parts such as the face or bikini area, should think twice before using hair removal cream. In some cases, hair splinters may occur, which causes hyperpigmentation. ● At-Home Hair Removal Devices In recent years, at-home hair removal devices are getting increasing popular due to convenience. However, at-home devices operate on a limited energy level due to safety concerns. They are also unable to target large areas due to size, which means more time is needed to cover any body parts. This is especially time consuming and inefficient for people with dense and thick body hair. These devices are relatively harder to manage when it comes to hard-to-reach or sensitive areas such as the back, upper lip or face. Receiving hair removal treatments from well-trained aesthetic practitioners is definitely a better choice. ● IPL Hair Removal Light based hair removal procedures include laser and IPL hair removal, while IPL treatments include ice cool and pulse light hair removal. Many have claimed that IPL is not very effective in removing hair permanently. This may be due to IPL light beams being dispersed and targeting skin tissues instead of melanin, which is not very effective in destroying hair follicles. Laser hair removal was first invented to treat hyperactive hair growth. Unlike plucking, light energy aims to target and destroy hair follicles, which is relatively more effective in thinning and reducing the amount of treated body hair. Also, it helps contain any regrowth of melanin or hair follicles, which prevents the development of stubble resulting from shaving or plucking. In short, laser hair removal works as an advanced version of IPL therapy.


Q: How long after a CYNOSURE ELITE+™ session can you resume daily activities? A: As there is no downtime, patients can return to daily activities right away. Q: Does CYNOSURE ELITE+™ cause any side effects? A: Many have experienced slight redness and/or swelling after the treatment. However, this is extremely common. Any reaction may last 2-24 hours and fade within 48 hours. If you receive CYNOSURE ELITE+™ from an authorised provider, there is no need to worry about any other side effects. Q: Does CYNOSURE ELITE+™ damage the skin? A: No, this laser hair removal procedure is extremely safe. It engages laser energy to penetrate the skin and directly target any melanin in hair follicles and hair shaft. The laser energy absorbed by melanin is then converted to heat, destroying the hair follicles with high but safe temperature. As there is only a small amount of melanin in the surrounding normal tissues, the skin will not be targeted or damaged. Q: Which body parts are suitable for laser hair removal? A: Contactless laser hair removal can be applied to the underarm, legs, arms and face, as well as intimate or sensitive areas such as the bikini line and lips. Q: What is the best time of the year for CYNOSURE ELITE+™? A: CYNOSURE ELITE+™ works in any season but it may be better to receive it in autumn, winter or spring. This is due to a possibility of inflammation such as slight redness and swelling post-treatment. In summer, excessive sweating may cause infections and intense sunlight may cause hyperpigmentation in treated areas. On a side note, this laser hair removal treatment usually requires 2-5 sessions with intervals of 4-6 weeks. To achieve optimal results, it is best to act soon to make sure you have that hairless glow before summer arrives! Q: Are all skin textures suitable for laser hair removal? A: Generally yes. However, the treatment is not suitable for those who are experiencing seasonal allergies, are allergic to UV rays, or have any serious burn or scarring. Q: How many sessions are required for CYNOSURE ELITE+™? A: In general, 2-6 sessions with intervals of 4-6 weeks are recommended. It also depends on the hair growth cycle, which is divided into 3 phrases: anagen, catagen and telogen. In the anagen phase, there is a significant amount of melanin in hair follicles. During the catagen and telogen phases, melanin in hair follicles will decrease until there’s none left. As laser energy only works on melanin-filled hair follicles during the anagen phase, permanent hair removal cannot be achieved in one single session. Q: If hair follicles shrink after CYNOSURE ELITE+™ procedures, does it undermine our ability to sweat and detox? A: Hair follicles and sudoriferous glands are two different kinds of tissues. Body hair grows from hair follicles, not sudoriferous glands. There are sudoriferous glands surrounding hair follicles but they function independently. CYNOSURE ELITE+™ only targets and destroys hair follicles but not sudoriferous glands. Hence, the body’s ability to sweat or flush out toxins will not be affected. Q: Does CYNOSURE ELITE+™ clog pores, cause acnes or breakouts? A: Since sebaceous glands are attached to hair follicles, people with thick hair are usually troubled by big hair follicles and enlarged and seemingly oily pores. Instead of clogging pores and triggering acnes and breakouts, CYNOSURE ELITE+™ helps shrink pores and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Q: Does CYNOSURE ELITE+™ cause any pain or discomfort? A: During the procedure, our practitioner will heat and cool the skin simultaneously, minimising any pain or heat damage to surrounding tissues. Patients may feel a slight pain that resembles the snapping of a rubber band. If the patient is extremely sensitive to pain, AI BEAUTY will help minimise any discomfort with the use of the CYNOSURE device’s cooling system, as well as the clinic’s very own cooling equipment and topical anesthesia. Q: Are laser hair removal results permanent? Is it safe to have the procedure when pregnant? A: CYNOSURE ELITE +™ laser hair removal is painless and delivers permanent results. It stimulates laser absorption by melanin in the hair shaft and follicles, converts laser energy to heat, and targets and destroys hair follicle structures once and for all. Out of safety concerns, pregnant or lactating women are not advised to undergo the procedure.


Before After 

Ideal for those who are troubled by excess unwanted hair

CYNOSURE ELITE+™   The Key to Crystal Clear Flawless Skin

Forever Carefree & Hair-Free   No More Embarrassment!


A CQC-Approved Aesthetic Clinic

Ai Beauty Clinic is accredited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC is responsible for the inspection and regulation of all healthcare services in England, including the NHS. Ai Beauty Clinic is proud to stock equipment, tools and supplies that comply with strict CQC standards. We provide nothing but the best aesthetics services, guaranteeing that all clients receive a safe and satisfactory experience.


 ◎ Ai Beauty Clinic is one of the largest CQC-approved aesthetic clinics in Europe. With a belief in rigorous beauty standards, our GMC/NMC-registered team of professionals boasts more than 10 years of medical experience and are extremely experienced in treating patients with various conditions. Having received official advanced training at aesthetics company headquarters, we are proud to offer safe and risk-free treatments to all clients.  Before performing any CYNOSURE ELITE +™ hair removal procedures, we provide 1-to-1 private consultations where our practitioners come up with the most appropriate laser wavelength according to the client’s skin type and treated areas. Our attention to detail and professionalism will surely create optimal results. Should clients desire, we can assign an all-female medical team for this painless hair removal treatment, ensuring ease and privacy.  We insure all clients with a medical indemnity cover of £5 million for that extra reassurance.


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