Advanced PRP Therapy

PRP (platelet-rich Plasma) is a non-invasive skin rejuvenating therapy that helps improve the skin in many aspects by injecting plasma that is prepared from your own blood to your skin. The plasma contains a rich content of various types of growth factors that will help to heal damaged cells, repair ageing cells, rebuild skin structure, and stimulate growth of collagen and elastin. It is a powerful therapy for people who are looking to tighten their skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars, restore a youthful skin texture and slow down skin ageing.

PRP therapy has an extremely high healing ability. When it is used for skin treatment, it shows significant and visible improvement in skin texture and elasticity, suitable for face, neck, area around the eyes and hand. When it is used for hair treatment, the hair loss condition has shown improvement.

– What is Advanced PRP Therapy –

PRP Cellular Matrix: Cellular Matrix exclusive technology allows the preparation of an autologous platelet-rich plasma that contains a high number of growth factors, which will then be injected into skin, offering better and longer-lasting results.

◉ Cellular Matrix®: Combine non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid (HA) and autologous platelet-rich plasma (RegenPRP®).

◉ Class III CE certified: Cellular Matrix is a unique, patented, regulated and approved technology.

– Advantages of Advanced PRP Therapy –

★ The addition of Hyaluronic acid in the original platelet-rich plasma (RegenPRP®)!

Advanced PRP therapy combines PRP technology and hyaluronic acid (HA), giving results in skin repairing, healing and cell growth due to the stimulation of proliferation of collagen and elastin in the skin. Also, it does not have the issues of re-absorption and requirement of additional injection caused by the HA-only injection treatment.

The addition of HA has greatly enhanced the PRP results and made it longer lasting. HA hydrates skin and keep moist in the skin.

  • Hyaluronic acid (HA), also known as the best moisturiser, is a key component of skin contributing to skin moisture. “;
  • HA can hold water molecules in the skin cells, making the skin looks plump and hydrated;
  • Over 25 years of clinical experience showing positive improvement of skin;
  • Stimulate cellular activity and proliferation, promote interaction with collagen and maintains skin youthfulness;
  • Improve the activity of severalmolecules contained in the PRP to boost the results;

RegenPRP + Hyaluronic Acid


Advanced PRP

– What are the Advances –

✓ Less pain: The usage of an improved anticoagulating agent and diluted HA greatly reduces discomfort during treatment.

✓ Higher stability: Regen Lab specific separating gel technology guarantees minimal variability, which means a higher stability.

✓ Full recovery: High platelet quality and full plasma recovery without impurity.

✓ Advanced technology: Depletion of 94.3% pro-inflammatory granulocytes and 95% red blood cells. No loss of plasma growth factors and fibrinogen.

✓ Efficient process: HA + PRP = double nutrient

(HA-containing tube)

Same price for the Advanced!

Clinical research

Overall improvement in appearance in 3 treatment groups (PRP、HA 和 Cellular Matrix )

(P<0.000 1 is a very significant improvement)

The study has shown that PRP-HA treatment is a more effective facial rejuvenation treatment than PRP-only and HA-only treatments. It provides better results in improving skin elasticity and firmness. Using HA as the carrier and moisturising agent of PRP can achieve additional benefits of skin rejuvenation.

Skin elasticity results from the 3 treatment groups

– Advanced PRP Procedure –

Step 1

Blood collection

Step 2

Obtain concentrated platelets solution by centrifugation

Step 3


Step 4

PRP Injection at skin

⚠ Be aware that advanced PRP treatment should not combine with Mesotherapy as PRP tubes already contain HA solution.

– Who is it for –

  • Acne scar, acne mark, depressed scar
  • Loose skin, rough/textured skin, dull skin
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, chloasma, postpartum pigmentation
  • Large pores, visible capillaries

– Advanced PRP Aftercare –

  1. Avoid any contact with water at the treated areas for 24 hours after the treatment;
  2. Avoid long and intensive exposure to sunlight, use adequate sunscreen protection. Use an umbrella if necessary;
  3. Avoid swimming or sauna for 1 week after the treatment. Maintain a healthy diet, avoid consumption of alcohol and seafood;
  4. Bruises and swells may develop, but they are temporary;

– Contraindications for advanced PRP treatment –

  • Anaemia
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Acute or chronic infections
  • Cancer
  • Platelet dysfunction syndrome
  • Extreme low platelet count
  • Haemodynamic instability (collapse) • Sepsis
  • Local infection at the site of treatment
  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Hives
  • Do not apply any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) within 48 hours of the procedure

– Before & After Advanced PRP –

– Advanced PRP FAQ –

Q: Does the advanced PRP injection hurt?

Treatment ofacne scars with Advanced PRP Therapy may cause discomfort. Treatment of dark circles and bags under eyes may cause discomfort and tenderness but they are tolerable. Practitioners will apply numbing cream on the treatment skin to greatly reduce the unpleasant sensation.

Q: Is PRP treatment safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. The treatment involves injecting your own autologous platelet-rich plasma to your skin, it has a very low risk profile of allergic reaction and has rarely shown long term severe side effects.

Q: Does the PRP injection cause bruises or swell? Can I put makeup on the next day?

Skin tends to develop bruises after acne scar-focused PRP treatment, bruises usually fade away in 5-7 days. When PRP is used for anti-ageing, reducing the appearance of pores size and wrinkles removal, skin is prone to redness and peeling. Practitioners will apply a soothing mask after the completion of injection for 15 mins which can reduce 50% redness and swelling.

Q: How many treatment sessions do I need? And when will I start to see improvement?

The three treatments with the most promising and significant results are anti-ageing (skin texture improvement and wrinkles removal). Below is the suggested treatment course.

* Anti-ageing/wrinkles removal/ skin texture improvement: receive one course every month, for 3 – 6 months;

Depending on the skin issues, how soon to see improvements and results varies. You can expect to see results and improvements after 3 anti-ageing treatments while 5 for acne scars treatments.


A medical beauty clinic in the UK that is accredited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The first Asian-style aesthetic clinic in the UK provides Advanced PRP therapy.

Ai Beauty Clinic is accredited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC is responsible for the inspection and regulation of all healthcare services in England, including the NHS. Ai Beauty Clinic is proud to stock equipment, tools and supplies that comply with strict CQC standards.

We provide nothing but the best aesthetics services, guaranteeing that all clients receive a safe and satisfactory experience.

– Why having advanced PRP at Ai Beauty –

  • Guaranteed a safe, professional and sterile treatment.PRP solution is produced by the client’s own blood and contains a high number of growth factors which can reduce the risk of immune rejection and allergic reactions.
  • Obtained European CE certification, ISO, SQSand extensive clinical validation in other regions.
  • Improvement in skin condition, slowed down ageing and skin repairing can already be seen after one single treatment.
  • Skin analysis and treatment planning during the1-to-1 consultation allows a tailor-made treatment plan is designed to best suit clients’ need. Combine with Mesotherapy can enhance the results.
  • With rich experience of providing practical treatments to Asian clients, running its owned research department, Ai Beauty Clinic has successfully established a set of safe and effective injection treatment standards for Asian aesthetic practice and Asian’s clients.
  • Ensures every client for a £5 million clinic entity cover to provide an extra layer of safety.




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