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Large pores

Who doesn’t want silky and smooth skin that has zero visible pores, just like a doll! Over half of asian women are struggling with their large pores, and trying any possible ways to minimise them. In fact, it is hardly possible to reverse them by only applying skincare products. Good news is, anesthetic treatment makes […]

Elephant leg / Muscular calf

Causes Abnormal secretion of estrogen Scientific research has shown that the level of estrogen contributes to how fat will be stored in the body. Over secretion of estrogen will increase the lipase (fat digesting enzyme) activity at thighs and buttlock, causing fat deposition at these two areas. On the other hand, people who have irregular […]

CoolSculpting Elite London, UK

  Coolsculpting London Over the past years, how to lose weight has been an issue that many people care about. Of course, counting calories, exercising for hours every day, and trying to ignore your hunger are common ways to reduce your body weight. However, do you notice that you can lose weight effectively by combining […]

Belly fat

Causes The formation of belly fat is simply the accumulation of fat. As the abdomen tends to accumulate fat which is difficult to lose, it is totally normal that people with a flat abdomen also have subcutaneous fat and visible belly. The reasons behind the fat accumulation are heavily related to lifestyle. 1. Sedentary lifestyle: […]

Double chin

No matter how pretty you are, or whether you have a perfect golden ratio that everyone is jealous about, having a double chin will instantly give an impression of a chubby body and draw the attention away. If you have one, no worries, you are not alone, double chin can occur on everyone, some celebrities […]


Hyperpigmentation problem has concerned people at every single age group. 80% of people will face this issue in their life. For example, genetic pigmentation will start to appear at age 10+. Sunlight-induced pigmentation will manifest at age 20+ while age spots will manifest at age 30+. All kinds of age-related, hormone-related pigmentation can be shown […]

Chubby cheek | Face fat

Nearly every woman must have complained about the fat on their face once in their life, especially after a picture taken or comparison with others. Therefore, camera filters and beauty cameras have unsurprisingly become popular tools to “adjust” our face shape. Everyone wants a pretty face A slim, small and well defined face shape has […]