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Sloped/Thick Shoulders(Overdeveloped Trapezius Muscles)

Introduction Trapezius muscle is a triangular, surface muscle started at the base of your neck, extends across your shoulders and down to the middle of your back, and attaches to the scapula and clavicle (collarbone). A pair of trapezius muscles form a long, quadrilateral-shaped muscle. This is the muscle that contributes to the contour of our […]

Straight body/no waist/big waist

Straight body/no waist is an undesirable body feature that no one would have wished for. Body shape without a natural waistline adds limitation on how we can dress and poses a curve-missing body image. Therefore, achieving a balanced waist-to-hip ratio has been a mission for some people. Some of them may cheekily wonder if it […]

Cheek deflation and descent

A youthful face can be characterised by a gentle convexity of the upper cheek area. Unfortunately, no one can naturally skip the age-related facial change and have to witness the gradual deflation and descent of their cheeks. However, there are aesthetic treatments that can help restore the lost volume of our cheeks. A full and […]