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Laser hair removal London

Are you a woman who wants to have flawless and silky-smooth skin? Well, who doesn’t!We all know flawless and gorgeous skin makes us more attractive. We’ve all tried products & therapies to get rid of that unwanted hair. Many women have been using conventional methods to get rid of hair that makes skin look so unappealing. […]

Hollow temples

Introduction The temporal area contains mainly tissue and has not received support from any bone structure. Therefore, any loss of collagen, water and nutrients at the area will lead to the loss of its volume and a hollow temple appearance. Hollow temples often appear along with other collagen loss-related appearances such as sunken cheeks, sagging […]

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

If you can no longer identify with tattoos – be it coloured or patterned – or if they are part of a memory you would like to bury, you might want to get rid of them permanently. Traditional tattoo removal requires a significant amount of time to show results and often cause pain and scarring. […]