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Facial Contouring Injection

Create a V shaped face with refined jawline ∙ Non-surgical operation Like the face or leg slimming injection, facial contouring injection is another simple treatment that you can easily have done during your lunch break and then get straight back to your life. It is an open secret how ladies maintain their beauty during their […]

Closed Comedones / Whiteheads

Closed comedone/whitehead is a skin problem that can come and haunt you anytime, all year round. It is one of the skin conditions that requires your long term and continuous effort. People who are not aware of the nature or causes of the whiteheads may choose to ignore it, eventually leading to more serious skin […]

Semi-permanent Lips Microblading

-Lips Microblading ⋅ Secret to the Natural Looking Tinted Lips- The lip colour not only displays your beauty but also reflects your general health condition. Having the perfect colour with the right contour of your lips will enhance your confidence and charisma, perhaps your chance of meeting your future better half as well. Lips microblading is […]

Male Eyebrow Microblading

-Ai Beauty Male Eyebrow Microblading– In general, male customers who receive eyebrow microblading treatment want to add masculine character to their face. Therefore, the shape of their eyebrows is different from female eyebrows microblading. Also, their age will affect the pigment and colour used for the microblading. Dark grey colour is preferred for middle-aged male […]

Endymed RF Shaper / Mini-shape

  Phrased-controlled Body Contouring HandpieceEffective Skin Tightening Action Are you experiencing one of the changes below? Jawline disappearing · Easier to accumulate fat at waist and hip areas· Sagging skin on the arm or abdomen · Appearance of cellulite on the thigh These are signs of the natural ageing process, showing that the body is […]

Endymed iFine RF Eye Lifting Solution

  Non-surgical Treatment for Brighter and Radiant Eyes Instantly Reduce Wrinkles and Dark Circles Around the Eyes Shrink Bags Under Eyes and Transform Eye Contour The area around the eyes is one the most delicate skin on our body and is one of the first areas showing the signs of ageing. Facial features on the […]

Endymed Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR)

  Suitable for Face · Area Around Eyes · Body Improve Rough Skin Texture · Acne Scars · Wrinkles · Fine Lines As we grow older, the natural process of losing collagen in our skin gradually shows its impact on our appearance which we hope for a stop. A full stop to skin laxity, roughness, […]