Facial Thread Veins

Are you constantly troubled by facial thread veins, with fine red, blue, or purple veins visible on your skin, affecting your facial appearance? Regardless of hot or cold weather, these conspicuous thread veins stubbornly persist on your face and do not fade over time. If you want to get rid of these annoying veins and […]


Have you noticed that your skin has become dull, loose, and developed fine lines and dark spots due to prolonged exposure to sunlight? This phenomenon, known as photoaging, is caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It not only accelerates the aging process of the skin but also significantly affects the appearance of the face. Whether you […]


Why choose Ai Beauty Clinic for ClearLift Treatment? ◎ AI BEAUTY CLINIC is the largest comprehensive medical beauty and plastic surgery hospital in Europe, certified by the UK healthcare regulatory body CQC. ◎ Adhering to Asian aesthetics, all medical staff are registered with the UK GMC/NMC. The professional team is composed of several former NHS […]

PicoSure Pro

 PicoSure Pro  Energy Output Mode  PicoSure Pro  Picosecond Upgrade: New Platinum Experience❗️ The Honeycomb Probe Energy Upgraded by 50%! It is particularly effective in addressing hard-to-treat unwanted pigmentation (melasma, Hori’s nevus, nevus of Ota)!   Why choose Ai Beauty for PicoSure Pro Ai Beauty carried out the most number of PicoSure laser pigmentation treatments in […]


Causes of Eczema As a type of skin condition, eczema outbreaks ultimately stem from an imperfect skin barrier function. While there isn’t a definitive cause stated at present, it is associated with various factors, including genetics, immune system abnormalities, and environmental factors. Here are some potential factors that may lead to eczema: Genetics: People with […]


Small bumps around the eyes include common conditions like milia and papules, but there’s also one often confused with them — syringomas. They frequently appear around the eyes, visible to the naked eye, and can significantly affect one’s appearance when present in larger numbers. Can these somewhat intimidating syringomas around the eyes be removed? Introduction […]