What are the Side Effects of Lipodissolve Injection?

Working out every day, on diet, cutting out sugar…Staying a fit body is a lifelong journey for most women. When it comes to stubborn fat accumulation, it makes the whole journey harder and more frustrating. However, the invention of lipodissolve injection has changed the whole game!

Lipodissolve Injection is designed for localised fat reduction. It works effectively at smaller areas such as chin, face, and limb, and helps to get rid of stubborn fat. An injection solution containing the fat-eliminating ingredient will be injected directly to the subcutaneous fat, causing the damage of fat cells’ cell membrane followed by destroying the fat cells. Also, the concentration of lipase in fat tissue at the injection site will increase and hence promote the digestion of fat into smaller forms. The subsequent waste will then be excreted through the lymphatic system under our body metabolism.

The lipodissolve injection is an injection beauty treatment; it is currently considered the most reliable and safest non-surgical treatment for localized fat reduction. The injection boosts the metabolic rate of fat tissue to digest fat cells and tightens and lifts the skin. This treatment is widely practiced in the UK. However, we should not overlook its potential risks and side effects.

● Dizziness.
 Some components of the injection solution are similar to caffeine and may cause mild dizziness after injection. However, the condition is only temporary and usually will be restored after a short moment. It is a side effect that carries no harm and risk.

● Swelling. Edema and swelling are common side effects of Lipodissolve injection. Recovery from swelling relies on the compositions of the injection solution. Although therefore, choosing a safe and reliable injection solution is important; a good quality injection solution will allow full recovery from swelling gradually. On the contrary, injection of a poor-quality solution may cause abnormal or continuous swelling with slow recovery. For the worst scenario, it is needed to seek medical advice.

● Bruises. The formation of a bruise after injection is another commonly seen side effect. The injection wound causes it. In general, getting bruises by injection is normal, and bruises will be healed gradually. Doctors and nurses who have professional injecting techniques and experience will perform injections with less chance of causing bruises.

● Subcutaneous induration. Uneven injection of Lipodissolve solution will cause uneven surface and subcutaneous induration. It affects our appearance and may harm our health. The injection technique from doctors is somehow related to the occurrence of subcutaneous induration.

● Skin ulcer, muscle atrophy, inflammatory tissue. These are serious side effects of Lipodissolve injection. The Lipodissolve injection is an injection treatment; it requires a high standard of safety practice. Any usage of poor-quality injection solution or operation by poorly trained therapists will easily cause critical operational failures, including overdose, administering injection at the wrong layer or wrong area, etc., resulting in serious physical damage such as muscle atrophy and skin necrosis, and ulceration. Therefore, Lipodissolve injection requires a high standard of administering technique from operators. There are two key criteria when looking for a clinic to perform the Lipodissolve injection: the clinic and the brand of injection solution. It is best to choose a medical beauty institution certified by the UK Care Quality Commission, such as Ai Beauty Clinic. It is an easy way to ensure your own safety and benefits because their medication and product safety are subject to government supervision and protection.

● Bacterial infection, subcutaneous abscess. Lipodissolve injection should be strictly performed in a sterile environment. However, it is not fully followed by some small, scaled workshops or medical beauty institutions, and customers are not fully aware of it. Once the bacterial infection occurs, it is likely to develop a subcutaneous abscess, and medical treatment should be sought. Inferior clinics or medical beauty institutions that lack the relevant knowledge and expertise may worsen the entire situation. Strongly recommend NOT to purchase and administer Lipodissolve injection by yourself; it is extremely unhygienic and dangerous. You should only receive the injection from professional licensed institutions to avoid any possible bacterial infection.

● Affect our body systems. Lipodissolve injection reduces fat content by digesting fat tissue and excreting the subsequent waste via lymphatic and circulatory systems. The involvement of the systems may affect their own daily operation. For example, to achieve higher fat reduction effectiveness purposes, poor quality injection solutions may contain ingredients that will excrete body water content. Long-term injection of these injection solutions will dehydrate our body constantly on a dangerous level, suppress circulation flow, and cause various physical problems, including skin deterioration, nausea, vomiting, kidney failure, etc. On the other hand, a professional brand of Lipodissolve injection will bring you a positive result you are thrilled to see. They will reduce body fat content but not water content, boost the metabolism and help build a new balance in our systems at the same time. Desobody and Aqualyx are the two injection solutions used by Ai Beauty. They both have high-quality and safe compositions. They contain natural components that ensure effective fat reduction without harming intestines’ health and without any burdens or side effects. Choosing a high-quality injection solution not only provides you all the possible benefits but also prevents you from getting avoidable side effects.

Although Lipodissolve injection is permitted in the UK, being pretty and healthy at the same time is the top priority. If you think you have issues with fat accumulation, you are recommended to visit a certified medical beauty institution and receive a consultation, diagnosis, and treatment from professional doctors. The Lipodissolve injection is not as simple as it looks, but it is your right and responsibility to understand the risk and side effects before getting any treatment.


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