Laser Hair Removal – Side Effects

Hair removal is a must-do treatment if you are looking for smoothening and whitening your skin. Among all hair removal methods, which is the best for you? Waxing and hair removal cream have been popular options. However, the pain caused by waxing and the temporary results from the cream does not satisfy our need fully. Therefore, the laser hair removal technology that provides promising results has long been the most popular treatment for hair removal. Are there side effects, though?

The theory behind laser hair removal technology is selective photo thermolysis. The hair follicle and hair shaft are rich in melanin (a skin pigment). Specifically, melanin can be found in the cells of the hair bulb matrix and various parts of the hair shaft (medulla, cortex, and cuticle). The laser will only target the melanin molecules in the skin to remove hair. Melanin will then absorb the laser energy, which results in an instant increase in temperature. The heat generated will damage the follicles and surrounding area, causing the hair to fall and loss of the ability of hair regeneration.

Laser technology is highly selective; it will only affect black hair, leaving the sweat gland, sebaceous glands, and other skin structures unharmed during the laser treatment. Also, this technology is painless and will not cause scar formation and affect any skin’s performance. Therefore, we believe laser technology is the safest and most permanent technology for hair removal.

However, nothing is perfect; laser hair removal has its side effects that we should be aware of. As the laser treatment works well by damaging melanin molecules with laser beams causing permanent follicles damage, the side effects are mainly melanin deposition, low melanin content, and improper operational use.

1.Burns and blisters: A slight edema shown at the hair follicle is the best immediate response after treatment. However, excessive laser energy will cause erythema in the treated area. If there is a localized burn situation in some severe cases, the erythema may last long, and blisters may appear. Bigger blisters tend to form scabs when it heals. Therefore, it is important to receive treatment from legit instruments by experienced technicians for your own safety and beauty concerns.

In the Ai Beauty Clinic, all our laser technicians are NVQ accredited with rich experience operating the laser instrument and with deep knowledge of hair removal. They are all officially trained laser specialists and are confident in setting and operating the device. Moreover, we use an FDA-approved high-power dual-wavelength laser device called CynosureElite +™. It has a specific parameter setting that removes hair without causing any undesired response to the skin. Since it does not burn or form blisters on the skin or surrounding areas during the process, it does not require the application of the gel. Additionally, the equipped exclusive SmartCool cooling system constantly produces strong cold wind to the skin during the process. It controls the epidermal temperature to the safe standard temperature level and provides a cold anesthesia effect to the skin. The cooling level is customizable according to personal tolerance to ensure a comfortable and safe treatment.

2.Pigmentation. This side effect usually occurs after using illegal and not up-to-standard hair removal devices. Without having a standardized setting, the laser power is too low for a completed and satisfying hair removal process. Hair will likely grow under the epidermis layer, causing localized pigmentation. Therefore, you must understand the device a clinic is using before going ahead with a treatment. A laser device with FDA approval is a safe and confident option. Also, only legit, qualified, and responsible institutions will introduce a genuine high-end device for their patients.

3.Skin diseases. Skin disease development after treatment is usually related to improper operation and an unsterile environment/tools. For example, improper cleaning and disinfection during the hair removal process can cause pore occlusion or damage to sebaceous glands, resulting in sebaceous gland-deficient eczema or folliculitis, and may experience bacterial infections. However, these are all avoidable by following standardized treatment procedures and using certified devices. CynosureElite +™ is a popular and FDA-approved hair removal device. It is a contactless device; thanks to the suspension technology, it allows no contact with any surface, including the bacterial surface. Two optimum wavelengths can be applied separately or simultaneously so that people with darkened skin are also suitable for the treatment without the concern of effectiveness and side effects. Ai Beauty patients are all protected thoroughly by insurance and safety systems and can enjoy a concern-free, painless and effective hair removal treatment.


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