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Are you one of those who has given up trying several fad diets? Are you born with stubborn fat that you can’t get rid of? Are you tired of paying hefty gym fees yet without having time to work out? We have got your problems solved!

Just get yourself an appointment at AI Beauty Clinic and let us do the fat reduction job. You do not have to hit gyms or do fad diets to lose stubborn body fat. We will help you lose weight painlessly without any effort.

AI Beauty Clinic is the only clinic in the UK that is offering the latest generation of CoolSculpting treatment. This upgraded version of CoolSculpting is an innovative treatment introduced to provide our clients with a non-invasive, safe, and comfortable service for fat reduction.

CoolSculpting “Elite” is the latest CoolSculpting technology that is available in the market. AI Beauty Clinic is offering you the best services in this regard. The U-shaped cup used in the former treatment of CoolSculpting comes with several side effects and takes extra time in the fat freezing process as it captures one area at a time.

However, the Elite version of CoolSculpting is providing applicators possessing a C-shaped cup that offers comfort and improved fit as it complements the natural curves of the human body. Fat-freezing has been made easier with this new generation of CoolSculpting. C-shaped applicators are providing more area of the body fat to be frozen, thus decreasing the overall time of the fat-freezing process. CoolSculpting Elite allows one machine to target two areas of the body simultaneously.

We are providing the CoolSculpting Elite services at highly reasonable prices to our clients. Our clients will feel more comfortable using this new generation for fat reduction. Even-cooling and gentle suction are the features provided by the C-shaped cup design. We have observed improved results among our clients who have provided us with positive feedbacks. Seldom any side-effect is observed among the patients, availing the service of CoolSculpting Elite technology.

Cost of CoolSculpting Elite

The market is full of fat-reducing treatments that are going to cost you an arm and a leg. Businesses associated with weight-loss campaigns are exploiting the common people by charging huge amounts of money for their services or products. Is it worth spending valuable money on these fake scams that do not even fulfill your promises?

1 Cycle £549
2 Cycles £1049
3 Cycles £1499
4 Cycles £2188
5 Cycles £2270
6 Cycles £2600
7 Cycles £2899
8 Cycles £3199
9 Cycles £3460
10 Cycles £3690
12 Cycles £4299
16 Cycles £5580

At AI Beauty Clinic we are offering you CoolSculpting treatment at affordable prices. You do not need to spend tons of your hard-earned money to get rid of body fat. We provide services that are lighter on the pocket, yet heavier on the results. Not do we only provide the best results, but also work on providing cost-effective treatments to completely satisfy our clients.

We want to satisfy our clients not just physically, but mentally as well. We are providing our clients with a special offer to avail of the service. You won’t regret spending your money to get rid of stubborn fat.

To know the final cost of the procedure, we recommend our clients get an appointment and visit in person. We assess the areas that are to be fat-reduced and will let you know the number of cycles required for the procedure.

The average cost per cycle is around 550 £ and the number of cycles depends upon person to person and their fat reduction requirements.

Once you book an appointment with us, we will analyze your esthetic goals. At AI Beauty Clinic we aim to provide you with a body shape that you have been dreaming of. We will look into your concerns and create a fat reduction plan for you.

The table below mentions the prices per cycle. The price increases as the number of cycles increase. The number of cycles depends on person to person and the type of fat reduction they want from their bodies. We recommend you book an appointment and pay a visit to our clinic for a consultation. We will analyze your concerns and plan a treatment accordingly.

Time duration

The duration of a session of CoolSculpting Elite is around 35 to 40 minutes. However, the total time of the session also depends upon the body areas to be treated for CoolSculpting. Duration also depends upon the type and number of applicators to be used. Depending on the size of the applicator, the time varies for each individual’s situation.

The table below shows the suggested number of cycles for particular body areas chosen for the CoolSculpting Elite treatment.

Chin 1~2
Bra Fat 2
Arms 1~2 for each
Flanks 2~4
Abdomen/Stomach 2~6
Inner Thighs 1~3 for each
Back 4~6
Buttocks 2~4

Results are usually starting to appear in the first month of treatment. But it may take up to three months for the results to be visibly seen.

The number of cycles depends on the type of fat deposited in certain areas of the body. Body areas such as flanks, stomach, back, and buttocks possess fat that is stubborn and hard to lose. This is why a higher number of cycles of CoolSculpting Elite treatment are used to freeze the fat cells. However, areas such as the chin and arms require 1 to 2 cycles approximately to get rid of the extra fat.

At AI Clinic, you relax in our comfortable chairs, while we do the procedure to make you look as young as ever. We make sure that you leave fully satisfied once the session is over. The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority. We regularly receive feedback from our clients and ask them to report us back in case of any unanticipated side effects.

CoolSculpting Elite treatment can be performed on both, men and women. This treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive; thus, it can be availed by any woman who is planning to conceive soon.

However, we do not recommend this to pregnant women as this treatment could cause fat reduction from the body that could lead to any unforeseen consequences. If any pregnant client still insists upon having the procedure done, we would ask for written approval from her gynecologist.

Women tend to gain a lot of weight and deposit stubborn fat during their journey of pregnancy. They either do not have time to lose those extra gained fat cells or have given up hopes after several trials of diets and workouts. At AI Beauty Clinic we will make sure you lose that post-partum fat and get back in shape as soon as possible. However, depending upon the type of birth a woman has given, we recommend a written consent from her gynecologist for the treatment.

Breastfeeding women who wish to enroll for the CoolSculpting Elite procedure should also get a consultation from their gynecologist. We do not want our clients to suffer from the consequences of the treatment.

Rumors state that CoolSculpting Elite treatment can deposit fat in other body parts while sucking from one. However, we do not agree with those false allegations which are only spread to target businesses like ours.


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