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Hollow temples

Introduction The temporal area contains mainly tissue and has not received support from any bone structure. Therefore, any loss of collagen, water and nutrients at the area will lead to the loss of its volume and a hollow temple appearance. Hollow temples often appear along with other collagen loss-related appearances such as sunken cheeks, sagging […]

Double chin

No matter how pretty you are, or whether you have a perfect golden ratio that everyone is jealous about, having a double chin will instantly give an impression of a chubby body and draw the attention away. If you have one, no worries, you are not alone, double chin can occur on everyone, some celebrities […]

Chubby cheek | Face fat

Nearly every woman must have complained about the fat on their face once in their life, especially after a picture taken or comparison with others. Therefore, camera filters and beauty cameras have unsurprisingly become popular tools to “adjust” our face shape. Everyone wants a pretty face A slim, small and well defined face shape has […]