Are shoulder botox injections safe?

Having feminine shoulders allows one to enjoy dressing up all year round. Beachwear, cute cami tops, winter coats, sexy dresses, these are all piece of cake to look good with a slim shoulder. However, no need to worry if you think you have large and thick trapezius (shoulder) muscles! Shoulder botox injection can help to correct and contour a big shoulder for a slimmer silhouette. Is the injection safe though?


The injection solutions for slimming shoulders, face and legs are all the same, which is botox with the scientific name of Botulinum Toxin A. Injection areas and dosages are varied depending on the desired slimming areas. For example, during the treatment of slimming shoulder, botox solution will be injected directly to the trapezius muscles, it will lose the bulk and size of the muscles.

Botulinum Toxin A is a biological product, it is not as scary as it sounds. The production of botulinum toxin for medical use has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1992. Type A and type B of the toxin are commonly used for medical use. All botox solution brands used by AI BEAUTY are type A botox (Botulinum Toxin A) which has been widely proved as highly safe and effective. Apart from cosmetic therapy, Botulinum Toxin A has been applied in various therapeutic contexts such as neuromuscular therapy and has shown unique and irreplaceable clinical results. Slimming body parts by botox injection is safe and effective because it will reduce the size of muscles for a certain period of time. And muscle will grow back without a regular botox injection.

Botox toxin will temporarily block signals from the nerves to the trapezius muscles, allowing tensed muscles to relax. The muscles will then shrink from the relaxation and shoulders will look smaller and softer. Shoulder botox injection not only builds a slimmer and feminine silhouette but also ease the shoulder/neck pain from prolonged periods of sitting.

The trapezius muscle is a large superficial (closest to the skin) back muscle that is easily accessible by needle injection. If you are worried about the mobility of shoulders after the injection, the following explanation will ease your mind.

The trapezius muscle is the most superficial large muscle for the shoulder and upper back. It extends from your neck, down along the spine and across your shoulder blade. The upper trapezius (or the neck segment) is the area to develop fatigue easily. Through botox injection at the upper trapezius, the trapezius muscles will be relaxed and shrink without affecting normal shoulder movement.

Three key factors that affect the safety of botox injection.

Firstly, using a high quality and genuine botox solution is critical. Certified medical beauty clinics like Ai Beauty Clinic will only use proven safe Botulinum Toxin A injection solution such as Bocouture/Xeomin from Germany, Azzalure from the UK, and Botox from the USA. However, there are some illegitimate beauty clinics putting customers at risk by using non-certified injection solutions to increase the profit. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to receive a high quality and safe treatment from a doctor in a certified clinic.


The second crucial factor is the injection technique and experience of the doctor. Although botox injection is not a new practice, the requirement of a doctor’s injection technique has remained a high standard. As the shoulder area is relatively large, it requires accurate and precise identification of the injection site. Precise identification of injection site and dosage will maximise the botox effect at the area. Do ask for professional certifications and injection experience from the doctor during your consultation section to ensure a qualified visit and treatment.

The injection dosage is the third key safety concern. Single dosage for slimming the shoulder at a certified clinic or hospital is 200 units of botulinum toxin. Excessive dosage may result in dramatic unnatural results and severe muscle weakness. However, insufficient dosage will not show any significant improvement. The limit of single dosage for shoulder slimming is 2,000 units, and any single dosage over this limit could be fatal.

For concern of safety, shoulder botox injection is not suitable for the following groups of people: people with heart, liver, and kidney diseases; people with connective tissue diseases; people who take aminoglycoside antibiotics; people with myasthenia gravis and multiple sclerosis; people who are pregnant or breastfeeding; people who are allergic to albumin or to botulinum toxin.

There are some tips to take home when you are considering or going to receive a botox treatment. Avoid receiving botox injection during period. Keep the injection site clean after the injection. Stop taking aspirin and aspirin-type medicine one week before the injection as this medicine will affect blood coagulation and hence the healing of the injection site.

In conclusion, the treatments for slimming shoulder, face and leg have the same theory. The practice is safe and without severe side effects when you go to a certified clinic to receive a qualified consultation and treatment from doctors. It is completely normal to develop weakness of shoulder muscle after the injection, and the condition will be recovered after a few days.


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