Botox Trapezius/Shoulder Slimming


When botulinum toxin is injected into the muscle, it blocks the effects of a chemical messenger called acetylcholine that is released from the nerves to make the muscle contract. Then, it helps the muscles to relax. Cosmetic use of Botox has increased over the years. Despite the muscle correction associated with facial expression on the face, the injection into the upper side of the trapezius is becoming a standard procedure for making a smooth shoulder line. As a result, the treatment can improve the appearance of the neck, shoulder and back..

Botox Trapezius/Shoulder Slimming

Price Table

Toxin Brand

Standard Unit

Price for Standard Unit


Standard (500 units)



Standard (200 units)



Standard (200 units)


Toxin Brand

Maintaining Unit

Price for Maintaining Unit


Maintaining (250 units)



Maintaining (100 units)



Maintaining (100 units)



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The trapezius is a large muscle covering the neck, shoulder, and back. We can use Botox injections to shrink this muscle, creating a longer neck and straighter angled shoulders. Besides, it helps to release neck and shoulder pain from overused and overdeveloped muscles.

Trapezius slimming is suitable for people who suffer from neck and shoulder pain, functional relief of the pain, some types of tension headaches, and poor posture problems. From an aesthetic perspective, this treatment can elongate the neck and create straight 90-degree shoulder contours to create an elegant long neck that looks more feminine and less hulk-like.

You have a strong trapezius if you can pinch two chunks of developed muscle where the neck and shoulders meet. However, trapezius injections are only suitable for girls with overdeveloped trapezius muscles. If your problems are caused by fat accumulation, you are not a good candidate for this project. Instead, you can refer to our treatment for a Lipodissolve injection.


Trapezius muscle hypertrophy is characterized by enlarged muscle bulk. Because the shoulder injection is injected directly into the trapezius muscle of the shoulders to relax and shrink the shoulder muscles, it gives you a more elegant upper body. This procedure can often be performed in under an hour, and you will not feel painful or uncomfortable.

After the injection, temporary soreness, redness, and bruising are normal. Botulinum toxin typically takes one month to start working, after which you can achieve the goal of a slim shoulder and neckline, together with well-defined collarbones.

The landmarks for shoulder injection are important. Our doctors will mark out several strategic points on your trapezius and inject the required units of Botox into these points and you can return to your daily activities immediately. This treatment relies heavily on practitioners’ professional technique. Undoubtedly, our highly experienced cosmetic doctors can help you to achieve the best outcome.


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In terms of our professionals, Ai Beauty Clinic prides itself on a team of GMC/NMC-registered, experienced, and esteemed aesthetic doctors and celebrity practitioners. Notably, many have more than seven years of practical experience performing aesthetic treatments, including famous aesthetic trainers and practitioners who top pharmaceutical companies across Europe recognize.

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 shoulder botox/traps botox/botox injections for trapezius pain

After the injection of the trapezius muscle, the shoulder line becomes smoother. Moreover, you can significantly find a reduction in the trapezius size. This treatment aims to recontour your neck and shoulder lines. Once the trapezius muscles are relaxed, a slim shoulder and neckline with well-defined collarbones can be visually seen.

You can return to your everyday life the same day with minimum side effects. The injections show immediate results within one week and can last up to 6 to 8 months. However, the botulinum toxin injection provides only temporary results. To maintain results, we suggest you have repeat treatments as and when they are required.

On the other hand, botulinum toxin For people with pain and muscle spasms in their shoulders, botulinum toxin tends to work by blocking muscular nerve signals to the brain and decreasing pain in the target areas. Therefore, there is a significant reduction in their pain in general activity. As a result, patients may benefit from an overall improvement in their quality of life..

Why choose Ai Beauty for Botox Trapezius/Shoulder

  • Ai Beauty is CQC-regulated with the safety and quality of the treatment guaranteed for you.
  • Ai Beauty carried out the most number of Botox Trapezius/Shoulder in the UK.
  • All Botox Trapezius/Shoulder procedures are performed by GMC-registered doctors or NMC-registered nurses at Ai Beauty.


Preoperative preparations

Preoperative preparations

Do not hav injections on an empty stomach.

Do not drink alcohol a week before the injection.

Do not take aspirin and other drugs within two weeks before the injection.

Do not have injections during the menstrual period.

Aftercare instructions
Do not touch, rub, or apply physical pressure on the affected area.

Expect temporary soreness, redness, and bruising, which are normal.

Leave the treated area alone without water for 1-2 hours.

Don’t apply a hot or cold compress to the injection site for 24 hours.

Avoid spicy seafood food for one week after the injection.

Do not take antibiotics within one week, especially gentamicin and penicillin.

Avoid alcohol for three days after the injection.

Avoid the sauna, spa or swimming for at least one week.

Do not undertake strenuous exercise.


Is the treatment safe?
Botulinum toxin therapy is a popular and safe cosmetic treatment. Various clinical researchers have proven that botulinum toxin A is a useful ingredient in treating benign masseteric hypertrophy, correcting the squared facial appearance and reducing enlarged calf muscles.

What can I expect from my treatment?
You will see immediate results within about two weeks. After that, you will see the final results within two months. Please note that the botulinum toxin injection is only temporary, so we recommend that you have a repeated treatment once every six months.

How long can you see the result?
At the start, it takes three weeks to work. You can see fuller results in approximately 4 to 6 weeks. On average, the difference will last typically between 4 to 6 months. We do recommend a second session at 3 to 6 months afterwards in order to effect a reduction in bone and muscle bulk to attempt greater longevity.

How long does it last?
This may vary from patient to patient. Generally, your results can last at least 3 to 6 months. It also depends on the individual’s lifestyle and metabolism. If you do not adjust your posture or use the trapezius often, the muscles will still grow back. However, the longevity of the treatment can be increased with regular treatments. After three injection cycles, it could be permanent.

What are the side effects after the injections?
Just like all injections, there can be bruising and pain. Temporary weakness of the muscles may cause weakness in lifting or upper arm function. But usually, the side effects are minimal to nil. By giving precise dosages and operating by professional practitioners, most patients do not experience any weakness or side effects.


Azzalure®, botulinum toxin type A, has been on sale in the U.K. since the early 1990s under the brand name Dysport®. It is licensed in 67 countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom and many European markets. It works effectively, especially on a wide range of muscles, such as calves and shoulder areas.

Bocouture®, a German brand, has been on sale in the U.K. since 2008. It was approved for cosmetic use in the U.K. in July 2010 and can provide similar results to those achievable with the other products without the risk of antibody formation.

Botox® Cosmetic has quickly become one of the world’s most recognized and iconic brands. Approved for use in various countries, it has become the world’s No.1 selling treatment. Multiple published research and articles have proven its safety and effectiveness profile, so it is also a good choice for your treatment.


Yes botox can slim down the shoulders. By lowering muscle tension, the botox injections, which are often into the trapezius muscles, can sharp and slim the shoulder area, creating a more appealing contouring and feminine profile. An expanded trapezius muscle mass is a sign of trapezius muscle hypertrophy. The shoulder injection provides you a more graceful upper body since it relaxes and shrinks the shoulder muscles by injecting straight into the trapezius muscle of the shoulders. In most cases, this treatment can be finished in under an hour without causing you any pain or discomfort.

Patients may experience this differently. Your results should generally last between three and six months. The lifestyle and metabolism of the individual also have a role. The muscles will still re-grow if your posture is unaltered or if you do not exercise your trapezius muscles often. Regular sessions, however, might lengthen the course of the therapy. After three injection cycles, it can become irreversible.

Toxin Brand- Standard Unit-Price for Standard Unit
Azzalure-Standard (500 units) – £790
Boucouture-Standard (200 units)- £790
Botox-Standard (200 units)- £990
Toxin-Brand-Maintaining Unit-Price for Maintaining Unit
Azzalure-Maintaining (250 units)- £500
Boucouture- Maintaining (100 units)- £500
Botox- Maintaining (100 units)- £600

Preparing for surgery.
Avoid getting shots just after a meal.
One week before injection, refrain from alcohol.
Two weeks before injection, refrain from aspirin and other medications.
Avoid getting shots when menstruating.
Aftercare guidelines
Avoid applying physical pressure or rubbing to the injured region.
Might get bruising, redness, and pain.
For a couple of hours, leave the wound site dry.
Within 24 hours, avoid applying a hot or cold cloth to the injection site.
Within a week of the injection, avoid eating hot seafood to avoid an inflammatory or bleeding response.
Penicillin and gentamicin should not be taken within a week.
Within three days of the injection, refrain from alcohol.
Avoid swimming and exercise for 1 week.

You can achieve a more even appearance that can make your shoulders appear thinner by strengthening the muscles in your hips, knees, and glutes. The best workouts for developing a stronger lower body are lunges, squats, leg lifts, hip thrusts, and glute kickbacks. Women can wear V shaped neck to make them look slim. Eating a well-balanced diet that includes counted calorie intake and regular cardio exercises helps a lot in slimming down the shoulders.

Yes, weight across shoulders can be reduced by increasing the basal metabolic rate with cardio; you can reduce your body fat all throughout, especially on your shoulders. If you’re overweight, aerobic exercise will help you more easily achieve the calorie deficit required for total fat reduction, which will lose weight around your shoulders. Since this method is time consuming and requires long term efforts therefore to obtain immediate effects botox injections can be administered for rapid achievement of weight loss around shoulder line

The trapezius muscle injection results in a smoother shoulder line. Additionally, you can clearly see that the size of the trapezius has decreased. The goal of this procedure is to reshape your neck and shoulder lines. A thin shoulder and neckline with well-defined collarbones may be observed once the trapezius muscles are relaxed. Basically, you may resume your usual activities right away with little to no adverse effects. The injections provide rapid effects that continue for up to a week and up to eight months. However, the effects of the botulinum toxin injection are only transient. We advise having follow-up treatments as needed to preserve your outcomes

A chemical transmitter called acetylcholine, which the nerves produce to cause the muscle to contract, is blocked when botulinum toxin is administered into the muscle. After that, it aids in muscular relaxation. The years see an upsurge in the cosmetic usage of Botox. A frequent treatment for creating a smooth shoulder line is injections into the upper side of the trapezius, despite the muscle correction linked with facial expression on the face. The outcome of the procedure is an improvement in the neck, shoulder, and back’s aesthetics

Neck muscle can be contracted by Botox injections, which will lengthen the neck and angle the shoulders more straightly. Additionally, it aids in relieving neck and shoulder pain brought on by overworked and overgrown muscles. A huge muscle that surrounds the neck, shoulder, and back is called the trapezius. This muscle can be contracted by Botox injections, which will lengthen the neck and angle the shoulders more straightly. Additionally, it aids in relieving neck and shoulder pain brought on by overworked and overgrown muscles.

It takes three weeks to get going at first, and it usually takes between four and six weeks to see effects. The difference will often persist 4 to 6 months on average. In order to reduce bone and muscle mass and try to increase longevity, we nevertheless advise a second session 3 to 6 months after the initial injection. Within two weeks, the injections provide noticeable improvements. Within two months, you will then see the ultimate leaner and reduction outcomes. However, because the effects of the botulinum toxin injection are only temporary, we advise repeating the procedure every six months.

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