Side effects of Thermage FLX

If you have been tuning in to aesthetic treatments recently, you must have heard of Thermage FLX, it is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments at the moment. Both young and mature women are intrigued by its high effectiveness and speedy recovery. With high demand and continuous development, Thermage FLX has developed to its 5th generation with 33 patents worldwide. It is a well recognised non-invasive skin tightening treatment that shows instant and significant results of skin lifting, firming and wrinkle removal after one single treatment. It sounds perfect, right?! However, like every other treatment, we need to understand the risk before going ahead.

Thermage FLX uses radiofrequency technology to heat the dermis layer. The localised dermis layer will be damaged by the heat energy which will then stimulate the skin self-healing process. The healing process promotes the formation and remodeling of collagens that will tighten, smoothen, and lift the skin. Therefore, this skin rejuvenating treatment requires an initial skin damaging step that has existing risks and side effects.

Skin is our outermost protection shield. Common side effects after getting treatments involving heating our skin like Thermage FLX are skin burns and facial collapses. However, severe side effects are mostly related to equipment faults and operational mistakes.

As a 5th generation beauty treatment equipment, the success of Thermage FLX hugely thanks to its high-quality design and precise manufacturing. This is the reason for it being a high-end beauty equipment. Unfortunately, some dishonest manufacturers put customers at risk to produce poor quality replicates. These replicates are not up to standard, using unqualified parts, lack of essential scanning function, inaccurate temperature and skin depth detection which may lead to irreversible heat burn. It is not difficult to find news reporting incidents relating to these unofficial replicates. Thermage FLX is a high-end treatment, not every aesthetic clinic in the UK is equipped with the latest 5th generation.

Strictly speaking, the handpiece tip of Thermage FLX is for single use, no sharing of tip should be practiced. Also, the tip is only effective for 2 hours after being removed from the packaging. However, some clinics allow multiple use of tips to save cost. Multiple use of tips leads to the loss of cooling agent inside the tip to a danger level and results in skin burns.

If you are looking for safe and effective aesthetic treatment, there is no doubt to only visit a legit aesthetic clinic for the treatment. Ai Beauty Clinic, a CQC accredited and doctor-led aesthetic clinic specializing in cosmetic injections and skin care treatment, is one of the first clinics in Europe to introduce Thermage FLX. With genuine Thermage FLX instrument, strictly following operational procedure and no sharing of handpiece tips, these precautious operations ensure Ai Beauty clinic to provide safe treatment and deliver optimum results for each patient.


Why do some people still experience side effects like face collapse after using a genuine instrument? Then, we need to talk about the operational technique. Thermage FLX requires a high standard of operational technique as it reaches a deep skin layer, it requires a rich experienced and knowledgeable operator to complete the whole procedure. It is definitely not easy work that can be picked up by a random person. As Thermage FLX involves the usage of high energy radiofrequency, the precise control of energy level is critical. If the energy output is too high, the fat tissue supporting the skin will be burned which leads to skin collapse, the utter opposite result we want to see. Therefore, when Thermage FLX is used to treat wrinkles and sagging areas on face, especially cheekbone, areas in front of ears, cheek and temples, the energy setting should be optimum, too high or too low are not appropriate. Also, the number of treatments should be carefully calculated because frequent treatment may cause skin depressions, damage to face contour and even face collapse.


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