Thermage: Before and After

The Faults in Our Skin

Ageing is a natural process. Our body goes through several physiological changes with growing age and we get to see various signs of how our body features are changing with time. Many of these are internal body changes that do not have a visual effect on your appearance.

However, the most prominent changes appear on the skin surface which are the first ones to be noticed by the people around you. These changes have a deep impact on how your personality is viewed by others. People mostly judge your age by the deformations and abnormalities of the skin.

Wrinkles are the most common signs of ageing visible on the skin. These wrinkles can affect your overall personality and outlook in your social circle.  Moreover, you don’t want to feel old in your social meetups and kitty parties! Do you?

This skin ageing is caused by the collagen layers of your skin. Collagen is a natural protein layer that keeps the skin firm and upright, giving you a younger look. As you grow old, the collagen does not remain intact and loses its strength to hold the skin firmly against the gravitational pull. This results in skin sagging and wrinkling, which keeps increasing with time.

We, at the AI Beauty Clinicunderstand how important it is for you to stay young and lively in your daily lives, and this is not possible without a perfect skin outlook. We are offering Thermage FLX treatments in London that are a convenient way to get wrinkle-free and perfectly young skin.

The Power of Thermage FLX

Thermage FLX is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that enables you to revive your skin without any downtime for treatment. This not only reduces the wrinkles but also restores the tone and contours of your skin. Thermage FLX makes use of a special form of capacitive radiofrequency (RF) technology to strengthen and tighten the already existing collagen and accelerate natural collagen production on your skin surface. This enables the natural restoration of your skin without any need for harmful chemicals or surgical procedures (Kim & Kim, 2019). The non-invasive nature of the treatment has made it very successful and popular around the world.

Do I Need Thermage FLX Treatment?

Thermage FLX is for people of all ages and different walks of life. It is not restricted to only the comparatively elderly women. If you have started to notice signs of any kind of defects in the intactness of your skin, it is recommended that you initiate the Thermage process before it gets too late. This also acts as a preventive procedure that will prevent your skin from getting wrinkled and old as time passes by.

Thermage treatment has been a key secret of younger-looking skin for many world-famous celebrities. Influencers, Singers, and Actresses have often revealed how Thermage treatments keep their skin appearance young and fresh even after the ages of 40 or 50 years! Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford, and Jennifer Anniston are some of the prominent examples who admitted using collagen restoration treatments such as Thermage FLX to ensure a perfect texture and young outlook of their skin.

Is Thermage Only for Face?

Thermage treatments have been most abundantly used for facial wrinkles, especially for the wrinkles around the eyes and dark circles. However, it is not just restricted to the face and neck. Thermage works effectively on any part of your body that exhibits signs of ageing skin. Thermage FLX is currently being used as a perfect remedy for the wrinkling skin around the neck, knees, legs, arms, hands, and any other areas that show signs of ageing. Thermage FLX machine comes with a variety of specific tips for each area of the body (Haney, 2019). Each tip is custom-designed to ensure a comfortable and accurate treatment as per the different skin needs around the body.

This facilitates Our experts at AI Beauty Clinic to use the best-suited tip as per the skin requirements of the client and the specific areas of their body. The treatment has also proved very helpful for new mothers who want to restore the saggy skin around their tummy areas. Now they can go through the Thermage FLX treatments to quickly get rid of skin wrinkles and marks to get back a perfectly young outlook without any invasive or surgical treatments which often require excessive downtimes or recovery periods for these mothers who have already barely recovered from post-birth treatments and probably hospitalization. Thermage FLX provides them the most convenient and effective option to regain their pre-birth skin texture.

Is the Treatment Safe?

Thermage FLX process is extremely convenient and safe as the client only feels a slight warmth of the Thermage tip on their skin that slowly realigns the collagen (Sukal & Geronemus, 2008). This subtle heating trickles down the skin layers to gradually rejuvenate the collagen layers and the skin tissues, giving it a perfectly fresh look. It has no other related complications or procedures. It is suitable for all skin types even if the client has gone through other surgical or non-surgical procedures earlier. It does not involve any usage of chemicals or injections with the process, making it the most preferred treatment by clients across the world.

Do I Need Any Preparations Before Thermage FLX?

There are not specific skin preparation requirements before Thermage FLX. You can book your appointment at AI Beauty Clinic for Thermage, and just be there in time. We will just need a clean skin surface to initiate the process and within no time you will be out there, continuing your routine daily activities.

What Precautions or Prohibitions Exist After Thermage Process?

The best thing about Thermage FLX is it’s zero downtime. There are no restrictions on any kind of routine activities. There are no medications, chemicals, or injections involved before, during, or after the process. You can go out in the sun, you can do sports, swimming or your gym workout, and you can apply make-up as you like. Moreover, there will be no after-effects or post-symptoms of the treatment and you will not feel any unusual sensations on your skin. All you will exhibit is younger-looking, flawless skin that is soft and glowing just like a child.

Do Thermage Results Last Long Enough?

The longevity of Thermage FLX is dependent upon many factors and the results vary from person to person as per their skin types and other physiological factors. One major factor is your skin’s age. For some people, the skin may remain young and intact for several years without the need of doing Thermage again. For others (whose skin is a little more susceptible to ageing), the skin may start getting wrinkles again after a few months, but not at the same speed as they were before the Thermage process. However, this can also be effectively controlled by following personalized skin-care routine plans. Our team of experts at AI Beauty Clinic will assess your skin’s health and recommend specific skin-care routines which will ensure the long-term effects of the Thermage FLX treatment. They might also recommend other treatments that can complement Thermage to give you a more sustainable perfect and naturally beautiful look. Some of these treatments could be Fotona 4D ProMicroNeedlingUltherapySkin PeelingEmsculpt, or Hydrafacial.

Below are some of the pictures showing skin treatment from thermage before and after the session at AI Beauty Clinic.


After the treatment, images show smooth lines around the mouth area. The jawline and skin under the chin have been more defined.


After the treatment, images show the smoothened skin on the legs and abdomen.


After the treatment, images show less hooded eyes and decreased wrinkles.

How Much Does Thermage Cost?

Thermage FLX is not only convenient, but it is also a very cost-effective treatment. The exact pricing of the process depends on various factors such as the area of the body, skin condition, and how many iterations will be required to achieve the desired goal.

The Thermage treatment is still cost-effective as compared with other treatments of the same league. One example is the facelift treatment for which the costs may be averaged around GBP £ 10,000/- (ten thousand pounds). Hence, it is a preferred option for most people around the globe as it is the most convenient, economical, and safe option for regaining a naturally younger look on your skin.You might want to consider the cinderella face lift treatment as a good alternative.

We are offering the lowest prices with guaranteed results. Book an appointment now to get the best offers in this regard. We provide you with the best results in the most cost-effective prices. AI Beauty Clinic will make your dreams come true.

Where Can I Get Thermage Near Me?

AI Beauty Clinic is one of the leading cosmetics treatment institutes in the heart of the United Kingdom, with a diverse team of beauticians, dermatologists, and cosmetic treatment experts. We bring experts and specialists from the US, Europe, and other regions of the world who are specifically trained to provide bespoke services and treatment packages based on your individual needs. We have serviced over fifteen thousand clients from around the world and have received exceptional feedback, recommendations, and trust from all these people who are not just our clients anymore but are also part of our wider family.

We are continuously expanding this family of our clients and we would like to be of service to your skincare needs. Moreover, we have a complete set of services and we will be happy to provide an economical complete package cost that would let you avail all the necessary skin-care treatments under one roof. So please visit our website and book your appointment now. You can also contact us to talk to our experts and get advice about your personalized skincare problems and requirements.

We look forward to servicing you and helping you regain the beauty and confidence of your younger self. We provide you with the best skin experts in London. We believe in quality to build a relationship of trust with our clients.


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