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If you can no longer identify with tattoos – be it coloured or patterned – or if they are part of a memory you would like to bury, you might want to get rid of them permanently. Traditional tattoo removal requires a significant amount of time to show results and often cause pain and scarring. Some may wonder: is there a better solution?

Yes. The solution is PicoSure®, which is by far the quickest laser tattoo removal treatment available.

How traditional tattoo removal works

In general, there are three traditional ways to remove tattoos. They are chemical peel, skin ablation and surgical removal.

Unfortunately, these three methods can cause significant damage to the skin. If the treatment only works on superficial layers of the skin, tattoos cannot be completely removed. If it goes way too deep, tissues can be damaged and cause permanent scarring.

In fact, tattoo removal is an aesthetic treatment that is best carried out by professionally trained practitioners in medical practices or clinics to ensure a safe and smooth procedure.

Ai Beauty Clinic is here to help by offering a safer, more reliable and no-scarring PicoSure® laser tattoo removal treatment.

PicoSure® laser is by far the quickest and safest way to remove tattoos.

Proudly presented by AI BEAUTY CLINIC, PicoSure® originates in the USA and is the world’s first ever laser system to treat at 755nm wavelength and have the unique PicoSure® Skin Rejuvenation function. This device is FDA- and CFDA-approved for treating pigmentary skin conditions, dark spots and tattoos.

What is PicoSure® 755nm picosecond laser?

PicoSure® is named after the picosecond laser used to remove tattoos and treat benign pigmented lesions safely and effectively.

Picosecond is a unit that measures time. 1 second = 1000000000 nanoseconds = 1000000000000 picoseconds. The pulse duration (or pulse width) emitted by PicoSure® laser technology is as short as one thousandth of a nanosecond, which is exactly one picosecond.

Instead of heat energy, PicoSure® mainly employs a short pulse duration to transmit photomechanical pressure to the targeted tattoo. After breaking up the ink particles, the pigmentation will be metabolised without leaving any scars. By minimising the side effects of photothermolysis, this treatment sees a smaller number of sessions required,and a decreased possibility of dark or white patches in the treated area after treatment.

PicoSure® FOCUS™ Lens Array (FLA) technology works by focusing all laser beams onto the treated area, intensely triggering fibroblast in targeted skin tissues and stimulating production of collagen and elastic fibers. As a result, the patient’s facial skin is smoothed, whitened, tightened and lifted. This technology also helps reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles, achieving full-face rejuvenation.

What’s unique about PicoSure® is that it engages short laser pulse width to deliver results without causing any significant damage to the skin. PicoSure® laser shatters pigmentation into tiny particles so they can be absorbed and flushed out of the body system by metabolism. This system’s effectiveness makes it the best choice for those who wish to bid farewell to tattoos and all kinds of pigmentary conditions.

PicoSure® 755nm laser is highly effective in eliminating acne scars, tattoos, pigmentation and wrinkles. Most PicoSure® devices operate with 1064nm wavelength. 755nm wavelengths enable a highly focused removal effect on melanin, encouraging metabolism of pigmentation which makes the treatment work 7 times faster than traditional laser. Not only does it minimise thermal damage and the possibility of dark patches developing in tattooed areas afterwards, the PicoSure FOCUS™ Lens Array technology helps break up melanin with pressure waves within one picosecond, stimulating collagen and elastic fibers regeneration and enhancing elasticity in any aging cells.

Price Table

# of sessions Small Area


Medium Area


Large Area



£88 £155 £231


£288 £440 £660
6 £372 £570


8 £440 £680


What ink colours can PicoSure® laser remove?

A wide range of colours apply: black, blue, red, green, blue, purple, etc. PicoSure® tattoo removal can be used between shorter intervals and fewer sessions are needed to notice results.

Apart from tattoo removal, what skin concerns can PicoSure® laser address?

PicoSure® laser treats stubborn and recalcitrant age spots, epidermal and dermal hyperpigmentation, moles, uneven skin tone, indented tattoo lines, wrinkles, acne scars,enlarged pores etc. Patients will achieve whitened, smoothed,brightened and glowing skin.

Traditional Laser Tattoo Removal  vs PicoSure® Laser Tattoo Removal

Compared to other laser device systems, PicoSure® laser is more effective in targeting and shattering tattoo ink particles, causes less damage to the skin, requires a shorter healing time and fewer treatment sessions, as well as more efficient in fully removing tattoo pigments.

Hence, PicoSure® is by far the best way to remove tattoos permanently.

Benefits of PicoSure® Laser Tattoo Removal

  1. Optimal Effectiveness & Efficiency: Targets and shatters unwanted ink chromophores so they get absorbed and metabolised. Works more than 10 times faster than traditional Q-switched laser and utilises 20 times more energy than traditional laser.
  2. Quick & Speedy Sessions: Works much faster than traditional nanosecond laser treatments. Damages melanin in the blink of an eye, causing minimal thermal damage to the treated area.
  3. Ability to Remove Wide Range of Pigments: Works on black, blue, red, green, blue and purple tattoo inks.
  4. Short Healing Time, Safe, Painless & Non-Surgical: PicoSure®’s 755nm wavelength laser only works on targeted tissues (such as melanin, visible veins and broken capillaries), causing minimal damage to other surrounding normal skin tissues.
  5. No Discolouration: PicoSure® laser imposes powerful pressure waves on targeted melanin, preventing pigments to redevelop, hence minimising the risk of dark patches developing in treated areas.
  6. Photorejuvenation & Revitalisation: PicoSure®’s FOCUS™ Lens Array (FLA) technology helps stimulate collagen regeneration, smooth scars and reduce wrinkles.

– FAQ –

Q: Does PicoSure® laser tattoo removal cause scarring?

A: No. PicoSure® targets and breaks up unwanted ink chromophores. The shattered pigment particles are then flushed out of the body system through scabs, blood circulation or cell absorption. This treatment does not damage or scar the surrounding normal skin tissues, which makes it the best tattoo removal method.

Not only does PicoSure® laser tattoo removal not cause scarring, it also helps smooth existing scars without damaging the skin. With the appropriate aftercare, the treated areas will heal and look like any other normal skin again. However, for clients who are more likely to scar, it is advised to inform the practitioner before receiving any treatment to avoid confusion or undesirable results.

Q: How many PicoSure® laser tattoo removal sessions are usually needed?

A: This depends on the condition of the client’s tattoos. In general, PicoSure® laser requires 2-3 sessions to remove black or light tattoo inks, or 4-5 sessions for dark tattoo inks.

Tattoo removal results also depend on:

  1. How big the tattoo is;
  2. How deep the tattoo was needled into the skin. If the tattoo is located on more superficial layers of the skin, it is easier to be lightened or cleared;
  3. How dark the tattoo ink is. Multi-coloured tattoos are usually more difficult to remove than black ones;
  4. The type of tattoo pigment involved. Some metallic tattoo inks are harder to remove.

Q: Does PicoSure® laser tattoo removal bring any side effects? Does the treatment cause pain?

A: PicoSure® laser tattoo removal does not have any side effects. The treatment simply targets and shatters any pigmentation on the epidermis so the broken-up ink particles to scab over and fall off naturally. This technology works according to selective photothermolysis, which only targets and damage melanin and thread veins but not the surrounding normal skin tissues. Without causing much damage to the treated area, this treatment is painless for most.

Q: Are there any aftercare tips after PicoSure® laser tattoo removal?

A: Clients should make sure the treated areas do not come in contact with water within 3-7 days. It is recommended that clients apply SPF on treated areas during recovery. Avoid outdoor activities, swimming or sauna. Avoid spicy food and refrain from smoking and drinking within 7 days.

– Before After –


A CQC-Approved Aesthetic Clinic

Why PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal at AI BEAUTY CLINIC?

◎ AI BEAUTY CLINIC is CQC-approved

 Before performing any PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal procedures, we provide 1-to-1 private consultations where our practitioners come up with the most appropriate laser wavelength according to the client’s skin type and treated areas. Our attention to detail and professionalism will surely create optimal results.

◎ We ensure all clients with a medical indemnity cover of £5 million for that extra reassurance.


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    A tattoo can be lightened and cleared to a larger extent. With PicoSure Laser technology, the ink of any colour, including green and yellow can be cleared out. However, it is possible that the skin left after the removal of a tattoo may not be flawless: removal may leave a scar.

    Yes, it is worth it. Sometimes, you don’t identify yourself with a tatto anymore or want to bury a memory associated with it. Sometimes you just want to remove it. Tattoo removal by PicoSure Laser at AI beauty Clinic is a safe, non-invasive and effective procedure for the removal of those unwanted tattoos. .

    The cost of tattoo removal varies from person to person and from tattoo to tattoo. You can generally expect the cost to be around roughly $200 to $500 per treatment at a cosmetic clinic. This is just an average estimate. There are plenty of other factors deciding the cost of removal of the tattoo, including the size of the tattoo, type of skin, number of treatment sessions required, type of technology removed for the removal, the rates of the clinic, etc. .

    The removal of the tattoo is less painful than getting the tattoo. Traditional methods of tattoo removal used to hurt more. The formation of a permanent scar was also thor major side effect. Now with the Picture Laser Tattoo Removal offered by AI Beauty Clinic, it aches not more than a sunburn. Meanwhile, the laser pulses feel like a light rubber band snapping against your skin. Cringe-worthy, yes, but bearable.

    According to skin consultants or dermatologists, the most effective and successful way for the removal of tattoos is laser technology. These laser devices emit energy in strong pulses. This pulse of the laser heats the ink of the tattoo and dissolves it. PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal offered at AI Beauty Clinic is globally considered as one of the best options available for tattoo removal.

    The best way to remove a permanent tattoo is with a laser. Though it can be a relatively expensive procedure, cosmetics professionals consider it the most preferred and common way for getting rid of permanent tattoos. During this process, the tattoo inked skin is exposed to high energy beams of laser, which break the pigments and dissolve the inks.

    Sometimes, people use salt to remove tattoos. This is an inexpensive and easily done natural method. Aloe vera is another natural method of removing a tattoo. These natural methods are painless, but they would definitely not be as fast and effective as laser tattoo removal.

    You may use salt or other methods of removing the tattoo at home. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t approved tattoo removal creams or any other at-home methods due to the absence of proven efficacy and safety. In fact, some tattoo removal kits available on the internet may lead to serious side effects, including scar formation. It is always best to consult a cosmetics professional at their clinic before opting for any home-based method.

    The fastest method of removing a tattoo is to visit a dermatology clinic and consult with a skincare professional. A professional can assess the size and type of your tattoo and can advise you of a perfect plan for its fastest removal.

    Most skin consultants consider laser tattoo removal as the most effective and successful method. Lasers are also cost-effective. You may need some sessions to remove your tattoo completely. Often, the lasers don’t remove a tattoo permanently. However, they lighten or clear to the extent of being less noticeable.

    Home methods or natural methods of removing the tattoo can cause damage to human skin. Those side effects can be potentially more than the benefits of tattoo removal. On the other hand, PicoSure Laser at AI Beauty Clinic comes with only minor side effects. Tattoo removal may cause blistering, mild swelling or change in the colour of your skin., However, your skin can heal from these potential side effects completely. .

    Yes. Newer laser tattoo removal methods can remove or lighten nearly all colours with minimum side effects. Older methods worked mainly on black and blue. However, with newer methods, it is now possible to remove tattoos of even the lightest of colours, such as yellow and green .

    Tattoo removal with a laser comes with minimal side effects. However, you should always be careful about the possible problems such as lack of complete removal of the tattoo, formation of a permanent scar or the risk of infection. Human skin may have to go through hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation. Hypopigmentation causes your tattoo skin to be paler than the surrounding areas. Meanwhile, hyperpigmentation can darken the skin.