Emsculpt Side Effects

Emsculpt is a new device, basically a mini MRI machine that uses the magnetic fields and helps build muscles and lose fat. It is high intensity focused electromagnetic non_invasive  technology that causes contraction of muscles of the body in a way that you can’t do voluntarily. It causes supramaximal contraction of the muscles for 30 minutes. Emsculpt can cause contraction of all the body’s muscles, 2000 times just in 30 minutes. It is not just a theoretical explanation of the benefits of the Emsculpt. Instead, it has been helpful for many people. If you are hesitant to try the Emsculpt, I must clarify to you that Emsculpt not only helps you lose fat instead it is also helpful in setting the proper shape and tome of your muscles. It makes it easy for you to work out, to do regular exercises. You feel better, much stronger with its use, and can do workout for a longer time. It may not sound true that just a procedure of 30 minutes can be this beneficial, but you can’t challenge the results of the Emsculpt.

Results of Emsculpt

The studies have proved that it causes a sixteen percent increase in muscle bulk in the area used four times on a gap of around two weeks. Unlike many other procedures used to lose fat, Emsculpt does not directly burn most of the fat, but it causes extreme contractions of the muscles, so the muscles use the stored fat as an energy source. The ultimate result is a reduction in the amount of fat with an increase in muscular mass. Emsculpt is an excellent way of gaining body shape, but you can get the best results if you eat a healthy diet and follow a good exercise regime combined with Emsculpt. If someone already has a somewhat better body shape, the Emsculpt can be a single therapy to get an ideal physique. If you have an average lean body, Emsculpt combined with diet improvement can give them expected results. But, it may take a tremendous effort to meet your expectations if you have excessive fat. In that case, you may need to have regular exercises, multiple sessions of Emsculpt use, and strict diet plans.

Procedure of Emsculpt

In the case of the abdominal treatment, the patient lies supine, and the treated without anesthetizing the patient. A single treatment session consists of 30 minutes of conscious monitoring. After making the patient in a supine position, the applicator is placed on the skin around the umbilical region and fixed with the help of a fixation belt. The center of the magnetic coil is set precisely on the navel.  The stimulation intensity is started from the Lowest level and is increased slowly over time up to the patient’s tolerance level. The tolerance threshold increases during the procedure and stimulation intensity should also be accordingly. The tolerance threshold can be estimated by checking the regularity of the muscular contractions and the patient’s feedback about his comfort level. The basic procedure of the sculpt therapy will stay the same irrespective of the area of the body under treatment. However, the position of the applicator will change according to the part of the body under the treatment procedure. In buttocks treatment, the applicator of the Emsculptcan is placed on the lower fold of the buttocks.

Comparison of Emsculpt with Coolsculpting

Though both Emsculpt and cool sculpting are non_invasive treatments with the almost same goal of reducing body fat, however, there are some major distinguishing features. The first difference is that cool sculpting uses cryolipolysis, whereas Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology. In cool sculpting, the fat is placed between two cooling plates, and temperature is lowered to such an extent that adipose tissue dies, and then the body excretes the dead fat normally later. Coolsculpting is only helpful in reducing fat. Meanwhile, the Emsculpt has the dual benefit of reducing fat as well as increasing muscle bulk. The main procedure will stay the same irrespective of the body part under treatment. However, the position of the applicator will depend on the body part under treatment, e.g., in the case of treatment of buttocks, the applicator is placed on the lower fold of the buttocks. Emsculpt is faster and takes 30 minutes in a session than cool sculpting, which can take up to one hour in a single treatment session. The Emsculpt may take more treatment sessions than cool sculpting, but it gives results immediately after every session. The cool sculpting usually starts to show results four weeks after the treatment session. Coolsculpting is more directed towards reducing fat than Emsculpt, which aims to build muscles in lean people.

Side Effects of Emsculpt

According to the theoretical data that is available at this point, there are no side effects of the Emsculpt. Though the theoretical side effects of the Emsculpt are zero, there are a few side effects and contraindications of the Emsculpt, but they are not significant side effects. A description of these side effects and contra-indications of the Emsculpt is in the following section.

Skin soreness

The most common side effect that has occurred with the use of the Emsculpt is skin soreness after the treatment session. However, it is not a severe condition. It is just a feeling of touchiness that you usually experience after a vigorous workout.

Allergic Reaction

Another side of the Emsculpt is an allergic reaction. People allergic to latex and some other routinely used substances may experience an allergic reaction during Emsculpt when the applicator has been fixed on the body. So, we advise avoiding it in people who are known to be allergic to latex.

Panic Attack (Very Rare)

During the session of the Emsculpt, the extreme contractions of muscles may lead to a panic attack in a minimal number of people. The occurrence of panic attacks very rarely is that most of the patients who have a prevalence of panic attacks usually present with other associated conditions that contraindicate the use of the Emsculpt. So, it happens very rarely.

Contra-indications of Emsculpt

Some of the situations in which Emsculpt is contra-indicated are in the next section.

External Implants

External Implants or grafts such as cardiac pacemakers, implanted defibrillators, implanted neurostimulation, and other electronic implants are a strong contra-indication of Emsculpt. The reason for this contra-indication is that the cardiovascular or nervous system is already dependent on the aid of an external device. They would not be able to deal with the stress generated by the supramaximal contractions of the Emsculpt treatment.

Pulmonary Insufficiency

The next major contra-indication of the Emsculpt is respiratory insufficiency. If you are having some respiratory problem, you are directed not to go for Emsculpt. The reason is that people who have pulmonary insufficiency, their lungs can not get oxygen through respiration beyond a limit. During the session of the Emsculpt, there are supramaximal contractions of all the body muscles, and these supramaximal contractions require a quick oxygen supply. A pulmonary disease patient would not meet that need of fast oxygen supply and may stuffer hypoxia. So, patients with pulmonary insufficiency should not undergo Emsculpt treatment.


Pregnancy is a big reason to deny the Emsculpt treatment. As we stated above, there are extremely powerful and frequent contractions of all body muscles during Emsculpt. These contractions may put pressure on the baby, and the baby may die in the mother’s womb. There are also risks of abortion and other complications of the pregnancy.

Benefits of EMSculpt

FDA has approved the use of Emsculpt to treat thighs, buttocks, abdomen, calves, and muscle of arms FDA. Some benefits of Emsculpt have lead to its distinguishing popularity in recent years. This description of these benefits in the following section.

Boosts Metabolism

Emsculpt stimulates an extensive metabolism in the muscles and leads to the whole remodeling of the muscular structure of the area under the Emsculpt procedure. It stimulates fat metabolism in treatment up to five percent and helps build up muscle bulk.


The other significant benefit of the Emsculpt is its non-invasive feature and relative safety. It has replaced many surgical procedures that were a choice in the past for getting the same results. As compared to surgical procedures, there is no need for anesthesia in the process of EMSculpt. The patient does not need to worry about scars or stitches after the treatment. There is no involvement of skin in this procedure; it directly targets the muscular tissue.

Can Aid in injury Recovery and Prevention

Emsculpt can be helpful in the recovery of specific injuries through increased strength of the muscles. It can not alone do the job of recovering an injury, but It is helpful in conjunction with other therapies. It also lowers the risks of injuries by strengthening your muscles. Once you have recovered from an injury, Emsculpt sessions can quicken the process of regaining original strength and starting routine activities.

Quick Treatment Sessions

The whole Emsculpt treatment takes around four treatment sessions; these treatment sessions can take two weeks to four weeks. The patient can also see the improvement in his physique after every session; it keeps the patient motivated.

Zero Recovery Time

In surgical treatments, there is a need for bed rest to recover because time is needed before removing the stitches. In Emsculpt, there is no need for bed rest after the treatment session, and the patient can start his routine activities immediately after the session. Additionally, it does not require a long preparation before undergoing the treatment in contrast to surgical procedures.

Frequency of the side effects and beneficial effects of EMSCULPT in a Research Study

We will see how frequently we get the positive results of this treatment through published research about the abdominal application of the Emsculpt. We will also see the frequency of side effects of the therapy in the research study results. These result parameters were studied two months after treatment with Emsculpt. The mentioned research was a study of twenty-two people; twelve out of them were males, and ten were females. Keeping in view the contra-indications of the Emsculpt, the patients having any external Implant, pregnancy, or pulmonary insufficiency were excluded from the study. The study of twenty-two people shows that all of the patients who went through this treatment had a significant reduction in their fatty tissue; there was not a single patient who didn’t get this benefit. The average decrease in the amount of fat was 18.6 percent. The primary goal of Emsculpt is usually to increase muscle mass. According to this study of twenty-two people, ninety-five percent of them had an increase in abdomen muscle mass after two months. Only one patient didn’t show an increase in muscle. According to the results of this research, the average increase in muscle mass of the abdomen is 15.4 percent.

Graphical Representation of the Research Results

Credits: Pubmed A reduction in abdominal separation happened in ninety-one percent of the subjects. One of them did not show a decrease in abdominal separation, and one of them exceptionally showed an increase in abdominal separation. According to the results of this research, the average reduction in abdominal separation is 10.4 percent. As the patients who had contra-indications of the Emsculpt were not in the research study subjects, no side effects appeared in the remaining subjects of the research. The results of this study clearly state that how quickly and how frequently we get the benefits of the Emsculpt and how rare is the occurrence of the side effects of the Emsculpt.

Emsculpt Review

Emsculpt is a non_invasive high intensity focused electromagnetic technique used to reduce body fat and gain muscle bulk. It is a procedure of 30 minutes, and usually, four sessions are needed to get the expected results. It is better than cool sculpting and many other surgical procedures. Emsculpt is preferred over cool sculpting because it had dual benefits. It increases muscle mass and reduction in body fat compared to cool sculpting, which only reduces body fat. The reasons for preferring it over the surgical approaches include its non-invasive nature, quick results, and no need for bed rest for recovery after the treatment session. The FDA has approved the treatment of different areas of the body, including the abdomen, buttocks, biceps, triceps, etc. The treatment procedure will stay the same in treating any area of the body. The primary goals of the Emsculpt are increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat. As per studies, experience, and research, we can claim that it almost always gives the expected results. Around ninety-five percent of people are satisfied with the results of Emsculpt. It has virtually no side effects; some minor side effects are not severe enough to hinder me from recommending you this treatment. Those minor side effects occur very rarely. However, there are some contra-indications of the Emsculpt that you should keep in mind. If you have any condition that contra-indicates the Emsculpt therapy, you should go for alternative options. This article covers all the aspects of the Emsculpt. The article begins with a general description of the Emsculpt. Then, we discussed the procedure of the Emsculpt therapy. In the next section, there is a comparison of this therapy with other methods of fat reduction. Then, there is a focus on the evaluation of the side effects of the Emsculpt. As there are no significant side effects of Emsculpt, we described its benefits in the next section. We also added the result data of a published study on the impact of the Emsculpt to prove our theoretical explanation. The final part of the article is a general review of the Emsculpt. If we conclude the complete article in one piece of advice, it would be “There are no severe side effects of the Emsculpt. However, there are some contra-indications of this therapy. If you don’t have any contra-indications, you should go for this treatment as it is a quick and effective way of reducing your fat and increasing muscle bulk. One thing you should keep in mind is that you need to keep a healthy diet plan and some work out along with Emsculpt therapy to get the best results.”


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