What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is often referred to as collagen induction therapy because the needles delivered into the skin stimulate the body’s collagen production. Collagen is a protein that supports the underlying dermal structure to produce skin that is soft and smooth.

Microneedling process includes the formation of microscopic channels through the skin’s surface, which leads to the production of new tissue and discharges the skin’s natural growth factors to promote the healing and repair of scarring and lightening of hyperpigmentation.

The treatment creates minor skin injury unleashing the skin’s natural healing mechanism of new elastin and collagen fiber production. This process will thicken the skin and diminish the presence of stretch marks, sun damage, acne scarring.

What is microneedling treatments good for?

  • Increases elastin and collagen regeneration
  • Diminishes surgical scarring, stretch marks, and acne scars
  • Skin texture and tone improvement
  • Improve the pore size
  • enhanced product absorption

How does it work?

Micro-needling works by using tiny needles to create small perforations, or ‘micro-channels’ in the skin. This stimulates the healing response of the deeper layers and encourages your skin to make new, collagen-rich tissue.

Microneedling is a method of triggering the repair response of skin, the needles on a microneedling device puncture the skin to create a controlled skin injury. Each puncture of the needle creates a microscopic channel, or empty space. The skin recognizes this channel as tissue loss and begins to produce collagen and elastin to “fill” the channel. The collagen is the main structural protein in skin responsible for sustaining skin integrity, firmness, healthy.

When opting for miconeedling treatment, it is important to consider the length of the needle being used, as this determines the depth and scope of the treatment. Needle sizes start at 0.1 mm, which only affects the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin), and can range up to 3.0 mm, thus affecting the deepest layer of the skin (the reticular dermis). Lengths between 0.1 mm and 0.3 mm are used for more superficial, More invasive procedures use needle lengths from 1.5 mm up to 3 mm to reduce scarring,  and stretch marks.

Additional Treatment Options :

The addition of our custom-designed Mesotherapy or PRP to microneedling may speed up the healing process and stimulate skin renewal, potentially producing better results than microneedling alone.

The custom-designed Mesotherapy

After the professional skin consultation , Ai Beauty can according to the skin condition with two different of ingredients , more effective and accurate to improve the skin problems.

There are 13 vitamins inside NCTF 135. Vitamins A, B, C and E are just a few that contribute to skin cell stimulation. Alongside this, there are also 23 different amino acids that help produce elastin and collagen, two significant proteins making up the skin layers. To combat free radicals, there are also 2 anti-oxidants to ensure your skin remains healthy and glowing.

● CYTOCARE is a range of resorbable implant composed of Hyaluronic acid + Rejuvenating complex, injectable by micro-injections into superficial dermis and medium dermis of peri-orbital and perioral lines (vertical lip lines).

● Surface White is aimed at unifying and illuminating the skin. Thanks to Glutathione, which is composed of 3 essential amino acids (Cysteine, Glutamate and Glycine), Surface White has antioxidant and detoxifying properties, slowing down the aging process. It is a cocktail of lightening active ingredients and antioxidants, which illuminate and revitalize your skin. The natural formula is produced using Glutathione and water. 

● The BCN products belong to the Institute BCN mesoceuticals® range. They are pure active ingredients, pharmaceutical quality formulations meticulously selected. They are sterile (no preservatives or additives), so they achieve a great tolerance.To effectively fix in a personalised way aesthetic problems such as skin ageing, localised fat, spots, hair loss, flaccidity, cellulite, stretch marks, acne scars, etc.

● Teosyal Meso is a biocompatible monophasic dermal filler in the form of pure hyaluronic acid gel with high viscoelastic properties. The product is an effective weapon against the symptoms of skin ageing on face.

● Restylane Skinboosters is hyaluronic acid is a natural component of your skin that keeps it hydrated and soft. With age, or due to a harsh environment, the hyaluronic acid content in your skin may decrease, and your skin may lose some of its elasticity and hydration. It could restore the natural composition of your skin. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial Injection uses injections of a concentration of a patients’ own platelets to reducing the prominence of scars, wrinkles, sun damage, and dark circles. Supposedly, your skin will be tighter and more radiant after undergoing the procedure.

After Care for Microneedling

  • Once the procedure is over, it’s common to notice redness and swelling, which can last up to 12 hours. Plus, there might be some areas of pinpoint bleeding, which is entirely normal. To keep the redness and inflammation to a minimum, your esthetician will apply a soothing serum and a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB or SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Fortunately, there is little recovery with this treatment. You can return to normal activities right after your appointment. However, we recommend avoiding exercise or strenuous activity for the first 24 hours post-treatment. And since your pores are open and exposed, try your best to avoid makeup for the next couple of days.
  • As you heal, treat your skin with extra care to get optimal results from your treatment. Avoid using abrasive products like exfoliators and alcohol-based toners. Plus, apply a soothing moisturizing in the morning and evening.


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    Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy because the needles delivered into the skin induce the body’s collagen production. Collagen is a protein supporting the underlying dermal structure to produce soft and smooth skin.

    The microneedling process includes the formation of microscopic channels through the skin’s surface. It leads to the production of new tissue and releases the skin’s natural growth factors. These growth factors promote the healing and repair of scarring and cause the lightening of hyperpigmentation.

    The process of actually microneedling your face doesn’t take much time. One session of microneedling usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes. This may be longer if microneedling is being done on the larger sections of your body. So, the duration of each session of microneedling simply depends on the size of the area of your body being treated.

    Microneedling works by introducing new microscopic channels in your skin. These microscopic channels stimulate the growth of new tissues and the release of natural growth factors in your skin. These growth factors then lead to increased collagen production. Increased collagen in the skin supports the underlying dermal structures and produces soft and smooth skin.

    The cost of microneedling varies from clinic to clinic. It also depends on the areas of the body being treated. At AI beauty clinic, it costs the following: 

    Price Table

    Hyaluronic acid can be used after a session of microneedling, and it’s even recommended in some cases to help stimulate collagen production after the session. If your skin feels dry, it’s generally safe to apply some high-quality emollient to lock in moisture and hydrate your face after microneedling.

    Microneedling procedures aren’t painful, but they can cause discomfort, especially for individuals who may be afraid of needles. Microneedling uses tiny needlepoints to create punctures within the dermis; doing so helps stimulate the body’s collagen and elastin production, leading to soft and smoother-looking skin.
    While many people describe microneedling as feeling as if sandpaper is slightly being rubbed across their skin, others report feeling some sharp discomfort during their treatment.

    If you’re worried about your microneedling procedure, you needn’t be: We at AI Beauty Clinic London use a topical numbing cream before starting the procedure to manage any pain or discomfort you may feel during your treatment.

    Yes, microneedling works. It is actually one of the most effective and most commonly practised aesthetic procedures used for the treatment of different types of marks and scars such as acne scars, brown spots, pigmentation, stretch marks, etc.

    Many patients usually have to wait for 48-72 hours before they can wear any makeup after this procedure. This temporary ban even applies to tinted moisturisers or sunscreens. While your skin must remain hydrated after your treatment, it’s not recommended to use any products made from pigmented minerals not to irritate your skin.

    Microneedling is considered one of the safest procedures out there. However, like any other procedure, it can lead to an allergic reaction to the cream or serum that goes on your skin after the microneedling. There is also a rare risk of your wounds getting infected if you don’t keep your skin clean.

    Microneedling has beneficial effects in many ways. It increases elastin and collagen production. It can diminish surgical scarring, stretch marks and acne scars. It improves the skin tone and texture. It brightens the skin. Microneedling is particularly useful for:
    ● Stretch marks
    ● Acne scars
    ● Brown spots
    ● Skin pigmentation

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