Qdel Premium Sheet Mask 5 Pcs


Developed and used by Aesthetic Professionals and Dermatologists, Qdel premium sheet mask is now designed for home use helping to hydrate skin and replenish cells, bringing a super softness and freshness to your skin.
The popular mask uses Bio-cellulose in its sheet, the latest hero ingredient in beauty, which is made up of ‘water loving’ natural bio-degradable super fine fibres. These are 1000 times thinner than human hair, resulting in instant locking-in of moisture, plumping out the skin and any fine lines.

Highlights of the Qdel premium sheet mask:

  • Long-lasting moisturization and hydration whilst reducing any red blotches or hyper- pigmentation.
  • Younger appearance with a more even skin tone.
  • Anti-inflammatory, de-stresses and heals any post spot marks.
  • Bio-cellulose masks were originally manufactured solely for medical applications to treat burns and chronic wounds, as bio-cellulose is actually an all-natural material, produced through cultured bacteria.
  • A combination of winning ingredients is infused in this high-quality sheet mask. It has been specially formulated to act like a second skin, enabling its ingredients to penetrate deeper into the dermis and regenerating cells.
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