Pale Lips/Dark Lips

Have you ever bought a lipstick with a beautiful, unique colour from a store, going back home and looking forward to putting it on in front of a mirror. However, it turns out that the colour shown on your lips is not the colour you expected! This frustration is because we all have colour on the lips which may not simply reflect the colour of the lipstick. Apart from using lip makeup, how can we improve our lip colours, pale lips or dark lips?

Lip Colours

Lip colours can range from pink, red, purple to dark purple. Healthy lips usually appear red, shiny, hydrated and plump.

Healthy- and good-looking lips are moisturised, soft, pink, and plump. Dark lips can be purple or dark brown. It is difficult to put colour on darker lips. On the other hand, pale lips are white or light red in colour, making the person look unwell.


In general, our lip colour is determined by the colour of the blood supply at the lip. The oxygen content can affect the colour of the blood, i.e. the higher the oxygen supply, the more red the blood will be. Pale lips or dark lips are mostly inherited.

However, they are not always the case, pale or dark lips can be acquired due to lifestyles and health conditions. Dark lips can be caused by insufficient physical activities, dampness (Chinese medicine), diseases, and pigmentation caused by poor facial cleaning routine. Pale lips can result from poor blood circulation, excess physical activities, and diseases.


Dark Lips:

Some people, due to health conditions or other reasons, have dark lips, making their lips look dull and less vibrant. Dark lips may give the wrong impression that they are not well. Also, they have less choice of colour when it comes to the lip makeup.

Pale Lips:

Pale lips are considered a sign of poor blood circulation and poor health. People with pale lips have no choice but to wear lip makeup all the time.

Dark Lines Around the Lips:

Dark lines around the lips will create contrast with the lip itself, leaving the nude lips looking unnatural and unfinished. Lips with dark lines around should have the lips coloured with the appropriate colour for a natural look.


Semi-permanent lip microblading is now available at Ai Beauty. This microblading lip can enhance the beauty of your lips naturally, saving you tons of time and money on makeup.

A. Microblading Lips

What is microblading lips:

Semi-permanent makeup helps enhance the beauty of our face features including eyebrows, eyes, and lips and add definition to the face, offering long-lasting professional makeup results. They are ideal for people who want to wake up fresh every morning without a hassle. Microblading lip is one of the semi-permanent makeup treatments.

How does it work:

Lips microblading is a practical semi-permanent makeup technique. It enhances the beauty of natural lip colour and rebuilds a desired lip shape by depositing pigment on the lips. The pigments used are all-natural pigments containing no synthetic pigments, safer than chemical pigments. The natural pigments will be implanted on the epidermis of the lips, making your lips looking healthy, bright, soft and plump. The results will last for 2-3 years and you can attend colour top-up treatments to maintain the results.


  • 面诊设计:嘴唇的颜色必须和自己本身的肤色,脸型以及气质相匹配,设计专属纹唇方案。
  • 前期准备:清洁、消毒治疗区域,敷擦抹式麻药。
  • 纹绣操作:根据设计好的唇形和唇色进行纹绣,用“网状”针法操作4-5遍,让色料有充分的渗透时间。
  • 补色调整:1-2个月后唇色会均匀出现。一般来说补色在第一次操作之后一个月就可以进行,经过二次修补呈现最完美的唇部效果。
  • 遵循注意事项,半永久唇色自然成型。

Duration: 1-1.5 hr

Who is it for:

  • 唇型不理性、唇缘不齐;
  • 唇色过浅或过深;
  • 唇线分层,过于明显;
  • 不想每日化妆、素颜也好看的人;
  • 想提升气质、自信、修饰五官的人;
Ai Beauty Microblading Lips:

Based on Asian-style aesthetic standards and performed by microblading practitioners with rich experience. Proudly using natural plant pigment and QDEL single-use disposable microblading pens. A pain-free process that offers a natural finish without green or red tones. Free top up within 10 weeks and half price for microblading lips treatment for the rest of your life.

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Colour Selection

Popular Colours:


Red lips tend to make your skin fairer and brighter, making you look healthier and hiding away the yellow undertone.

Impression: People with red lips draw attention and leave a more positive, creative, and confident impression.

Suitable for: White complexion/light skin


Nude lip colour is suitable for daily wearing and students, leaving a natural and healthy impression.

Impression: Enthusiastic, loving, reliable, down-to-earth, sweet, friendly, and attractive.

Suitable for: Any skin colour and any occasion


Combining the fiery energy of red with the brilliance of yellow, orange gives out a warm, active, positive, and energetic feeling. Suitable for young and lively women and daily wearing.

Impression: Enthusiastic, active, lively

Suitable for: All skin colour


Pink works well with nude makeup and can be worn on different occasions. Light pink is suitable for younger women while darker pink delivers a more feminine look and can be worn on formal occasions. Be aware that ordinary pink is not suitable for people with yellow complexion as it will intensify their yellow skin tone.

Impression: Easy-going, friendly, sociable, funny and attractive.

Suitable for: White complexion/light skin

Other colour options:

Light colours are suitable for women aged 20 to 30 with fair skin and naturally rosy skin

Medium colour tones are best for women aged around 35. Women of all other age groups are also suitable.

Dark colours are suitable for lip liner and used for blending with lighter colours to create a lighter shade.

The colour-changing colour is suitable for changing the colour of dark lips. After the lip colour has changed, a desired lip colour pigment will be put on to finalise the pigmentation.

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