Laser hair removal London

laser hair removal london

Are you a woman who wants to have flawless and silky-smooth skin?

Well, who doesn’t!
We all know flawless and gorgeous skin makes us more attractive. 
We’ve all tried products & therapies to get rid of that unwanted hair. Many women have been using conventional methods to get rid of hair that makes skin look so unappealing.

The human body produces hair naturally. However, women face problems with unwanted body hair and don’t want to be embarrased showing off our bodies in summer. Unwanted hair on legs, arms, underarms, upper lips, eyebrows, and chin just isn’t very attractive. Women need a permanent and effective solution!

Women need treatments that help them get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

Using painful yet ineffective procedures such as waxing, threading, razing, and hair removal creams do not solve permanent hair removal. These conventional treatments cause the hair to grow quicker and thicker, shattering women’s dreams who want to show off their beautiful skin in the summers.

All the treatments available in the market are either ineffective or increase the re-growth rate of hair. Is there any single way to get rid of the unwanted hair permanently? Well, there is good news for all the ladies, especially those in London! AI Beauty Clinic in London introduces Cynosure ELITE +™, a dual wavelength laser hair removal treatment therapy to fulfill all your dreams of silky and smooth skin.

It is time to throw away all the razors, hair removal creams, and waxing/threading equipment—no need to pursue these time-consuming and ineffective therapies that do not provide any long-term benefits

AI Beauty Clinic is the only aesthetic clinic in London to provide you with the best Cynosure ELITE therapy and treatment services which ensures effective laser hair removal. This new technolgy has had over 1 million people reading reviews on its result. It’s the number 1 and bestselling hair removal procedure across the US and London. It is one of the best and iconic medical laser products that CYNOSURE USA produces. This aesthetic laser is FDA-approved for laser hair removal therapy and skin whitening procedure.

This new technology provides a bacteria-free experience to the users as it is totally contactless!

It is designed to not cause any irritation on the skin of the human body and get rid of excess hair quickly.

The laser technology targets the pigment in the individual hair of human skin. This is achieved using light that travels down the hair shaft and enters the hair follicle. The laser light produces heat that not only damages but destroys the hair follicle.
Therefore, the hair does not regrow. The large circular 18NM spot size allows higher energy, wider reach and deeper penetration.

CYNOSURE ELITE+ removes unwanted human body hair 5 times faster than the obsolete laser hair removal systems.

This is because this latest laser hair removal therapy creates an intense photothermal impact twice per second. The results of hair removal therapy and delayed hair re-growth are visible just after a single CYNOSURE ELITE+ therapy session. The complete results are visible after 6-8 sessions of the treatment.

This latest technology does not have any side effects of therapy, and with the help of Cynosure’s unique SMARTCOOL system, cold air is emitted during the treatment on the patient’s skin. This is within the safety standards. The cooling air is similar to anaesthesia, and there is no need of applying any gel on the skin. The cooling system is usually personalised according to the patient’s treatment level, which ensures comfort during the laser hair removal therapy.

CYNOSURE ELITE +™ is the most popular laser treatment for permanent hair removal in our London clinic by destroying hair follicles

This technology is a contactless, multifunctional dual-wavelength that is highly efficient and effective in removing hair from the human body. It involves two superb laser systems to remove the unwanted excess hair from human skin. These two laser systems switch between two wavelengths depending on the patient’s hair and skin types.

This latest technology removes hair from easily visible body areas and less visible, delicate and small body parts such as intimate areas and inside the ears.

The process of hair removal is contactless and the results do not involve any contact of chemical substances with human skin

Hence, the procedure is hygienic. The procedure is efficient and suitable for both genders. Moreover, the system also smoothens the human skin by delivering a painless and cooling sensation.

Laser hair removal is by far the best therapy to get rid of excess body hair, with long-term and effective results. Laser hair removal works using the principle of selective photothermolysis. In this process, a specific laser wavelength, pulse width and energy allows the laser to enter deeper into the skin surface and target melanin in the hair follicle, root and shaft and triggers it to absorb selective light energy.

Light is converted into heat energy, destroying the hair follicle and disables them to regrow hair again. This heat energy does not damage the surrounding tissue cells of the human skin. The laser only targets black hair; therefore, it does not harm any skin cells or glands.

The entire treatment of laser hair removal is painless and safe. Each session takes place for a few minutes. However, the time limit of the therapy session depends on the body areas. The bigger the area, the more time it would take.
CYNOSURE ELITE + uses the technology that uses dual (755nm and 1064nm) wavelengths.
This heightens the intense pulsed light (IPL) results. Our practitioners at AI Beauty Clinic in London apply the most suitable wavelength, adjusted to suite the client. The hair follicles are destroyed, and photorejuvenation is also carried out simultaneously.

We advise our clients not to get any sort of hair removal treatment just before getting this treatment done.

Important aftercare suggestions when using this hair removal therapy are:

● Do not scrub the treated areas.
● Do not bathe in hot water.
● Seek out medical help if the redness does not fade within 48 hours.
● Avoid contact with seawater and sauna within 48 hours.
● Avoid doing vigorous exercise right after the treatment.
● Apply aloe vera gel or doctor recommended ointments to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised.
● Avoid UV rays and apply SPF under the sun.

Ai Beauty Clinic has been officially credited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) of England. The CQC bears the responsibility for inspection and regulation of all healthcare organisations and services in England, including the NHS. Ai Beauty Clinic is pleased to manage equipment, tools and supplies that comply with strict CQC standards.

We promise the delivery of aesthetics services, ensuring that all clients undergo a productive and safe experience.

Ai Beauty is a CQC certified and doctor-led aesthetic clinic with prime expertise in cosmetic injections and skin treatments. We are located in Oxford Street, London.

Since our establishment, Ai Beauty has been honored to serve over 15,000 clients from all around the world, who visit London. Most of these customers have vivted regualrly and selected our various treatments and services, and contrinue to do so, based on our established trust and an excellent reputation for such services.

• We bring the most sophisticated non-surgical treatments from the US and Europe, which enables us to render bespoke treatment plans that effectively satisfy individual patient needs.

• We believe in continuous learning and improving. Therefore, we insist that our aesthetic doctors, nurses and all support staff receive ongoing training in the London and abroad, to ensure our patients experience the highest levels of medical standards and professionalism.
The london clinic of Ai Beauty Clinic is one of the largest CQC-approved aesthetic clinics in Europe.

• We believe in rigorous beauty standards. Our GMC/NMC-registered team of professionals brings over ten years of medical experience. All are highly experienced in treating patients with complicated skin conditions and history. Having received advanced training at the company headquarters, we are proud to offer safe and risk-free treatments to all clients back home in London.

• Before performing any CYNOSURE ELITE +™ hair removal procedures, we provide 1-to-1 private consultations in which our experts come up with the most suitable laser-wavelength matching the client’s skin-type and treated areas. Our attention to detail and medical professionalism will help bring about the best results. If required, we can also assign an all-female medical team for this pain-free laser hair removal treatment, ensuring comfort and privacy of our female clients.

• We do not want our clients to carry any doubts or concerns. Therefore, we provide insurance to all clients with a medical indemnity cover of £5 million for that extra reassurance.

Laser hair removal treatment produces permanent results when the hair follicle is destroyed. However, if the hair follicle is damaged, the hair will re-grow. CYNOSURE ELITE +™ laser treatment destroys the structure of hair follicles for permanent hair removal.

Laser hair removal treatments usually heat the hair follicles to stop hair growth. The hair follicles become completely dormant for a long time period. However, when hair grows back, it is more delicate, lighter, and fewer in number.

Laser hair removal treatments are generally considered safe and are tolerated by most people. It only targets the black hair and does not cause any damage to the nearby skin or cause any scar.

Laser hair removal is considered very safe and is tolerated by many people. There are no negatives of this treatment. However, people may notice redness on the treated areas that usually disappears in 48 hours.

Yes. Laser hair removal technology is the fastest, safest, and produces long-lasting results. It is far better than other conventional hair removal methods that are painful and cause hair re-growth faster.

Laser hair removal treatments reduce 90 percent hair growth. It removes the hair and causes damage to the hair follicle by using heat energy. This energy inactivates the hair follicles, which reduces the hair re-growth.

Laser hair removal can remove hair permanently if the hair follicle is completely destroyed. Moreover, it is more effective in autumn, winter or spring. This is because sweating in summers can cause infection in the inflamed treated areas of the skin..

Laser hair removal lasts at least two years once all the sessions are completed. However, for permanent hair removal, maintenance sessions are needed to keep the body area hair-free. Each laser hair removal session is around 15-90 mins, depending on the type and size of treated areas.

The number of treatments depends upon the skin type and area of your body. Usually, results can be noticed after one single session. However, 6-8 sessions are needed on average to get complete and permanent results. An interval of 4-6 weeks is usually required between each session of laser hair removal treatment.

If you have thick body hair that you want to get rid of permanently, you are suitable for the procedure. However, if you are pregnant or have any skin disease, you need to consult our practitioners and consultants and get a one-to-one private consultation to know if you are suitable for the procedure.

There are no side effects of the procedure. However, the treated area may swell or turn slightly red, which is completely normal. Any such reaction will diminish within 48 hours of the treatment.

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