Dull/Small Eyes

Are you fed up on putting eye makeup on every single morning? If you have smaller/dull eyes, you may have to spend more time and effort just to get the eyes done! In fact, you can get non-surgical, cosmetic treatments to enhance your eyes’ contour and shape so that you start your new day with fresh, wide-awake eyes every morning without the hassle or time commitment.

Small/dull eyes

People can be born with small or dull eyes, however, wearing glasses for a long time can also result in losing the eyes’s radiance and smaller eyes. Small eyes can be fixed by simply drawing eyeliners along the root of eyelashes, adding definition of the eyes and enhancing their contour.

Semi-permanent eyeliner, also known as microblading eyeliner, has recently become a popular treatment that offers a long-lasting result on improving small and dull eyes, making it great value.

Microblading eyeliners is a tattooing treatment in which a line will be drawn through the lash line from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye, giving you a appearance of thicker, darker lashes and more defined, radiant eyes.

Perfectly designed Eyeliners

1.Curve of the eyeliner: The eyeliner will be drawn in parallel with the eyelashes.

2. Location of the eyeliner: The eyeliner will be drawn through the lash line.

3. Thickness of the eyeliner: The upper eyeliner is 0.8-1mm while lower eyeliner is 0.4-0.6mm.

4. Colour of the eyeliner: Mainly yellow/black base.

5. Length of the eyeliner: Depends on the size of the eye.

Microblading eyeliners help to create a natural beautiful look with the perfect eyeliner design and application of colour. Black ink will be used to create a thick eyeliner on the upper eyelid while a fine eyeliner will be drawn on the lower eyelid. The imbalanced thickness of upper and lower eyeliners (7:3) will give a natural, sparkling eyes profile.  


1.Eyeliner for small eyes:

Thick upper and lower eyeliners are recommended for small eyes. The eyeliners should start beyond the inner corner and end with a wing at the outer corner.

2. Eyeliner for eyes with double eyelids:

The upper eyeliners should start from the inner corner to the outer corner with an increase of thickness and end with a wing. The lower eyeliners should start from the inner corner to the outer corner with an even thickness and end with a 0.5mm downwards line. The thickest part of the upper eyeliner is 2.5mm while the thickest part of the power eyeliner is 0.8mm.

3. Eyeliner for monolids eyes:

Upper eyeliners and lower eyeliners are similar. Upper eyeliners are slightly thicker than the lower eyeliners. And upper eyeliners will end with a wing.

4. Eyeliner for drooping eyes:

Both upper and lower eyeliners should start beyond the inner corners of the eyes. Upper eyeliners will end with a sharp, thicker wing. The lower eyeliners are always tattooed between the roots of the lashes and end with an upwards, outwards wing.

The design of the eyeliners will be based on the size, shape, and colour of your eyes. Addition of upper eyeliners can greatly enhance the size of the eyes. Addition of lower eyeliners can effectively add softness to the eyes. People with small eyes are suggested to have upper eyeliners only as having both eyeliners will make the eyes smaller instead. People with round eyes are suggested to have long, fine eyeliners to create an impression of wider eyes. People with long eyes are suggested to have thick, short eyeliners to create an impression of shorter eyes.


Semi-permanent eyeliner is now available at Ai Beauty. This microblading eyeliner can enhance the beauty of your eyes and make your eyes sparkle day and night, saving you tons of time and money on makeup.

A. Microblading Eyeliners

What is microblading eyeliners:

Semi-permanent makeup helps enhance the beauty of our face features including eyebrows, eyes, and lips and add definition to the face, offering long-lasting professional makeup results. They are ideal for people who want to wake up fresh every morning without a hassle. Microblading eyeliners is one of the semi-permanent makeup treatments.

How does it work:

After the selection of pigment colour and shape of the eyeliners, a microblading pen with tiny needles will be used to implant pigments onto the skin by delicately scratching the skin surface to draw the eyeliners. The resulting eyeliners will enhance the appearance and radiance of the eyes. The pigmentation occurs at the epidermis and dermis, therefore, it does not hurt and cause bleeding. The pigments are natural plant pigments and will be absorbed into the skin and degraded by the body over time (usually lasting for 1-2 years). The microblading eyeliner treatment is highly safe, has a very short recovery period, and you can go straight to your life straight away.


  • Design of eyeliners during consultation: The design of eyeliners are varied person to person depending on the age, face shape, appearance, and trend.
  • Preparation: Cleanse and disinfect the treatment areas. Apply anaesthetic at the treatment areas.
  • Microblading treatment: Draw the agreed eyeliners with the applicator and pigment.
  • Scarring and pigment deposition: Allow the scabs to fall off naturally (usually 2-3 days after the formation of scabs) for a better pigment deposition.
  • Pigment top up: Visit the clinic for a top up one month after the treatment. A top up allows a more natural and completed colour deposition.
  • Follow the after-treatment caring for long-lasting semi-permanent eyeliners.

Duration: 1-1.5 hr

Who is it for:

  • People who have sparse or thin eyelashes; People who have undefined eyeliners;
  • People who have asymmetrical eyelids or shape of eyes; People who have exposed mucous membranes;
  • People with small eyes or drooping eyelids;
  • People with drooping eyelids; Putting eye makeup on everyday will speed up the ageing process of drooping eyelids;
  • People who are not familiar with or spend a lot of time on drawing eyeliners;
  • People who want to fix their blue, thick eyeliners that resulted from the traditional eyeliner tattooing;
  • People who always have their eye makeup smudged;
Ai Beauty Microblading Eyeliners:

Based on Asian-style aesthetic standards and performed by microblading practitioners with rich experience. Proudly using natural plant pigment and QDEL single-use disposable microblading pens. A pain-free process that offers a natural finish without green or red tones. Free top up within 10 weeks and half price for eyeliner microblading treatment for the rest of your life.

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