Emsculpt or Coolsculpting, what’s best for You?

Everyone and everything is commercial nowadays, it’s a fact! So amidst all the hassles, taking care of your body should be the peak of your interest. Obesity and weight issues are most common for this generation as we are privileged. The tendency of feeling insecure about yourself is as common as petty crimes nowadays. People have started answering to their insecurities and finding ways to abolish them. “CoolSculpting is the best quality level non-careful fat decrease treatment for patients who need to spot-diminish difficult fat lumps on the abs, thighs, back, hips, flanks, banana moves, upper arms. Emsculpt is intended to help fabricate new muscle strands and tone existing filaments for better-chiseled muscles”.

While it may appear to be that Emsculpt would impersonate the impacts of practicing and possibly help you “thin down,” the thickening and conditioning of muscles it prompts may cause your garments to feel tighter. There can be some lingering fat decrease thus; in any case, the fat decrease isn’t the principal objective with Emsculpt.

What Is Body Contouring? Why Is It Needed? 

A surgical or non-surgical treatment implied to eliminate the excess fat cells and skin via technology to reshape various parts of the human body is known as body contouring or body sculpting. It is generally done to achieve aesthetic physique goals. In the rapidly evolving world of plastic surgeries and countless cosmetic treatments, body contouring has made its place among one of the most practiced medical miracles. The subspeciality of contouring has expanded its realms into various types and body parts. It has come up with unimaginable possibilities and worked wonders on millions of patients giving them a boost of new confidence and positivity regarding their bodies. With every building block, it has helped thousands of people achieve their dream figure. Technological advancements have played a highly significant role in pushing up the quality of outcomes in body contouring processes.

This procedure is carried to reduce love handles, removing man breasts, tummy tucking, and much more. Tummy tucking and double chin removal are the most sought-after treatments in the past decade. With advancing technology, people are no longer spending hours working out. Although the workout is more beneficial, it merely won’t fit in the chaos of everyday life. The process isn’t gender-biased. According to the VLCC healthcare, almost 54% of clients are men. Any and every individual wishing for a fit figure has taken the path of body contouring to enhance their appearance or even correct postures.

It is said that surgical methods suck as much as 10 times more fat than the non-surgical methods do. Apart from the surgical methods, doctors use fat freezing, heating, radiofrequency, or ultrasound to run the procedure. However, the non-surgical ways are not as effective or long-lasting. Surgical on the other hand are definite to stay permanent. A Cryolipolysis machine and multi-frequency ultrasonic vacation technology are profoundly used for body slimming. The Cryolipolysis machine sets the temperature of the adipose tissues between -6℃ to -10℃ for non-surgical cooling methods. With an exorbitant freeze, the body fat cells will decline gradually and be destroyed at last. In simple terms, this technology melts the solidified fat cells. This happens as the low temperatures will speed up the maturing of fat cells causing them to age faster and be dead soon.

Despite being regular with their exercises and keeping up with their gyming resolutions, people are not able to achieve the desired results in some cases. The sluggishness and stubborn fat simply don’t leave. For the ones who are figure-conscious, this is an option. However, there are ones who need treatment like this to maintain the correct posture. Excess fat and skin can in some cases, affect the posture of the body which may lead to further problems like backaches and knee pain. Other times, it is for the people looking for a perfect ten figure. For some people, a perfect shape boosts confidence and raises morale. It has a notable impact on how one sees themself. Perfection has a psychological impact on our brain that leads us to believe in our efficiency. It makes us feel more capable and noteworthy.

What Is Emsculpt? 

Emsculpt is a non-invasive process undergone to lift or tone the abdomen without surgery. This process builds muscles and reduces unwanted, stubborn fat. It is being considered a revolutionary concept in the field of body contouring procedures. It gives results equivalent to that of a major workout session that we all dread. Why go through months of tedious exercises when the very same results can be achieved in a 30-minute session? This technique was brought by BTL Industries, the leading industry in the field of manufacturing medical aesthetic pieces of equipment since 1993. BTL has been manufacturing unimaginable creations for beauty aesthetics for 25 years. Their products are developed keeping in mind the non-invasive feature. Emsculpt was launched in 2018. They understood the fact that losing body fat is not all. You will also need to shape muscles to perfection to achieve the dream figure. Hence, they came up with the Emsculpt technology.

Emsculpt is the device used for carrying out the process. It was even the first muscle-burning machine to get approval from the FDA. The approval is a sign that the process is pretty safe to move forward with. The results of this treatment are visible in the abdomen without any downtime or discomfort. This feature makes the process very attractive for the ones seeking help in this area but is nervous about the same. However, the side effects may differ from person to person. In most cases, there are none. Various factors about one’s body will determine the scale of side effects. A major part of body sculpting processes focuses only on the fat. But Emsculpt gives equal importance to both fat and the muscles. It concentrates electromagnetic energy on the area that needs sculpting and burns out the fat along with toning the muscles and gives results almost unimaginable to achieve from even regular workouts. Normal gyming will even take up too much time from your daily schedule while Emsculpt is quick and easy.

The Emsculpt’s HIFEM-prompted constrictions likewise initiate the release of free unsaturated fats, which disintegrates stored fat in the body and develops strong tone and strength. This process speeds up fat metabolism through lipolysis. The same can be done via regular exercises. However, this process is much more efficient and faster. It even tightens your skin to some extent. Emsculpt can be an option even for people looking for correcting skin laxity, sagging, or crepey skin. Another treatment – Exilis is combined with Emsculpt to achieve fine tone and smoothening of skin after being tightened. On a smaller scale, Emsculpt even targets cellulite. Skin lightening, irregularities, straightening dimples,  restructuring of adipose tissues, and much more can also be achieved by pairing Emsculpt with other techniques.

It is the world’s first muscle toning and sculpting device. It has gained fame across the globe for the same reason. However, the muscle mass is known to grow while the fat reduces. This needs to be addressed before you get yourself into any of these treatments. However, the muscle strength increases altogether. Overall, the process is not painful for the patients and the results are satisfactory.

How Does Emsculpt Work? 

Emsculpt is normally considered to be a painless and easy process to undergo. You don’t have to spend any time bandaged up in bed. It begins with consulting the dermatologist at a trustworthy skin care center who studies your requirements and determines whether the process is suitable or not. It is important to choose renowned healthcare as a trained physician will be able to deliver better results. The next step will be to draft a suitable treatment plan covering all your needs.

The ultra-intense contraction nature of the device is why the results are better than what one may not achieve even after 20,000 squats. These contractions are infused via a technology namely HIFEM (High Intensity, Focused Electro-Magnetic energy). They measure the fat content via CT scan and MRI. The treatment is said to last for about 30 minutes segregated into four sessions that are scheduled with an interval of 2-3 days from each other.

The tangible effects of your treatment will be seen right after the very first session. The reduction in abdomen fat will be visible. Following the further sessions, you will soon see the ideal results. On average, people have seen a 19% reduction in body fat and a 1.5-inch decrease in their waistlines too. Almost 96% of the clients were satisfied with the results.

What Is CoolSculpting? 

CoolSculpting utilizes a method known as Cryolipolysis. It works by putting a fold of fat into two boards that cool the fat to a frigid temperature. It can likewise lessen the presence of cellulite on the legs, backside, and arms. A few groups likewise use it to lessen the overabundance of fat under the jawline. The thought was created by Harvard researchers who saw that when fat and skin are cooled, the temperature of the fat goes lower than the temperature of the skin. It forever lessens up to 30 percent of fat cells in the spot region which gives a smooth, formed, and etched look. Fat cells that are frozen during the CoolSculpting technique steadily cease to exist and leave the body through the body’s regular end measure. That is the reason the outcomes are long haul. Fat is a way to be acceptable! Untreated zones will have no adjustment in fat cell dispersion. Inside half a month noticeable decrease in fat folds can be seen. It’s no big surprise then that Coolsculpting, an FDA-affirmed nonsurgical fat-freezing method, has gotten perhaps the most mainstream medicines individuals get some information about via web-based media.

So while a specific level of muscle to fat ratio is sound and typical, it tends to be especially baffling for ladies who are attempting to dislodge any abundance. Diet and exercise can, unfortunately, do a limited amount of a lot, and for quite a while, the solitary genuine answer for disposing of abundance fat carefully —that is, until a very buzzy noninvasive system called CoolSculpting arose on the scene. You’ll begin to see changes in your figure inside four to about two months, with full outcomes by week 12. For quite a long time, the best way to rapidly dispose of overabundance fat on the body was liposuction. As per 2018 measurements from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the surgery midpoints $3,518, making it more expensive than CoolSculpting, which midpoints somewhere in the range of $2,000 and $4,000 per session.

Liposuction is substantially more intrusive, however, requiring a long time of recuperation time and frequently a short-term stay in a medical clinic. CoolSculpting is ideal for grown-ups with difficult pockets of fat that have been impervious to a solid eating routine and exercise. While it is less expensive than the other perpetual arrangement—liposuction—the expenses can add up, contingent upon the number of regions treated. Generally, CoolSculpting has a decent security record. Most patients experience gentle results like redness, shivering, and deadness, which disappear after a couple of days. Throughout the following not many months after the method, the annihilated fat cells are killed normally by the body through the lymphatic framework. The outcomes may show up over time. A few groups will see changes to their body shape or the treated territory half a month after the treatment. Nonetheless, the end-product will in general seem 3 months after the strategy. It ought to be noticed that an individual can in any case put on weight after the methodology relying upon their eating regimen and way of life.

How Does Coolsculpt Work? 

Using Cryolipolysis, the process of Coolsculpting is carried out to tone thighs, lower back, belly, and sides. The fat rolls are placed between freezing panels that destroy the fat cells. The parts to be treated are exposed to low temperatures for an hour each. The dead cells are then excreted out naturally post several weeks of the treatment. The complete result is seen within three months of treatment. Larger parts will require more time exposed to the chills as compared to the smaller areas.

While Coolsculpting seems like a better option than undergoing a full-fledged surgery, it has its demerits. In some cases, the patient has a tugging sensation when the fat rolls are placed between the freezing panels. Due to extremely low temperatures and skin stretching, the client may feel pain or sting in the treated areas. However, these effects tend to diminish within a few days of the treatment. Some short-term effects also include swelling, random bruises, or redness. People with sensitive skin face these issues more than usual.

Some unfortunate cases, mostly men, face an issue wherein the volume of fat cells increases instead of declining. The reason for the same is still unknown. It is a condition so rare that it is observed in less than 1% of the cases. Even if the chances of this occurring are so less, it is better to be aware of the same. This side effect is known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia.

What Problems Does Each Treatment Solve?

Each of these methods has its unique results. While Coolsculpting addresses only one issue, Emsculpt addresses two of them. We all have different metabolisms and genetic properties which at times is too stubborn considering the body fat. Everyone dreams of the perfect figure and sometimes working for it might not be enough. Both the procedures are harmless and carried out in separate ways. Hence, it changes the effectiveness that comes in the result.

Coolsculpting only focuses on spot fat reduction. It freezes and melts down the excess and unwanted fat from various areas of your body. It helps you get rid of stubborn fat to maintain a proper figure and avoid any posture-related problems. It is a process to lose fat without the use of ugly needles. The result will remain permanent as long as basic rules are taken care of. For any facial contouring, Coolsculpting is more preferable. Even for the ones who are willing to go for full-body sculpting, this can be a better option. It is for the areas that do are not very deep or dense. Generally, thighs, chin, waist, and upper arms are treated using Coolsculpting.

When it comes to Emsculpt, it has a lot more advantages and features. It not only reduces the unwanted fat but also tones and shapes the muscles. So, if you are looking for a picture-perfect figure, Emsculpt is the one for you. It even gives a better and neater look. For someone desiring perfectly round buttocks or a well-defined abdomen, Emsculpt is more suitable for you. The electromagnetic energy will contract your muscles to achieve the perfect shape.

However, these processes also consider your skin type, health conditions, and many other things. Results will differ from person to person. It is better to follow what the physician says in this matter.

What Is The Difference Between Emsculpt & Coolsculpt?

Parameters  Emsculpt  Coolsculpt
Safety Emsculpt is considered a very non-invasive process and hence, is deemed safe. Even if it is a new technique, it has shown marvelous results for as long as it has been around. Apart from people who do not match the eligibility criteria, this process is safe for every responsible adult. Coolsculpt has been around for 5 years or so. It is approved by the FDA. It is said to have treated over six million people across the globe.
Results The results achieved from Emsculpt are said to be temporary. However, they can always be maximized by obeying certain guidelines. Ideal changes are usually seen after 6 months of the completion of treatment. Emsculpt is a noble way to give a boost to your exercising routine. Clients who exercise regularly and correctly even after the Emsculpt are known to have more effective results as compared to those who do not follow the routine recommendations. Maintenance sessions can even be scheduled with your physician if you want to be extra conscious. You can plan your personalized routine to achieve your fitness goals. Most of the time, you cannot see the results immediately. Visible changes can only be noticed after at least two sessions. The final result will be seen after three to six months. This is mainly because the fat is naturally excreted out which will take a while. The fat that dies will stay dead. However, we cannot stop it from growing. If you gain weight, the treated areas may gain fat too. You will be weighed before and after the treatment for this very reason.
Comfort The treatment may feel like any rigorous workout session with stomach crunches. At a point, it may feel static but that should be expected beforehand. However, these are adjusted according to the client’s comfort. So, you won’t be facing anything you are not comfortable with. You will either be lying down face down or on your back depending on the body part being treated. With the static adjusted to your preference, you can easily lie down, read a magazine, play music, or scroll Instagram while the machines work their magic. The Emsculp machine paddles are placed firmly on the part being treated using velcro bands so that it doesn’t slip from the place. Hence, you have nothing to worry about. The process may feel stingy and sensations of pulling, stretching, pinching, or similar may be felt by the patient. The areas being treated will be numb eventually during the process.

The fat lump being frozen is not enough. At one stage in the process, they take out the applicator and start vigorously massaging the area. As the area is numb, it might not feel pain but it sure does get a little weird. The strong hands of physicians may feel intensely uncomfortable.

Time Commitment  Any normal Emsculpt regimen will take up around 120 minutes broken up into four sessions. Each session will last for about 30 minutes and is conducted 2-3 apart from each other. It is known to take up roughly 2 weeks for the procedure to be completed. However, there is no commitment required after the completion and hence, it can easily be scheduled between your daily chores. It won’t even affect your everyday work in any way. The Coolsculpting session normally lasts for 35-60 minutes. This also depends on the handpiece that is being used for the treatment. Mostly 6 sessions are more than enough to achieve the desired results. Each of these is planned with a gap of one month. A minimum of four sessions needs to be conducted.
Downtime & Side-Effects As such there are no major side effects or downtime to Emsculpt. The max you will notice is soreness in muscles. This, however, is commonly seen even after rigorous workout sessions. The new technological advancements have made sure to mitigate these effects of soreness by removing lactic acid from the body. This process does not even require any downtime. You will only have to be careful for a few hours and avoid working out. Coolsculpting is only done using extremely low temperatures and hence, the patient may experience redness around the treated area. Cold temperature can even cause numbness during the process. People with highly sensitive skin may also notice soreness after the sessions. However, it is similar to soreness experiences after rigorous workout sessions and hence, is considered normal. The intensity of the same depends on the muscle mass of the patient.
Candidates & Versatility  Emsculpt is a process that exposes your body to extreme temperatures artificially. Pregnant women shall not be treated as it may cause significant damage to the child.

It is also not suitable for patients who have any kind of metallic implants. For example, a person with a pacemaker or joint implant cannot go through the process as it uses electromagnetic machines. The eligibility for Emsculpt is a BMI higher than 25.

Coolsculpt poses a few discomfort threats as the patient is exposed to low temperatures. People who are suffering from cold agglutinin disease, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, or cryoglobulinemia shall not preferably undergo this process.

The candidates shall be within 20 pounds to be eligible for the process.

Costs  The cost of Emsculpt is determined based on the number of sessions required to treat a particular area of the body. Coolsculpting costs are determined based on the number of applicators that need to be used for completing the process successfully. Prices do not depend on the number of sessions like they do for Emsculpt. On a generalized note, most people need around two or three applicators throughout two sessions. The number of applicators depends on the complexity of the area being treated. There is a very rare chance that one may need only one applicator. A minimum of two or three is needed to achieve ideal results.

Can Both The Treatments Be Combined?

As discussed earlier, Emsculpt can be merged with other processes to achieve more defined results. Both of these procedures do not have any downtime or incisions. Along with melting the stubborn fat, you will need to maintain the muscle shape and strength too. While Coolsculpting will help with the fat, Emsculpt will help in toning your muscles to give you the flawless shape you have always desired.

You can choose to undergo both treatments simultaneously. Finishing them in the same timeframe is beneficial as it shows you the results. You can’t see the muscles taking shape if they are still covered in dense layers of fat. You will have to eliminate the fat layers by Coolsculpting and then you will be able to see the results of Emsculpt clearly.

Hence, for best results, it is advised to get the treatments done simultaneously.

Which Treatment Is Better For My Needs?

Choice of a suitable treatment will come down to you determining your goals as per your body composition and requirement. This is because each treatment has its unique purpose and will give different results. Coolsculpting has been around for more than five years and is considered more trustworthy. However, for as long as Emsculpt has been around, its results have shown complete satisfaction among the clients. When compared in terms of process, Emsculpt is better as it not only reduces fat but also tones the body muscles. It even takes less time as compared to Coolsculpting. Even the results of Emsculpt are seen faster than that of Coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting gives more weight to reducing the fat whereas Emsculpt takes care of both fat reduction and toning of muscles. Hence, your ultimate goal will decide which method is suitable. Determining which treatment is best suited for your needs is something only a physicist will do precisely. Such a decision is advised not to be taken by yourself.

Celebrities Who Have Done Emsculpt & Coolsculpt 

In the glamorous world of Hollywood where everything always seems picture-perfect, there is an untold tale of procedures and endless exercises followed by diet plans. Nothing comes for free. But there is something that can be done to cut down the chase. The Emsculpt and Coolsculpting treatments have showered perfection to a lot of desires. Many models and famous figures we see in the spotlight have undergone these processes to aid them in their regular workouts.

Since the launch of Emsculpt, here are some celebrated testimonials from Hollywood highlighters.

Kim Kardashian

In season 17, episode 3 of Keeping up with the Kardashians, the gorgeous beauty influencer Kim Kardashian was caught getting an Emsculp on the show. When asked about her experience with the same, she said, “It feels like you are doing stomach crunches, but you are not. I’m into it.” She got the treatment on her abs.

Cary Deuber 

If you are already following Cary Deuber, you must have seen her before and after photos of Emsculpt treatment. The results looked highly pleasing.

Along with working in The Real Housewives of Dallas, Cary Deuber is also known to be working as CRNFA (Certified Registered Nurse First Assistant). She assists the clients coming in for Emsculpt. She has seen the wonders that the treatment gives and adds an extra hand in promoting the same.

Kim Zolciak Biermann

Revealing on a Snapchat video, the star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Zolciak Biermann showed the Emsculpt process. The video talks about how the Emsculpt treatment penetrated almost 7 centimeters into the muscles. Here, she talks about how she even wants the same treatment on her abs to deal with the back pain that she had been experiencing for some time.

Lisa Rinna

The star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Days of our lives, and Melrose Place, Lisa Rinna is just as obsessed with the Emsculpt treatment. She shared a video of the same with her fans during the fourth session of her treatment. She had her abs treated. Lisa is 50 but she sure doesn’t look like her age and this is a small part of her secret behind the youthfulness and radiance!

Drew Barrymore

The story of Drew Barrymore is just another evidence of how the Emsculpt treatment is more than just a body contouring process. Her main reason behind promoting Emsculpt was how she truly felt confident after receiving the treatment. She talks about her two pregnancies and how that had left an impact on her body. Every time she used to work out, she ended up injuring herself. Emsculpt was her way out. In an interview, she says, “My body isn’t the same after having two kids, and even just on a functional level, if I would try to work out, I keep injuring myself.” she further continues by saying, “When women have kids, nobody talks about how broken the body is, and you’re trying to get back to where you were, but you’ll never be in the same place… Me as a mother who couldn’t put her body back together in the right way… that was why I did it… I just wanted health and wellness in my life.”

This portrays how Emsculpt is not only about a perfect figure anymore. It is about gaining the normal, fit you. It also works best when paired with regular exercise even after the treatment is girlfriends, she found out how everybody else was already doing it. This tells us how popular Emsculpt is in Hollywood. Even various international models and supermodels have undergone the Emsculpt treatment before runway shows. When in a talk with New Beauty Magazine, Dolores Catania recommended Emsculpt therapy. Kathy Lee Gifford even documented the final results from her Emsculpt on the TODAY show. She talked about how her jeans felt loose after undergoing only one session of the treatment.

While Emsculpt is proven to be the newest and better technique of body sculpting, Coolsculpting has been around long enough to be implemented on few well-known celebrities. The following list talks about models and Hollywood A-listers you saw frequently but never understood the secret behind their perfection.

Khloe Kardashian 

The magical transformation of Khloe Kardashian is no surprise. But the way it took place was something not everybody knew about. She credits a part of her transformation to coolsculpting. From her statement, we know that she underwent Coolsculpting to cover her stretch marks and she is fully pleased with the results. Not only Kim, but her mother Kris Jenner has also accepted that she is a Coolsculpting patient. She revealed how impressed she was with the results of an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Sonja Morgan 

Yet another star from The Real Housewives of New York looks nothing like her age. Along with regular workouts, following healthy diets, she went for Coolsculpting. The stubborn fat areas that no exercise or greens could get rid of, Coolsculpting was the answer. She states she was extremely pleased with the treatment right after her first session.

Her first experiment was on her lower stomach and after being satisfied with the same, she announced that she will continue the process for her arms and under her chin. Sonja recently even became the spokesperson for Coolsculpting. She takes pride in the fact that she only supports the companies that she believes in and Coolsculpting is one such thing she is fascinated by and truly recommends the same to her fans.

Molly Sims 

A supermodel and mother to three kids, Molly Sims gave Coolsculpting ago after giving birth to her second child. It helped her lose the stubborn fat after delivering two babies. Juggling between being a busy mom and a working model, she was very relieved about the zero downtime merit. She underwent the process of treating her abdomen and was impressed by the results that she saw in just a few weeks. Molly Sims is the perfect example of how someone with a busy life who cannot fit a rigorous workout in the chaos of everyday life can benefit from treatments like Coolsculpting. Just like Sonja Morgan, Molly Sims has partnered with Coolsculpting to reach a larger audience and promote what helped her.

Debra Messing

So, most of us have been fans of Will and Grace. How many times have we binged watched it and adored the flawless figure of Grace (Debra Messing) Even she is a fan of Coolsculpting!

So, all this is the deepest secret of Hollywood and it is available to everyone. What is now going to stop you from achieving your dream figure?


Every evidence that we compile shows us how both Emsculpt and Coolsculpting both have their own merits and demerits depending upon the need and body requirements. While Emsculpt has recently entered the race of non-invasive procedures, it has deep-rooted its place in the cosmetic world. Coolsculpting, on the other hand, has been around and continues to be a favorite for many clients.

To conclude, working with both simultaneously has given the most effective results.

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