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Semi-permanent Lips Microblading

-Lips Microblading ⋅ Secret to the Natural Looking Tinted Lips- The lip colour not only displays your beauty but also reflects your general health condition. Having the perfect colour with the right contour of your lips will enhance your confidence and charisma, perhaps your chance of meeting your future better half as well. Lips microblading is […]

Male Eyebrow Microblading

-Ai Beauty Male Eyebrow Microblading– In general, male customers who receive eyebrow microblading treatment want to add masculine character to their face. Therefore, the shape of their eyebrows is different from female eyebrows microblading. Also, their age will affect the pigment and colour used for the microblading. Dark grey colour is preferred for middle-aged male […]

Microblading Eyebrow, London UK

The development of microblading has grown tremendously and has become a popular treatment in the aesthetic industry. In Ai Beauty Clinic, an Individual treatment plan is designed for every patient, and the results are a convenient ‘quick fix’ with long-lasting results, appropriate for today’s busy lifestyles. Who Chooses To Do Microblading Eyebrow? Men and women […]

Hairline Microblading

– Hairline Microblading The Secret to a Natural Looking Smaller Face – As people age and get stressed over life and things happening around us, many may start to experience hair loss or a receding hairline. Not only does a receding hairline make the forehead appear bald and aged, it also makes the face appear […]