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CoolSculpting + EMSCULPT | Body Contouring Combo

The goal of fat reduction has long been a hot beauty topic. Some people have also made it as their life-time goal, wanting to get rid of the excessive fat, fit into their cute dress, and regain confidence. With the awareness of living healthily, we start to realise that fat reduction is not simply about […]

Emsculpt London UK

Do you want to build muscles and burn fat by simply laying down? Do you wish for fine abs and healthy curves but do not have time to work out? The revolutionary BTL EMSculpt is your solution!30% of the human body is muscles. However, existing non-surgical treatments only focus on fat and skin.  BTL EMSculpt […]

EmSculpt Before and After

Have you ever wondered whether a body sculpting treatment that both burns fat and builds muscle simultaneously existed? If yes, You will be happy to know that this magic is known as EMSculpt. It has been said that EMSculpt is a great way to burn fat and builds muscle that you have been trying to […]

Emsculpt Side Effects

Emsculpt is a new device, basically a mini MRI machine that uses the magnetic fields and helps build muscles and lose fat. It is high intensity focused electromagnetic non_invasive  technology that causes contraction of muscles of the body in a way that you can’t do voluntarily. It causes supramaximal contraction of the muscles for 30 […]