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Endymed Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR)

  Suitable for Face · Area Around Eyes · Body Improve Rough Skin Texture · Acne Scars · Wrinkles · Fine Lines As we grow older, the natural process of losing collagen in our skin gradually shows its impact on our appearance which we hope for a stop. A full stop to skin laxity, roughness, […]

HydraFacial Keravive for Fuller and Healthier Hair

HydraFacial SPA for Hair and Scalp Deep Hydration and Nourishment Start taking care of our head  Scalp is not just a layer of skin covering your head, but it is like a soil in which your hair grows! The health of your scalp determines the health of your hair. Healthy and fuller-looking hair requires a […]

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Treatment for Hair Loss

Thin Hair/Hair Loss/Hair Care/Hair Nourishment Stimulating Inactive/Damaged Hair Follicles Over 100,000 searches of hair related keywords such as hair regrowth and hair loss have been made on search engines. The problems of hair loss and thinning hair have recently hit a wider age group, in which an increased concern has raised among younger people. Hair loss […]

Overproduction of sebum on the skin

Oily skin is a skin condition that no one desires, its greasy appearance puts off ourselves and others and does not hold the makeup nicely. However, overproduction of sebum could be anyone’s problem, it does not only bothers people with oily skin type or combination skin type. In fact, using computers, digital devices or pollution […]

Sloped/Thick Shoulders(Overdeveloped Trapezius Muscles)

Introduction Trapezius muscle is a triangular, surface muscle started at the base of your neck, extends across your shoulders and down to the middle of your back, and attaches to the scapula and clavicle (collarbone). A pair of trapezius muscles form a long, quadrilateral-shaped muscle. This is the muscle that contributes to the contour of our […]